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by Valentina S.posted on 18.12.2019

How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon in 2021 Step-by-Step

Honestly, there is no perfect product to sell on Amazon and choosing the best products to sell on Amazon can be difficult. However, there is always a product better than what you are selling now! But how do you find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA? Here are some useful tips to help you make money.

Many people trying to earn money online using Amazon spend a lot of time questioning themselves. What are the best things to sell? Will I be able to compete in sales? Do many people sell the same amount? Stop wasting your time with questions. Follow our advice!

Basics of Product Research

Essential criteria when finding products to sell

If you’re wondering how to choose the right product to sell on Amazon, it starts by using the right evaluation criteria. There are six metrics that are critical to choosing a profitable niche. If you can find a product that meets all of these criteria then there is a good chance you've found a winner.

  1. Demand is high Are many people buying this product over the long term? Is it something that people buy throughout the whole year? You can check using the AMZScout Pro Extension, which shows monthly sales and future estimates with high accuracy.

  2. Price is between $10-$70 Whatever you choose will ultimately depend on your budget and risk tolerance. The optimal price for items listed on Amazon is between $10-$70. But why? On the one hand, prices closer to the upper-limit means higher revenue. On the other hand, potential buyers are particularly susceptible to impulsive purchases closer to the lower limit. Also, be sure to select products that are only 25% of your final sale price. This guarantees you will be able to cover all your charges and still make a profit.

  3. The category is not gated Some categories of products require approval from Amazon before they can be sold on their platform. This may involve additional performance checks, fees and other measures to ensure protection for both buyers and sellers. The speed of the application process can be fast and easy or slow and complicated depending on the category. Putting in some effort to become ungated has its benefits, including less competition and potentially higher sales.

  4. Number of reviews is low Ideally, you should only consider products with 100 reviews or less. Any more than that and it becomes harder to compete as buyers feel safer and more likely to purchase products where reviews are plentiful. If you’re new to Amazon selling, you’ll need to build up a list of positive reviews to improve your chances to compete.

  5. LQS in the niche is low LQS or Listing Quality Score is an algorithm in AMZScout that indicates the quality of a listing. While looking for products there’s an opportunity to gain the upper-hand over your competition by simply improving the quality of your listings. LQS considers factors such as keywords prominence and length of the listing title, as well as the use of bullet points and quality of the images in the listing. A score of above 80 means little to no work is needed. Below 80 and you should adjust your listing to boost your position amongst rival listings.

  6. Ratings in the niche are low Upon carrying out a search using the AMZScout Pro Extension tool you’ll discover the product ratings. An average rating of 4-5 stars indicates that the product is high quality, and maybe popular as a result. This does have a downside however, in that it will be difficult to make a product that is of similar quality, and this could hinder your sales. Lower ratings of 3 or below indicates that the competition is lacking in high quality products. Be sure to read the reviews to find out why customers aren’t happy, as this presents an opportunity to create your own product that can outsell rival goods by better meeting customer needs.

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What makes a good product?

The toughest challenge you’ll face as an Amazon seller is finding the most profitable products to sell. With AMZScout, the process of research and picking products is made much faster, saving you time for more selling. But what exactly should you be looking for in your search?

Your product and audience knowledge

It’s not easy to sell a product when you’re not sure what you’re selling and why. Who are your audience? What are their pain points? How does the product solve their problems? These are key questions to consider when creating your product and writing your listings. The answers can help make your product more appealing than your competitors. You can adjust the design or functionality of your product as well as tweak the message of your copy to ensure the product resonates with your intended reader.

You can buy low and sell high

Profit margins are fundamental when it comes to running a successful Amazon business. A selected product you find wholesale might a hot seller, but if it’s a low priced product with high delivery costs and FBA fees, this can quickly impede your business growth. With the AMZScout Pro Extension, you can check for potentially high profit margin products using the profit calculator, which helps you break down costs of selling a product you’ve discovered. It even gives you the net margin and estimated monthly profit based on estimated monthly sales.

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You comply with intellectual property policy

The aim of copyright law is to encourage the creation of the products and services that meet the needs of the public. That said, you should ensure that in deciding what product (to sell) that it does not violate existing copyright protection, doing so could lead to potential legal claims against you and hinder your ability to sell on Amazon.

Similarly, trademarks are there to protect the brand design and logos from being duplicated and avoid confusing consumers by indicating the original source of a good or service. You can avoid violating trademark policy by asking yourself these questions

  • Is the product you’re sourcing from a reputable distributor?

  • Can you provide proof that the product is authentic if the question occurs?

  • Is the way you’re describing the product similar to another product (potentially confusing customers).

  • Was the brand name or trademark used in an honest way to describe how compatible it is, rather than how similar it is?

If you’re still not sure after attempting to answer these questions be sure to consult a lawyer before you buy items to sell on Amazon FBA.

The product is lightweight and hard to break

Small, lightweight products (around 2 or 3 pounds or under, including packaging) tend to have a higher ROI than those that are large and heavy. Plus if you intended to start out with Amazon FBA then you’ll also save on shipping costs. Cheap products also tend to be lighter. The first reason is lower shipping charges, the second is lower storage space requirements. If they are durable too, this is a particular bonus, as they won’t break or crack during shipping or while in use by the consumer, saving you money in terms of potential refunds.

Where to find products to sell?

It can be difficult to know what to sell online on Amazon, however, there are many avenues to finding top products to sell. 

Amazon and other marketplaces

The first and most obvious is Amazon itself. Be sure to browse through the “Most Wished for”, “Best Sellers”, or “Deal of the Day” pages for inspiration. These products tend to generate high sales, and you can check the profitability of the niche idea using the AMZScout Pro Extension, which works on all pages on Amazon.

You can also seek ideas from other websites such as eBay, Shopify etc. in order to select a product. If you see a product doing well on these platforms it could indicate that there is good market potential. You can also keep an eye open yourself when you are shopping to see if you can identify potential products. Other places you might draw inspiration from include exhibitions and fairs such as the Canton Fair.

Amazon Product Research Software

You can also use software to find products. The best kind of software packages are often the ones which are the easiest to use. An industry standard and easiest to use tool is known as AMZScout. AMZScout Product Database is a cradle of ideas. By using it you can find over a million product ideas. Below we show you how to use the AMZScout tools step-by-step.

  1. Click here to sign in to AMZScout account and begin your free trial.

  2. Once you've downloaded the app, open it.

  3. Click on "Product Database" at the top of the screen.

  4. Select the criteria you'd like to use for your search. You can filter products by category, seller type, price, rank, estimated sales, reviews, and more (see below).

  5. Once you're happy with the criteria you've selected, click "Apply Filter."

  6. Review the products that meet your search criteria and select products that appeal to you.

Once you’ve identified the products you’re interested in, you’ll need to analyze the niches associated with them. For this task, you use the AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension. Use this link to install the extension for free, then follow the steps below to analyze a niche.

The AMZScout Pro Chrome extension helps you analyze product data instantly whilst you are browsing Amazon. Open Amazon, type a keyword for the selected product and run the AmzScout Pro Extension. Now we can check the niche indicators such as: niche score, avg. price, average sales, avg. margin, average reviews, see LQS of sellers, avg. reviews. This is represented in the figure below.

We are able to check the history of the niche and identify whether the demand is growing or falling, as shown below.

Isn't this insight great?! It can help you to locate the hottest types of products to sell on Amazon. Next, we can also search for potential trends to identify if there are any spikes in activity and whether there are any seasonal trends within the data.

So there we have it, that’s how easy it is to use AMZScout to identify hot private label products and find items to sell on Amazon. At the moment you can receive 55% off for the AMZScout bundle which includes 8 items for only $228 and contains $506 worth of software! As we’ve shown above it is really easy to use AMZScout’s tools in order to identify items to sell on Amazon.

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Using a combination of our tools you can really kick-start your Amazon selling career by drawing upon our research. AMZScout can also point you in the right direction in how to get great branded or white label products and other stuff due to the “Find at Alibaba” button which can help you source and pick products. Alibaba is based in China and also owns AliExpress.


If you’re looking for profitable niches and products to sell on Amazon, AMZScout can help find the information you need quickly and easily. With a seemingly endless number of search filters, metrics, and data sources you’re sure to find a product that meets your criteria. All that’s left to do is to get started and find your first product!

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