How to Make Money on Amazon: 17 Proven Strategies 2023

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by Eli S.posted on 16.03.2022

Amazon makes over $650 million in revenue per day. Like most people, you might want a piece of that pie. However, making money on Amazon might not always be straightforward. 

Thankfully, we've been doing this a while, so we know where to look. To help you out, we will show you how to get paid for that sweet money in your pocket. Here are seventeen answers to the “how to make money on Amazon” question.

17 Ways To Make Money with Amazon

#1: Sell Your Own Branded Products on Amazon (Make $1500+ a Month)

With private label selling in full swing, it's easier than you think to sell your unique brand. The Amazon Brand Registry Program is Amazon's answer to help anybody establish a new product on Amazon. Many people can easily start their brand from home. Here are some general steps you need to get started:

  • You need a brand name with an active registered trademark. 

  • You need to be in an approved country (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, or any of these countries).

  • You need a list of product categories your brand falls into. 

  • Pictures showing the brand on packaging or products are also necessary. 

Using the AMZScout Product Database to Find Your Products

However, before you start selling your own branded products, you need to know what to sell. If you need help with the research process, you can use the AMZScout Product Database. To figure out what to sell, follow these steps:

1. Open the AMZScout Product Database. This is included in AMZScout’s Seller’s Bundle complete toolset for Amazon business.

2. Log in to get started.

3. Set product criteria. You can use the search filters found on the product database to help define criteria. For example, you might want to focus on high-demand products, so you filter by the number of sales. Otherwise, you can use the Product Selections tool for pre-built search elements to help you find effective products. 

How to find products with the AMZScout Product Database

4. Get your search results. You can click Find Products to start the search based on your product criteria. 

See the results in the AMZScout Product Database

5. Choose the best items and check them using the PRO Extension to find out if it is profitable.

Product database banner langing page

Brainstorm New Niche and Product Ideas with the Product Database


Brainstorm New Product Ideas with the Product Database

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Using the AMZScout PRO Extension to Find Profitable Branded Products

Suppose you find some good products, the Product Database helps you get started, but only provides half of what you need. The AMZScout PRO Extension will evaluate your niche and competition to ensure you can make a profit: 

1. Open the AMZScout PRO Extension.

2. Start it on any page.

3. Search for a niche. It can be:

  • Niches or categories you are interested in.

  • Trending products.

  • Products found with the AMZScout Product Database (see above).

4. Analyze niche and product profitability. The results table will show essential data (like net margin, estimated sales, revenue, etc.). Use this data to analyze potential profits. 

5. Analyze niche sales. You can find the average monthly sales for your search are at the top of the screen.

How to check the average monthly sales on Amazon

6. Analyze sales for the exact product. To narrow your monthly sales per item, check the sales counts next to those items. This information provides a demand analysis for each product within a niche. Also, check the product history to see if your product fluctuates seasonally.

How to check the estimated number of sales on Amazon

7. Make sure sales are high consistently. The niche history will tell you if your sales are consistent or seasonal, giving you more information on which to make your product and niche decisions. 

How to use AMZScout Niche History

8. Now you can start looking for a manufacturer. It would be best if you read more about finding suppliers and manufacturers.

If you want to read more about releasing your own branded products, you can check out our guide to becoming a private seller in detail

AMZScout PRO Advanced

Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension


Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension

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#2: Online Arbitrage (Make $100+ a Month)

Online arbitrage is the process of looking up goods online, buying them at a discount, and reselling them at a markup. Product research is a crucial step, regardless of your selling style.  

How To Use AMZScout’s Online Arbitrage and Dropshipping Extension

Much like private label selling, there is a tool for product research in online arbitrage. To find an idea, you can start by using this quick guide to using the extension: 

1. Open AMZScout's Online Arbitrage and Dropshipping Extension.

2. Log in to get started.

3. Browse for product ideas. Our tool will automatically be enabled so you can find a good product. It can be:

  • Categories/niches you have a personal interest in

  • Trending products from another online marketplace or offline stores.

Your search results will show boxes with additional information on each product. This information will help you choose the most exciting products.

How to find product ideas with AMZScout

4. Check the TOP promising products. You can evaluate each product by clicking on the search results. From the product page, you'll be able to find out about certain hurdles (like if it is already private label, gated, or hazmat). Read more about these criteria here

How to analyze potential products with AMZScout

5. Find out how much potential profit it offers. You can enter details on the available calculator to predict marginality and profitability. 

Using the AMZScout PRO Extension for Products

Next, you can use the AMZScout PRO Extension to find more profound information on how well your online arbitrage products will sell. Data from the PRO Extension will help to evaluate the niche and competition in general, and you can follow these steps:

1. Open the AMZScout PRO Extension.

2. Search for the items you found with AMZScout's Online Arbitrage and Dropshipping Extension. Click the AMZScout icon in the lower left corner after your results appear in the browser so you can use your extension.

3. Review the product information. You can start by analyzing these crucial features. 

  • A higher number of sellers (two or more) likely means the product is resalable. Twenty (or more) sellers means intense competition is possible, 

  • A net margin over 50% usually means high profitability potential 

  • When the product was first available on Amazon.

  • And more!

Amazon product analysis with AMZScout

4. Check the product score for reselling. Note products with a product score over 7; this typically means good overall potential.

How to check the AMZScout Product Score for reselling

5. Evaluate the product sales performance. Then click the arrow to the product's left and select the Product History. Knowing the historical data will give you a better overall perspective on what to do. 

How to check AMZScout Amazon Product History

Check out our other guide on online arbitrage for more information. Otherwise, following these steps above will help you throughout the product research process. 

You can also consider Amazon FBA. AMZScout has a free FBA calculator so you can estimate your cost. Check our guide on FBA vs FBM selling for a thorough review. 


How to Make Your Selling Process Easier and Faster

By deeply analyzing product profitability and competitiveness, you will reduce risks and make your research more efficient. Using a complete set of AMZScout tools helps you solve all seller challenges and boost your business.

  • Find and validate profitable product ideas

  • Discover keywords to optimize listings and PPC campaigns

  • Learn Amazon selling tips and tricks from expert sellers

  • Get new product ideas weekly to increase success chances (annual license)

Get ten valuable tools instead of one, with huge savings.

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Get 10-in-1 Amazon Toolbox for Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Sellers


Get 10-in-1 Amazon Toolbox for Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Sellers

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#3: Retail Arbitrage (Make $100+ a Month)

Retail arbitrage is similar to online arbitrage in that you find goods at a discount and resell them at a markup. However, focusing primarily on local retail entities is retail arbitrage. 

Retail arbitrage has all the same advantages of online arbitrage:

  • Results in a significant profit if you put in the research.

  • You do not need a lot of money to start.

  • It's a simple side hustle with quick cash.

It is reasonably straightforward, so competition for some products is fierce. Also, you'll find that it's not easy to sell some items online.

The only difference between online and retail is where you source the products. So the instructions that we mention above for online arbitrage also apply to its retail form. 

#4: Dropshipping (Make $1000+ a Month)

Dropshipping is the process of sourcing and selling products without keeping the items in stock yourself. A third party (manufacturer of wholesaler) will fulfill all your orders.

The problem with dropshipping is that suppliers take most of your income. Most of those suppliers take huge chunks out of your potential profit margin. After all, they handle everything for you. 

Despite this, quality control lands squarely in your lap, as you'll receive negative reviews for it. So you'll want to be sure to check out reviews before sticking with a supplier. 

Those with a talent for marketing can make a lot of money on it. So if you are good at marketing (or are willing to learn how to get product exposure), you can start your product research using the same steps above for online arbitrage.

#5: Sell Wholesale Goods on Amazon (Make $4500+ a Month)

Wholesale of a product is when you buy an established brand in bulk quantities. Mass purchasing gives you the potential to make a good profit. However, you will share that product listing with everyone else who is allowed to sell the product.

In order to sell wholesale, you need to communicate a deal with the seller. Unlike retail arbitrage, it’s different from going out and buying a bunch of stuff. 

This means you'll have to make a choice:

  • Buy a product with less exposure that fewer sellers are a part of.

  • Choose a product with more exposure that more sellers want to partake in.

The result is challenging, but you can make up the difference by measuring the number of sellers with the same analysis process mentioned above for online arbitrage. 

#6: Sell on Amazon Through Amazon Handmade (Make $1000+ a Month)

Want to sell your own branded items but feel like you want to sell something a bit more personal? Consider getting into the handmade market, where 20% are more likely to buy them because they represent something custom and unique. 

When selling handmade items, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider how much you want to earn per product.

  • Handmade items sell for more.

  • You should also consider selling to locals, as there is less competition.

  • Charge more depending on the time and materials behind what you make.

  • Take inspiration from sites like Pinterest for product ideas.

  • Consider other crafty sites like Etsy or ArtFire.

We have a more detailed guide on how to sell using Amazon Handmade


#7: Merch By Amazon (Make $1000+ a Month)

Merch By Amazon is a print-on-demand service exclusive to Amazon sellers. Talented artists and reprinters can easily apply unique art to these photos. 

How to make money on Amazon with Merch

If you want to get into print-on-demand services, you might also consider these tips:

  • Use the many Shopify plugins to integrate with print-on-demand services.

  • Don’t limit yourself to t-shirts. Instead, consider expanding where your digital assets make sense (e.g., coffee mugs, stationery, etc.).

  • Because it’s easy to get lost in the mix, always ask yourself how to make your items unique. 

  • Establish a social media presence so people can follow your unique style.

  • Pay special attention to your earnings (print-on-demand services take a huge chunk of profits).

Print-on-demand resellers sometimes stick to t-shirts and do not try new things. It’s easy to forget that you can sell more things than t-shirts. 

Much like dropshipping, you need to account for fees imposed by Amazon. However, those who can stand out and are adept at marketing can get solid earnings. By establishing your unique brand, you can avoid many common pitfalls of reselling goods manufactured by others.

You can check out our detailed guide on getting started on Merch By Amazon

#8: Publish Your Own Books on Kindle Direct Publishing (Make $1000+ a Month)

Kindle Direct Publishing is a way for anybody to start as an author. Because Amazon makes it easy for anyone to get started, literally anybody and everyone has. You might know a friend in your immediate circle who has gone through the book publishing process. 

Many aspiring writers can see their book published in a day. So there is a lot of appeal to people who want to get themselves out there. 

However, you can’t expect book writing to be a skill that just falls into your lap. Writers often struggle for years writing and rewriting content until they get what they want. 

Here are some quick tips:

  • Non-fiction writers can find ideas based on what people are looking for. 

  • Using sources like Reddit and Social media and building your books around communities can help you make easy sales. 

  • You can sell books that answer simple questions to get started. 

  • Sticking with eBooks to create is one way to reduce costs and focus on providing value. 

  • For more profound books, you’ll need to have a firm understanding of the topic and some experience in the field you are writing about. 

You can use AMZScout for topic ideas that are likely to sell well. 

#9: Become an Amazon Affiliate (Make $100+ a Month)

Amazon affiliates can make anywhere from $0 to thousands by creating buyer's guides, including a referral to a product—learning how to structure and sell other people's products can also teach you how to write sales copy for your own.

Here are some tips you can take to make your own Amazon Affiliate site:

  • Do some research by looking through various product categories.

  • Stick with focusing on narrow product categories.

  • You can also focus on creating content that solves people’s problems using products you feature.

  • Use sites with strong blogging platforms (like Wix or WordPress).

  • Creating blogs that focus on solving people’s problems is perfect. 

Google is cracking down on affiliate websites that do not provide value. So if you want to make affiliate incomes, you'll need to provide value to your readers. This means detailed how-to guides. If you can, show yourself using the product personally. 

Think about what your readers look for when buying products you want to discuss. Be the person who creates value-driven "ultimate guides." You can also start a YouTube channel, possibly transitioning over to becoming an Amazon Influencer. Check out our detailed guide to becoming an Amazon Affiliate for more. 

#10: Sell Old Belongings on Amazon (Make $10+ a Month)

Many Amazon sellers get their first sale by collecting unwanted stuff together. Look through your items to see if they've been collecting dust. 

If they have, they might have some product code on the bottom or in the packaging; You can use that code to look up the item to see if it is selling. Here are some extra tips regarding selling used items:

  • Pay extra attention to the description of product conditions. Used items can have a high return rate because of miscommunications. 

  • If your items might have collector’s value, you might want to research how to affirm that value. 

  • Be sure to clean and take pictures of your items using Amazon’s image requirements. 

  • Use the sale of used items to get a good idea of starting selling on Amazon. 

Selling unwanted stuff teaches you a lot about the very basics of selling, so get out there and try it out. However, you can’t expect a tremendous profit (unless you have a massive amount of old items).

Amazon has specific requirements for those in the collectibles category. Pay close attention to items in different used vs. new categories. 

Check out these remaining options if you want to make money without selling.

#11: Mechanical Turk (Make $2 an Hour)

Amazon Mechanical Turk (or MTurk) is a workforce of individuals randomly called upon when a task needs to be finished. Requesters, or those who make task requests, ask an entire group of individuals to come together to gather data. 

MTurk is commonly used to gauge people's responses to changing designs. For example, someone can hire you to give your opinion on upcoming apps' latest design.

How to make money on Amazon with Mechanical Turk

Click the get started with Mechanical Turk button to create an account. Amazon will assign you duties based on these areas:

  • Tagging objects with specific text to improve categorization

  • Helping companies choose the most engaging pictures

  • Adjusting user-submitted images to sort through content

  • Classifying objects found in satellite images 

  • Removing duplicate content or incomplete content

  • Verifying restaurant details (ex. Hours of operation)

  • Converting unstructured data into something readable 

  • Answering surveys

  • Writing website content

  • Finding data elements in large documents 

  • Transcribing audio content

  • Translating content

  • Rating search results (their accuracy)

  • Categorizing general information 

Minimum fees can be one penny, but those who qualify to be masters get extra payouts. “Masters” are those with more experience in Mechanical Turk, so keep working at it, and you’ll eventually boost your earnings.

 Given that most tasks are a few seconds long, having multiple in a row can add up to a few extra bucks for the month. However, there are way more profitable options that don’t involve selling. 

#12: Amazon Flex (Make $18+ an Hour)

Amazon Flex is a delivery application where you can take ownership of a block and make deliveries for that location. Demand depends on where you are; the payout differs depending on how many people love Amazon in the area.

You will have to put the miles on your vehicle, but the payouts for drivers can be anywhere from $18 to $25 per hour. It can be a full-time job in some neighborhoods but more of an on-call side hustle in others. 

Amazon Flex only works in a small number of cities. Here’s the list of states where those cities are:

  • Arkansas

  • Minnesota

  • Arizona

  • Missouri

  • California

  • New Mexico

  • Delaware

  • Ohio

  • Indiana

  • Texas

  • Iowa

  • Kansas

  • Utah

  • Maryland

  • Michigan

  • Virginia

  • Wisconsin 

Unless you reside in one of the above cities, you won’t qualify for Flex. All you need to do is sign up and download their app to get started.

Jobs consist of driving items from nearby fulfillment centers to homes. If you’ve ever seen the new things that accept overnight deliveries (or those within a few hours), you’ve likely seen Amazon Flex operators in your city. 

If you’ve ever driven for companies like DoorDash or Uber, you know how this will go. Accepting jobs are 100% up to you and your availability. 

#13: Apply for Amazon Launchpad (Make $1200+ A Month)

In returning to sales on Amazon, Amazon Launchpad is where new, engaging brands can gain exposure. It's an excellent way to advertise a unique product with superior quality and design.

New members of Amazon Launchpad need to meet these requirements:

  • Less than $5 million in gross sales

  • Paying for a professional account

  • Your account has to be less than four years old. 

  • A 12-month (minimum) commitment

  • You must make a payout of a 5% premium (added to your product). The premium eventually reduces to 3% if you sell more than $1 million.

Once the 12-month period is up, you can leave the program after giving amazon a 30-day written notice. The program is excellent if you need extra product exposure. However, some people have reported mixed results, so there is no guaranteed boost in sales.

#14 Amazon Services (Make $2000+ A Month)

Those willing to pay Amazon a portion of their profits can offer services via the website. Amazon Services isn’t incredibly popular because of its large revenue share at 15 to 20%, which is staggering and well above most advertising budgets. 

Make money on Amazon with Home & Business Services

Regardless, those willing to bump up their rates for the exposure can see a good chunk of money come in. Example services you can offer include the following:

  • Contracting

  • Plumbing

  • Furniture assembly

  • Outdoor equipment assembly

  • Water heater consultation

  • Home theater setup 

  • TV wall mounting

  • Grill assembly 

  • Bed assembly

#15: Amazon Rep (Work-From-Home-Employee) (Make $20+ an Hour)

If you want to make money from Amazon, you might want to join their customer service team (sometimes called Amazon associates). Amazon calls itself the world's most customer-centric company. So if you want to learn more about how it is run (while earning a paycheck), consider a customer service position. 

Looking through various job categories will enable you to find something to fit your skillset. Customer service jobs can pay up to $20 (especially for technical positions) and typically require the following:

  • A high school education.

  • Tech experience with Windows operating systems.

  • Familiarity across web browsers.

  • Proven customer service experience.

#16: Work in One of Amazon's Fulfillment/Distribution Centers (Make $14+ an Hour)

If you don't want to spend all day talking to people, check out your local Amazon Fulfillment Center. If you're going to sell on Amazon one day, finding out how they ship can be significant. Plus, Amazon distribution center specialists typically come with some bonuses. 

Fulfillment doesn't have to only refer to packing boxes. Instead, it comprises everything:

  • Mechanics (repairing machines)

  • Health and safety 

  • Staffing 

  • Management

  • Finances

The money you make with Amazon varies heavily in this case. If you work full time, you can expect more than $2000 (in most cities). However, these rates differ heavily depending on where you live and the jobs requested. 

#17: Amazon CamperForce (Make $15+ an Hour)

For more seasonal and temporary work, consider Amazon CamperForce. Both summer and fall opportunities exist, but the point is to be mobile and work in a technologically advanced environment. 

Assignments are heavily mobile and last anywhere from six to twelve weeks. The name, CamperForce, comes from you living on a campground while working for Amazon. 

You also receive a $120 stipend towards campground expenses. You also get overtime bonuses with the potential to convert to a regular Amazon position in the area. 


The struggle is real, so if you want a piece of that Amazon pie, you got to work for it. If you wish to start a store with custom products or join up with your local fulfillment team, there's a lot of money in working for Amazon.

Can you do them all? Probably not, but one or two might not be a bad idea. There is no one "best way" for every person. 

Still, the real money comes through those who sell goods on Amazon. Check out our guides from the links above to see how to make money selling on Amazon. To expedite your research process, use AMZScout's list of tools to find the most effective products to sell for the entire year.

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Get 10-in-1 Amazon Toolbox for Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Sellers


Get 10-in-1 Amazon Toolbox for Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Sellers

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