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Keepa: Honest Review of the Amazon Tool

Hero Image Keepa Review
by Bradley T.posted on 28.02.2023

As selling on Amazon continues to grow in popularity, there are more and more tools to help sellers run their businesses. One of these tools is Keepa. It is built to help you understand potential products before you start selling them. But, what is Keepa and how does it work?

In this Keepa review, we will look at Keepa’s main features and pricing, and how they compare to other tools for Amazon sellers.

What is Keepa?

Keepa is an Amazon research and pricing tracking platform that helps sellers learn more about items they want to sell on Amazon. 

What is Keepa for Amazon

With the software, you can see a product’s core data like price, category, rank, and rating. It also lets you know how a product’s price changes over time. Keepa has several tools for you to perform your research. We will examine these below.

What Features Does Keepa Have?

The Keepa platform is divided into three primary sections; Deals, Data, and Track. The software provider also has a browser plugin to help you research products while on Amazon. Let’s look at the main features for each of these areas and how they compare to other Amazon research software, particularly AMZScout.

1. Keepa Deals

Deals is a product research database where you can uncover Amazon items that are on discount. When you enter a search into the tool, you’ll get a list of matching results including their average price, current price, and discount percentage. You can click any of the products to see historical sales data on how the product’s price has changed over time. 

What is Keepa Deals

The interface has several features that make it easier to find relevant products. You can filter by price range, drop range, minimum rating, category, and more. There are also filters for deal type including new items, used items, and Buy Box, among others. However, as a research database, this feature is quite limited as it only shows products that are on discount.  

AMZScout Alternative

The AMZScout Product Database is a much more robust alternative to Keepa Deals. The database includes extensive sales data for hundreds of millions of Amazon products. This includes a product’s Sales Rank, reviews, and price, among other stats. In addition to being able to see all Amazon products (not just those on sale), you get non-historical data such as estimates for sales, revenue, and fees.

Like Keepa, you can search for specific products and there are over a dozen filters including estimated sales, rating, weight, number of sellers, and more. You can use these to refine the results to match your criteria. AMZScout also has pre-made Product Selection filters for you to find winning products. Plus, you can check a filter for Trending or New Products to find high potential items.

How to find products with the AMZScout Product Database
Product database banner advanced

Explore New Product Ideas While Filtering Millions of Amazon Products

Get Product Ideas

Explore New Ideas While Filtering Millions of Amazon Products

Get Product Ideas

2. Keepa Data

Keepa Data is a dashboard with several features for researching products on Amazon. Here are its main features:

  • Product Finder: This is a product database that lets you find Amazon products that match your search criteria. There are a variety of filters you can use to define your search. Unfortunately, you need to scroll a bit to see all of them.

  • Product Viewer: This feature lets you upload a list of Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN) to see their sales rank, price drops rating, and other product data. After you upload a product, you can click on it to see the Keepa Chart which provides a visualization of the item’s price changes.

  • Product Best Sellers: This feature lets you quickly check the best selling products in each Amazon category. For each product in the list, you’ll see the same data available in the Product Viewer.

  • Top Seller List: This feature shows a list of the top seller profiles on Amazon. For each seller, you can see their rating, total review count, number of verified listings, and main product category.

  • Category Tree: This feature shows a list of all the Amazon product categories including the number of products in each category. When you click on a category, a dropdown menu opens with all of its subcategories.

These features provide some useful functionality in researching Amazon products. However, they are not the most convenient to use as they are siloed into different tools. Plus, there is a lot of manual input needed as you have to upload lists of products instead of using a search function built into the tool.

AMZScout Alternative

The AMZScout Product Database and PRO Extension both offer many of the same features in Keepa Data. They also have additional functionality to streamline the product research process. Both tools provide valuable sales data for you to assess product profitability. 

If you want to discover new ideas, you can search the Database using various specific filters like estimated revenue or net margin. Once you get the results, you can sort the results by any metric. For example, you could sort your search by rating in ascending order to find products with low-quality competition. 

You can search for profitable items on Amazon using the PRO Extension. When you open the Extension for a product or niche, you’ll see important sales metrics including a Product Score for both reselling and private label. You can favorite the products that you find by comparing them side by side to find the best items.  

AMZScout PRO banner v1

Find an Amazon Product That Will Make You $3,000/Mo or More


Find an Amazon Product That Will Make You $3,000/Mo or More


3. Keepa Track

The Keepa Price Tracker helps you monitor price changes for Amazon products. With the tool, you set up price alerts for the items that you are interested in. The software will then send you an alert via email when the price for a tracked item changes. 

What is Keepa Track

To create an alert for a product, you need to first find it in the Deals database or upload it to the Product Viewer. You can also set up an alert directly on Amazon if you have the Keepa Firefox or Chrome extension installed.

AMZScout Alternative

The AMZScout Product Tracker is another tool for monitoring Amazon products. In addition to tracking prices, the app lets you track a product’s inventory levels. It also includes data for the item’s average rank, rating, and daily sales. To use the product tracker, you simply need to enter the product’s URL or ASIN. You can track up to 150 products and the data is regularly updated to show the most current metrics. 

Keyword Tracker Banner

Check product listing ranking for given keywords with the AMZScout Keyword Tracker


Check product listing ranking with the AMZScout Keyword Tracker


4. Keepa Browser Extension

The Keepa Browser Extension is an add-on for Google Chrome, Firefox, and other web browsers. It helps you research products while browsing Amazon. After you install the Keepa Chrome extension, a new price history graph will appear directly on Amazon product pages.

What is Keepa Extension

AMZScout Alternative

The AMZScout PRO Extension is a much more comprehensive browser add-on for researching products on Amazon. It provides more detailed metrics such as number of reviews, estimated sales, and listing quality. Plus, it provides metrics for niches, not just products.

Open AMZScout PRO Extension

Differences Between Keepa and AMZScout

There are several differences between Keepa and AMZScout. The most notable of these distinctions are the platforms’ interface and usability. With Keepa, the interface isn’t the most user-friendly. It isn’t clear where to find certain tools and the features listed within some tools only link you back to another tool. 

AMZScout’s interface is much more user-friendly. All the various tools are listed in a collapsible sidebar. Next to each tool, there is a short description to tell you how it works. For data that requires visualization, the graph only appears after clicking an icon so as to not obstruct the page. 

Usability isn’t the only difference between the two platforms. Here are some of the other key differences between Keepa and AMZScout:

1. Data Analysis

Keepa does not have data estimates. It only includes historical data and current rankings. Knowing the rank of a product is helpful, but it is not the most insightful for predicting sales.

Unlike Keepa, AMZscout has accurate estimates for sales, revenue, and profit margins. This is on top of offering historical data as well. So, in short, AMZScout gives sellers much more data to work with.

AMZscout has accurate estimates for sales, revenue, etc.

2. Instructions and Explanations

AMZscout has a simple and understandable data organization. There are detailed explanations so that even a beginner can learn to sell on Amazon.

AMZScout user-friendly interface

Keepa on the other hand has a lot of data but detailed explanations are not provided. This makes it more difficult for a beginner without experience to understand how to use the platform.

3. Data for Different Business Models

AMZScout provides data for different business models including private label and dropshipping. This ensures that you always have accurate estimates that match the nature of your business.

AMZScout provides data for different business models

Keepa however, doesn’t have a separate analysis for different types of businesses. This makes it harder to plan effectively.

4. Niche Level Metrics

Keepa only shows data for products, not categories. AMZScout has data for both products and categories. For example, the Niche Visibility Score shows how saturated a niche is while the Niche Score indicates a category’s profit potential based on competition, demand, and other factors.

How to use AMZScout Visibility Score to find a niche

Amazon niche analysis - step #4

5. Find Supplier Functionality

Keepa offers no support for finding suppliers for your products. AMZScout however, has a convenient supplier search to help you source your goods. Within the PRO Extension, you’ll find a Local and global suppliers button that opens a list of suppliers from Alibaba. You can use this feature to immediately find similar products on Alibaba and you can refine the search to only show local suppliers.

Find local suppliers with AMZScout

6. Intuitive Charts

AMZScout has simple and understandable charts that allow you to immediately track a product’s seasonality, demand, and other characteristics. Keepa has several charts. However, they are difficult to read and understand for beginners. This means the provided data can’t serve its intended purpose.

Keepa Pricing

Keepa has both free and paid versions of its platform. With the free version, you get access to most of the features but you are unable to see the interactive graphs and current and historical stock offers. The free plan also doesn’t let you set up price increase alerts.

While the free version gives you access to much of the platform’s features, you only get limited data. For example, if you use the Product Finder, you’ll only see data for five products. If you want to use the full range of features, you’ll need to enroll in a paid subscription. This costs 19€ per month.

AMZScout Pricing

So how does the pricing for AMZScout compare to Keepa? Like Keepa, AMZScout also has a free trial. With it, you get limited access to the Product Database and other research and tracking tools. Full access to AMZScout requires a subscription.

How much does it cost? The pricing is $49.99 per month for the Amazon Seller’s Bundle. You can save on the total cost by purchasing an annual subscription: $259.99 for the PRO Extension and $379.99 for the Seller’s Bundle.

As we can see, AMZScout’s plans come at a higher price point. But, they come with many more features. The PRO Extension and Product Database are much more robust than Keepa and you also get Keyword Tracker, Keyword Research, and Reverse ASIN search tools with the Seller’s Bundle. These tools help you find and track high search volume keywords based on Amazon data or your competitor’s listing. You can use these to optimize your listings to get more visitors in front of your products.

When you enroll in the Amazon Seller’s Bundle, you also get helpful resources for learning how to sell on Amazon. This includes a comprehensive seller’s course as well as trends reports for identifying profitable niches and products. 


Keepa works if you need a basic solution for Amazon research. While it will help you find core product data, it lacks the key data analysis needed to plan a business. Not to mention the tool is quite difficult to use. 

With AMZScout, you get a user-friendly solution, jam-packed with features and extensive data. There is a tutorial and numerous courses to help you get started and every tool includes an explanation designed to help beginners. In summary, if you want more powerful tools for researching and tracking products, AMZScout is the way to go.

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