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AMZScout vs Jungle Scout vs 5 Other Amazon Tools - Sales Estimation Accuracy Comparison

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by Galina Z.posted on 08.10.2020

Introduction notes from AMZScout team:

As you may have already discovered, product research can be a labor-intensive process if you have to do it manually. This is why many sellers look for ways to automate the process. That’s why there are all kinds of companies that promise to help you perform product research by estimating the sales for a particular product.

Since Amazon doesn’t reveal precise sales data for the products listed on its website, estimation algorithms gather this information by using other sources, such as a product’s best-seller ranking. In order to see how accurate the information provided by a tool is, it is required to gather real sales data. This data is kept confidential with every seller. AMZScout neither asks sellers to reveal such information nor collects it secretly. 

AMZScout and Jungle Scout adhere to Amazon's Data Privacy Policy

We have asked our users and experienced Amazon sellers to compare AMZScout PRO with other tools for data accuracy. The first seller with a high number of products in his arsenal was Scott. Scott is a 38 year old FBA seller from Chicago with a $110,000 average monthly revenue on Amazon. Scott has been doing his own Amazon business since 2012. Currently, he and his team sell over 50 products that perform quite well. 

Scott performed his own research on the accuracy of product research tools based on his own sales data

Scott wrote to us: “I’ve tried a lot of Amazon seller tools, looking for the one that gives me the best results. So, given my experience, I feel I’m fairly qualified to write this review”.

An email from Amazon seller about the comparison of AMZScout and Jungle Scout

A Review of the Sales Estimators

There are a ton of options out there, but I want to compare the following tools: AMZScout, Jungle Scout, Helium 10, AmazeOwl, Viral Launch, ASINspector, and Unicorn Smasher.

Since Amazon doesn’t reveal precise sales data for the products listed on its website, estimation algorithms gather this information by using other sources, such as a product’s best-seller ranking.  

In order to see just how accurate the information provided by these tools is, I’ll use my own sales data to test each tool.

The account of the Amazon seller comparing AMZScout and Jungle Scout

Here is a table of my sales and data shown by the three tools I used to compare. I calculated the errors and medians. I came to the following results:

AMZScout vs Jungle Scout vs other tools accuracy comparison

All tools show similar accuracy though when it comes to maximum error… I want to say “What?! 66 times?” This might be a mistake, but I’ve checked the numbers three times. There is no mistake in my calculations. Maybe just a bug in the algorithm?

So, here is my rating of tools based on accuracy.

Accuracy of sales estimates AMZScout and Jungle Scout and other tools

Even if AMZScout and Jungle Scout look almost the same externally and functionally, there is a marked difference between how their algorithms work, specifically their accuracy. I consider AMZScout to be the most accurate compared to Jungle Scout and other similar tools.

Conclusion: The Most Trustworthy Tool

Here are my conclusions based on years of experience in selling and this type of research. 

1. The sales estimators can really give you false information which can cause you to invest in products that you shouldn’t. I’ve shown just a few examples of some of the errors made by these tools. It is important to choose a tool that gives the smallest possible error to avoid possible risks. In my case it was AMZScout.

2. Underestimation is better than overestimation. I found that although the overall accuracy of JungleScout, Helium 10, AmazeOwl, and ASINspector is acceptable, both tools tend to overestimate sales by over 25%.

3. All of the tools tend to give more accurate estimates when sales are high. I also found that (most likely) the accuracy of estimates depends on a particular category. For the categories I sell, AMZScout works well.

Find a product with AMZScout Pro product history

4. According to my research, AMZScout is more accurate for products with low sales (I would say when it’s less than 30).

5. If you want to use these products for some of their other features, you should be really careful about relying on their sales estimates. AMZScout, on the other hand, has a proprietary algorithm that delivers accurate results that won’t get you into trouble by inflating sales numbers. 

6. AMZScout nailed product research. They are very particular about data and trends so I receive weekly and monthly reports about Amazon trends that keep me updated on new products which makes it possible for me to enter a new niche first.

With all of these points in mind, when it comes to doing your product research on Amazon -and, in particular, doing sales estimates - I personally give the nod to AMZScout

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