Start Selling with a Cost-Saving Toolset and Course for Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale

  • Learn how to start selling well-known, proven products on Amazon

  • Receive targeted product ideas that have low investment costs and low competition

  • Discover keywords that will ensure you hit significant profit margins with PPC campaigns

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All of the Reasons You Should Start Using Dropshipping, Online Arbitrage, or Wholesale Right Now:


No need for starting capital, large stocks, or prior sales experience


No need to find new products to sell, you can sell what is already on Amazon


No need to look for foreign suppliers or import stocks of goods across the ocean


No need to promote your product to the top, it’s already seeing decent sales - you just need to connect with these listings and start selling immediately

Blast off your Amazon journey by following these steps for running a successful business with a

Comprehensive Amazon Toolkit for Sellers

1. Learn simple tutorials to help you get a headstart on a low budget using dropshipping, online arbitrage, or wholesale

  • Step-by-Step Course

    Our step-by-step course teaches you exactly how to do the following:

    • Find the right products based on key criteria for different selling models
    • Source suitable products to ensure that you save money and retain quality
    • Learn how to get the Buy Box and sell organically
    • Sell products effectively through PPC campaigns

    Learn all of these things through 12 educational videos on the step-by-step course.

  • Six- and Seven-figure Sellers Masterclasses, led by accomplished sellers who have achieved success without their own brand

    • Leverage the expertise of proven sellers to start your own seven-figure Amazon business. Learn from people who have made mistakes, so you don’t have to.
    • We offer 34 masterclasses from proven seven-figure sellers who can teach you in-depth strategies to help you grow your business.

2. Find high-profit products to resell in practice with all-in-one tools

  • Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale tool

    Revive product information on any Amazon page about the following:

    • The Buy Box price and owner history
    • The minimum price (Amazon, FBA, and FBM sellers)
    • A breakdown of current fees
    • Your potential return on investment (ROI)
    • Hazmat information, and other indicators

    Determine whether pursuing a product is worth your time. This tool enables you to select products with the highest potential profits.

  • PRO Extension

    Estimate the potential of lists of products based on their stats, such as:

    • Sales statistics
    • Historical data
    • A detailed overall product value for selling
    • A system of scoring and tips that will help you choose the best products for you to sell

    Over 500,000 users have used the AMZScout PRO Extension to find numerous profitable product targets.

3. Evaluate potential profits and analyze inventory of competitors’ items

  • Product Database

    Filter through millions of products, saving you time figuring out which products will be the most profitable. You can use the filters, including the number of sellers, monthly sales, margin, fees, and more, to help you find the most suitable products.

  • Stock Stats

    See how much your competitors have in their inventory, as you enjoy the following benefits:

    • Take advantage of their inventory shortages to increase your sales
    • See how successful competitors do it, and try to emulate their strategies
    • Reach a higher profit margin by knowing how much you need to keep in order to fulfill Amazon’s requirements

4. Stand out and promote your product on the Amazon search page

  • Reverse ASIN Lookup

    Discover relevant keywords for a specific ASIN of an existing product:

    • Copy your competitors’ lists to use in your own PPC campaigns
    • Understand buyers’ intents with greater clarity by seeing how competitors describe similar products for easy searching
  • Amazon Keyword Search

    Discover thousands of effective keywords for your product:

    • Increase your sales potential by adding multiple keywords with strategic placement of phrases and words for which you know the targets
    • Use these targets to bring greater effectiveness to your PPC campaigns and increase your cost-effectiveness with proper buyer intent

5. Use best-selling products with proven potential to launch

  • 1,000+ Amazon productsyou can sell today

    Receive 19 high-demand, low-competition products each week that you can start selling today. Our proven AI toolset chooses from more than 600 million products available on Amazon.

  • Trending Amazon products released in monthly reports

    Our reports use historical data to determine which products have long-term profitability. Find profitable niches, the latest Amazon news, eCommerce updates, and expert tips to boost your profits.

Empowering famous sellers and AMZScout residents

Empowering famous sellers and AMZScout residents

Simple and Transparent Pricing

Ideal for Amazon Sellers of All Levels and Various Business Models

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Type of Subscription

  • Product Research Tools
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Trends & Product Ideas
  • Learning
  • Competitor Data Analysis

Seller’s Bundle for Amazon

Complete toolset for both beginner and experienced Amazon sellers Learn more

Product Research Tools

  • okPRO ExtensionFind and verify profitable products, and see if they are trending upward or downward. Check competition levels, discover sourcing options, and improve the quality of your listing.
  • okProduct DatabaseGenerate profitable product ideas, select the best product from a profitable niche, and check product performance.- 2,000 searches/month
  • okProduct TrackerTrack each product’s daily sales and rating changes. Keep an eye on competing products and confirm viability before committing to selling.- 150 products

Keyword Research Tools

  • okAmazon Keyword Search & Product Keywords Lookup 2.0Enhance your Amazon listing by discovering thousands of effective keywords for your product or obtaining them from successful competitors' pages using the ASIN.- 1,500 searches/month
  • okKeyword TrackerMake sure that your product’s keywords are indexed by Amazon, and track their organic search ranking to bring in more buyers on the same PPC ads budget.- 2,500 keywords

Trends & Product Ideas

  • ok12 Monthly Trend ReportsReceive reports that include monthly product trends, profitable niches, Amazon news, insights, and tips for maximizing your profits.
  • ok1,000+ Exclusive Amazon ProductsReceive 19 of the top 1% profitable products delivered to you weekly. Each one is selected from over 600 million products by AI.


  • okAMZScout Seller's CoursesComprehensive and actionable information on how to start selling profitable products on Amazon in less than three months, without the need for your own brand.
  • ok"Get Started Your Amazon Business" GuideThis guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to start selling on Amazon using AMZScout’s powerful seller tools.

Competitor Data Analysis

  • okQuick ViewSee instant product sales data as if you were the seller, right on the search results page.- 500 searches/month
  • okStock StatsMonitor competitors' stock sizes to gauge demand. Sell at a higher price when competitors run out of stock.- no limit

Functional Add-onsHOT

Advanced Booster Pack

Add-on on Amazon Product Pages - Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale ExtensionAvoid risky products and maximize your success rate selling branded and other existing productsLearn more

AI Listing BuilderBuild a unique listing for your product using only the most popular keywords, and stand out from the competitionNEW



One Individual Research Report - a Booming Product Idea Tailored to Your Personal Criteria, Including the Best Keywords and Reliable Suppliers
Discover rapidly growing product ideas for your new business or expand the inventory of your existing venture. Your research report will include a comprehensive product analysis across five different marketplaces, promotional keywords, and examples of suppliers.
Learn more




Seller’s Bundle for Amazon

+ Free One-on-One Mentor CallGet personal guidance during a 30-minute call from proven Amazon six- or seven-figure sellers. Discuss your plan for launch your own business on Amazon or strategize changes for your existing business.

+ Advanced Booster Pack


$1,792$47998billed annually

10-day money-back guarantee

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Seller’s Bundle for Amazon

+ Free One-on-One Mentor CallGet personal guidance during a 30-minute call from proven Amazon six- or seven-figure sellers. Discuss your plan for launch your own business on Amazon or strategize changes for your existing business.

+ Advanced Booster Pack


$1,792$47998billed annually

10-day money-back guarantee

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