Which tool works better?

Jungle scout vs. AMZScout

Today everything around us keeps changing. Sometimes too fast. That’s why it’s important to keep your nose to the wind. When it comes to selling Amazon products it’s extremely important. So, it’s literally impossible to survive without a good Amazon research tool.

You can choose a popular brand or you can be smarter and get a less popular brand which is also great and worth the money you pay. Here are some facts to help you determine whether AMZScout or Jungle Scout is better for you.

1. No exceptions for research

AMZScout works on any page of Amazon. Yes! You can analyze ANY page of Amazon using the AMZScout extension, while Jungle Scout fails to do it. Let’s check page Stream with interesting finds updated daily. AMZScout can analyze this page easily:

Amazon Stream

Why is it important to analyze such pages? It’s a lode of ideas for your business!

2. Overestimation increases the risk of loss

Many experienced sellers notice that different Amazon search tools estimate sales differently. If you compare AMZScout and Jungle Scout, AMZScout does not overestimate the sales. What does it mean for a seller? You will not purchase too much of product and avoid probable losses if demand would not be so high. So, you will simply be on the safe side!

Check any product. For example, we analyzed search results for “mugs”.

Compare Scout

On average, Jungle Scout estimates the sales 8-10% higher than AMZScout. It might be a big difference - especially for a seller with low margin.

This is a real example we heard when talking to our clients. “Due to overestimated figures in the niche I predicted great sales and bought 500 products 5000$ worth. Two months later 390 of them are still in stock. I sell them at a big discount, which is frustrating. I chose my next products with Amzscout figures. They make profit. Now I am happy selling on Amazon”.

3. Very broad data for comprehensive analysis

AMZScout provides some useful indicators that you won’t find anywhere. It’s unique!

4. Useful features to save your time

AMZScout has some additional features, that make product research product research more comfortable and time-saving.

5. No pig in a poke

Nobody likes to buy blindly. Even if you heard a lot about some product it’s always better to try it yourself. We are confident in our tool, that’s why we offer the trial period. You don’t have to pay anything before you make sure AMZScout works well and it’s a useful Amazon search tool Amazon search tool.

6. Many other advantages

It’s worth mentioning, that AMZScout is available in 7 languages (English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese). It has excellent customer support (in different languages as well). We announce different promo and discounts often, making our useful Amazon tools on sale. All our followers can get good benefits!

Here are some feedbacks about our work:

Jane Boston

This plugin has a very precise and smart research and it isn't wasting my time. Number of filters can easily help to find profitable items for sell in 3-5 clicks. Great support and help!

Jane Boston
Amit Mehta

Amazing application and amazing support ... will surely recommend all to use only .

Amit Mehta
Stelian Dan

loved it because they give u a trial version so u know what u re paying for later

Stelian Dan
Mike Conner

Useful extension for startup business on Amazon. Have been looking for the correct set of information on sales, was satisfied with this product.

Mike Conner
David Das

The developers, Alexander and staff are quick to respond to emails and are very polite.

David Das

So, choose AMZScout if...

The AMZScout Extensions for Google Chrome

01 Monthly Sales and Revenue
02 Profit Calculator
03 Trends
04 Price and Rank History
05 9 Marketplaces Supported
06 15 Additional Metrics
07 In Stock Amount
08 Favorite Products
09 Best Seller Mark
10 Search at Alibaba
11 ROI Calculation

The AMZScout Web Application Plans

01 Product Database
02 Keyword Explorer
03 Unlimited ideas for product search
04 Scout competitors trades
05 Check out what’s easy to sell
06 Explore items with little rivalry
07 Fast & Friendly Support
08 Product Tracker
$19.99/mo Try for free
$29.99/mo Try for free
$39.99/mo Try for free