Why is using AMZScout 100% safe?


AMZScout is the safest

Amazon research software because it doesn’t ask for your Amazon Seller Account credentials.

This means AMZScout has no access to your product and financial data. You can be 100% sure that AMZScout can’t share or lose your data and no one can view which products you sell and the profits you earn.

Other tools like JS or H10 are sometimes accused by Amazon sellers of leaking the sellers' data because they access your Amazon Seller Account, read and store your private data and use it in their algorithms.

AMZScout is the only software

that never accesses Amazon sellers profiles and data in any way. AMZScout guarantees Amazon Seller Account data safety, and its employees could never use that data to their own advantage.

We always express our concern about what can happen to an IT company when it has access to data about the actual sales and profits of another company, especially if it is an eCommerce store.

We are excited to create exclusive value for Amazon Sellers with our most accurate algorithms and innovative tools and provide 100% safe services for our customers.