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How to Find Cheap Wholesale Products for Resale

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by Bradley T.posted on 02.12.2021

How to Find Cheap Wholesale Products for Resale

Buying wholesale is the process of acquiring goods in bulk from a manufacturer or distributor and then selling those items through your own or third-party marketplace.

Reselling wholesale products gives great flexibility when choosing your assortment as you do not need to worry about going through the process of developing each item that you sell. You also don’t have to worry as much about building your own brand and promotional messaging, simply finding the best sales opportunities.

In this post, we will examine how to choose wholesale products for resale and where you can go to find them.

How to Choose Wholesale Products for Resale

When looking for wholesale goods to buy and resell, there are several import product criteria you must evaluate to ensure you can sell the item for a profit.

Below are some of the important traits you should look for in a wholesale product to resell:

  • Margin: Your margins are how much profit you earn for each sale. This will be determined by how much you can sell the item for and all the costs associated with sourcing and selling the product.

  • Size and weight: A product’s physical dimensions will determine how much you need to pay to ship the item to customers. Larger, heavier items have higher fulfillment fees.

  • Target selling price: Products within a specific range to work best on Amazon. You want prices that are high enough to generate good profit but not too high as too to discourage impulse purchases.

  • Seasonality: This measures how demand for an item changes throughout the year. The best wholesale products have steady demand throughout the year.

  • Competition: The number of other sellers for a product as well as other brands in the market will impact how many sales you are ultimately able to get.

If you want an efficient way to find wholesale items to resell on Amazon, you can use the AMZScout PRO Extension to analyze different items to find those most likely to work. Once you download the extension you can view performance metrics for products right on the Amazon marketplace.

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Some of the important insights you can see include the items’ average monthly sales, average reviews, margins, and more. You can quickly validate that a product is trending upwards with the AMZScout Product Database. The tool includes a trending product option which when selected will filter the results to only show items that have consistently grown in sales over recent months.

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Where to Buy Wholesale Products for Resale

Let’s take a look at the best places for purchasing wholesale products to sell:

1. Global Commerce Platforms

First, we have international commerce platforms. The most popular are based out of China. These online wholesale marketplaces feature listings from tons of suppliers. You can search and view their collections as you would with a traditional eCommerce experience.

The main advantage to using this kind of platform is the price. Items sourced from China typically cost less than similar items procured domestically. Another key benefit is the ability to find a wide range of items. 

Keep in mind that if you get your goods from Chinese-based suppliers, you will need to deal with much longer delivery times. Ocean freight, which is the most affordable delivery method, can take up to two months even without delays. You can mitigate the effects of long shipping by having your items delivered via an air courier or air freight. This will allow you to get your gets in a few weeks but will cost more.

Below are some of the most popular international platforms to find cheap wholesale products for resale:


Find cheap wholesale products for resale on Alibaba

Alibaba is a massive online wholesale marketplace where you can find pretty much any type of product. The prices are good and there is a robust interface for placing orders and managing your transactions with suppliers. The only downside to using Alibaba is the lack of major brands.


How to find wholesale products for resale on AliExpress

AliExpress is an online marketplace owned by Alibaba. Whereas the parent site is geared more towards B2B buyers, AliExpress works more like a traditional eCommerce site. There are no minimum order requirements but there also aren’t as extensive features for managing your engagements with suppliers.


How to find wholesale products for resale on Made-in-China

Made-in-China is a wholesale marketplace similar to Alibaba. You can find items across a wide range of categories and there are similar features for dealing with suppliers. The items are quoted in bulk pricing and there are verification badges to validate the legitimacy of the supplier. 

With the AMZScout PRO Extension, you can use the “find the best supplier” button to quickly find quality suppliers on Alibaba and other sites like eBay. When you click the button for a particular market, the extension will open a new tab with the top suppliers for that type of product. 

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2. Domestic Wholesale Suppliers and Distributors

Another way to get wholesale products for your business is to partner with a U.S based wholesale supplier. Or a distributor that works to help brands sell their items wholesale.

Getting your products from a wholesale supplier will significantly cut down the amount of time it takes to receive your goods. This allows you to sell perishable items like food. It also makes it easier to communicate with your supplier as there are no language or geographic barriers. Whatsmore, by partnering with a wholesale supplier, you get access to high-quality products from the most reputable brands and manufacturers.

If you choose to use a wholesale supplier, expect a more formal setup process. When you buy from an overseas site, all you need to do is arrange the details of the transaction and make the purchase order. With wholesale suppliers and distributors, you will need to apply for and open a wholesale/reseller account.

At the very least, this will require you to register your business in your state and get a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service. You will also need to get a resale certificate in your state for each of the suppliers that you purchase products from.


10 Wholesale Products Ideas

1. Jewelry

Niche idea #1 Jewelry

Jewelry is a popular category to sell. You can find customers shopping for a variety of items whether it’s earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Major platforms like Alibaba feature plenty of jewelry suppliers with quality products. Plus, many jewelry brands work with distributors to increase exposure for their products

If you want to sell jewelry on Amazon, there are some restrictions. Note, that you will likely only be able to sell what is categorized as fashion jewelry. Fine jewelry is a restricted category on Amazon and requires approval before you sell these items. The requirements are considerable as you need to have a brick-and-mortar jewelry store that already does a certain volume of sales.

2. Beauty

Niche idea #2 - wholesale beauty products for resale

Beauty products have steady demand as people want to stay healthy and look good. Hair and bath and body products, in particular, have a strong demand and are easy to get wholesale. In addition to these, customers are showing a lot of interest in items that are natural and chemical-free.

3. Kitchenware

Niche idea #3 Kitchenware

Home and kitchen products are one of the most popular categories. These items are good for wholesaling as you can buy many smaller size items in the ideal price range. Some examples of good ideas include utensils, tumblers, and dishware. 

4. Clothing

Niche idea #4 Clothing

Clothing is one of the most common products for wholesaling through marketplaces. Casual items, as well as beach clothes, are low-cost with solid margins. On Amazon, you can find major brands as well as lower-cost, less-known brands. This is another wholesale product that is easy to source as there is no shortage of local or international suppliers.

5. Garden and Outdoor

Niche idea #5 Garden and Outdoor

Consumers have increased spending on their outdoor living spaces in recent years. Outdoor lighting, planters, and sculptures are some of the garden products that work well with wholesaling. You can find plenty of boutique items from a local supplier or lower-priced goods from an international wholesaler.

6. Baby

Niche idea #6 wholesale baby items for resale

Baby products are always in demand as people look for stuff to get for their new child. And family and friends seek these items to gift at baby showers. This is a category where sticking to products from established brands can be beneficial. New parents are likely to prefer the most trustworthy figure.

7. Pet Goods

Niche idea #7 Pet Goods

Shoppers love buying things for their pets. Toys, beds, clothes, cleaning supplies are all great for getting wholesale to sell. Many of these items have a low price, allowing you to stock up on a diverse selection of goods for your store. 

8. Electronics

Niche idea #8 Electronics

Electronics products have traditionally been one of the highest selling product categories. The demand is likely to stay as technology permeates every area of our lives. The market is dominated by larger brands, so wholesaling these items is the best option if you want to sell in this category. Plus, by selling established electronics items, you do not have to go through the complexity of getting various certifications and ensuring everything works properly.

9. Toys

Niche idea #9 Toys

Toys are popular among consumers with kids. The niche sees extra demand around Christmas when parents are shopping for the holidays. Most toys are small and can be acquired at a low price. These factors lead to better margins.

10. Sports

Niche idea #10 Sports

Items for activities such as fishing, hiking, and exercise are growing in demand. They are good wholesale products as there are plenty of quality suppliers, helping you to get your goods at a competitive price.

Tips for Finding Wholesale Products

Here are some tips to help you find good wholesale products for resale:

1. Calculate Your Margins

When choosing a supplier it is essential to ensure you can get your goods at a price that allows you to hit your desired profit margins. On Amazon you can get an estimate of what you can sell a product for by viewing the current listing and seeing the price of the buy box winner. You can then subtract the cost of selling the product to find your potential margin.

If you are getting your products from a supplier in China, Indiana, or any country other than the USA, you’ll have to take into account all the costs associated with getting the products. Many new sellers overlook expenses such as customs clearance, duties, and freight forwarding when calculating their potential margin. These can add up quickly with the cost of duties often equaling 25% or more of the value of your goods.

With the AMZScout Amazon FBA Calculator, you can get accurate insights into your potential margins on Amazon by calculating the various fees needed to fulfill your orders.

You can also see the net margin for different items on Amazon with the AMZScout PRO Extension.

Find out Net Margin for different items on Amazon with AMZScout

2. Good Service

You want to get your products from a supplier that provides good service. When evaluating your options, check whether the wholesalers have responsive and helpful customer service. If you can easily reach them it will be easier to do business with them.

3. Trustworthy

It is also important to find a supplier that is trustworthy and reliable. Sites like Alibaba help you check the quality of suppliers through reviews left by previous buyers. Suppliers can also upload their documents to verify the information about their business. You’ll want to check these documents yourself and the supplier’s testimonials before you place an order

4. Order Samples to Verify Products

Regardless of how you source the items that you sell, it is essential to get samples of the products before selling them to customers. You want to ensure that the items are of good quality and that they will meet your customers’ needs.

5. Find Multiple Suppliers

It is generally not a good idea to stick with just one supplier. If they turn out to be ineffective, or their business goes under, you want to ensure you can still operate without interruption. By looking for multiple suppliers, you’ll also ensure that you always get the prices and service.


When you find the right products, getting wholesale items to resell can quickly result in profits for your business. And with the steps in this post, you now know what to look for in a wholesale product. Once you source your goods, it’s up to you to price them competitively in order to win the buy box and start generating sales.

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