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Tactical Arbitrage Review: Is It Worth It?

Tactical Arbitrage hero image
by Travis F.posted on 05.12.2023

Achieving success with online arbitrage requires the use of the right software solutions. Today, we will focus on the software available from We will delve into its capabilities, weigh its advantages and disadvantages, and even propose alternative options. Check out the secrets of running a profitable Amazon arbitrage business.

What is Tactical Arbitrage?

Tactical Arbitrage is an online arbitrage solution meticulously crafted to streamline the process of finding profitable products for resale on Amazon. It also serves as an excellent tool for aspiring Amazon FBA entrepreneurs and those seeking wholesale suppliers. 

Tacticalarbitrage landing page

This tool enables you to scour a vast selection of e-commerce websites by comparing prices to help you identify products that can be bought for less than what they are selling for on Amazon. What's remarkable is the level of customization this tool offers. You can search entire websites, or narrow your focus to specific product categories, all while applying various filters to pinpoint products that align with your specific criteria.

While the product search feature is the primary function, Tactical Arbitrage doesn't stop there. In the sections below, we'll explore additional tools and uses that can enhance your online arbitrage game.

How Tactical Arbitrage Can Help Sellers

This software has a number of useful features for e-commerce sellers, enabling you to:

  • Explore a List of Over 1,000 Retail Stores: This list contains a colossal database that spans countless stores and categories, offering access to thousands of products to find the best opportunities.

  • Refine Search Results: Tactical Arbitrage features filters that enable you to easily narrow down your search results, tailoring your findings to match your specific requirements. You can also employ an ROI filter to enhance precision by including preparation and shipment cost estimates in your calculations.

  • Discover Wholesale Opportunities: The Wholesale Search feature allows you to upload lists of wholesale items in order to find profitable bulk deals.

  • Identify the Best Books to Sell: Amazon Flips, powered by intelligent algorithms, helps users identify books of any type or condition that are primed for flipping, ensuring a positive ROI.

  • Gain Competitor Insights: Use the “Reverse Lookup” function to gain insight into other sellers’ product sources. Simply enter their seller ID or Amazon ASINs to review valuable purchasing information.

Tactical Arbitrage list of features

With all these features, Tactical Arbitrage is suitable for both novice and experienced sellers looking to scale their businesses on Amazon.

Pricing Plans

Now for the most interesting part: how much does Tactical Arbitration cost? Below, we offer a breakdown of each available package and its respective price:

  • Flip Pack ($59/month): Unlock valuable book-related features tailored for book-flipping enthusiasts.

  • Wholesale Pack ($69/month): Access essential wholesale features designed to simplify your wholesale operations.

  • Online Arbitrage Pack ($89/month): Elevate your online arbitrage game with a rich array of product-focused tools.

  • Online Arbitrage + Wholesale ($109/month): Get the best of both worlds with the Online Arbitrage Pack and integrated Wholesale features.

  • Full Suite ($129/month): Dive into a comprehensive toolbox that includes all available features for your e-commerce success.

A free trial version is available to test out and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Tactical Arbitrage price page

Is Tactical Arbitrage Right For Your Business?

Much like any software solution, Tactical Arbitrage comes with its own blend of strengths and limitations. Let's begin by exploring scenarios where this software tool can prove to be invaluable:

  • If you're looking to save time when looking for products, Tactical Arbitrage has you covered. No more manual website searches for great deals—just visit a site, and let the tool find you the most profitable products for buying and reselling.

  • If you're on the hunt for fantastic deals, this app offers the perfect solution. Tailor your filters to yield precise results and enhance your ROI calculation accuracy by incorporating coupons or cashback offers right into the tool.

  • If your goal is to find a supplier for a particular product, Tactical Arbitrage is the solution. This all-in-one platform allows you to find suppliers and check out sites like Target, Walmart, or Ikea, making the entire process convenient for you.

On some occasions,  you may need alternatives or additional tools, such as these scenarios:

  • If you're seeking a cost-effective solution. It's worth noting this software app offers a starting price of $50/month, but more sophisticated tools require a $70 monthly subscription. The most advanced plan with all features is available at the price of $95 for 30 days.

  • If you don’t have a seller account. Utilizing this digital solution requires a pre-existing Amazon seller account, although you can also set up a free trial account to get started.

  • If your primary goal is to find arbitrage or wholesale product ideas and evaluate them on Amazon, then you may need specialized tools designed for these specific purposes.

While this tool can assist online arbitrage sellers with product sourcing and other various tasks, it does come with a few drawbacks, and may not fully meet the requirements for certain searches. In the upcoming section, we'll delve into a variety of alternatives for you to consider.


There are several alternative Tactical Arbitrage tools. Here, we will examine three of these options.

AMZScout vs. Tactical Arbitrage

If you’re still not sure what to sell on Amazon and are looking for a popular and profitable product, AMZScout is an excellent starting point. 

Furthermore, when used in conjunction with Tactical Arbitrage, you have a comprehensive toolkit at your disposal to help you identify, analyze, and select profitable items for your Amazon business effectively.

Tool for Arbitrage and Wholesale Product Research

Use the Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Extension to see sales margins, ASIN, BSR, size, and more, right in Amazon’s search results. Having access to this data on Amazon means you don’t have to toggle between Amazon and another site, like you do with Tactical Arbitrage. 

Now we’ll discuss how to use this tool. To start, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Extension.

Step 2: Initiate your free trial and enter your login information. No credit card is required to get started—simply provide some basic information.

Step 3: Browse Amazon to review product ideas. Enter a product or keyword using the Amazon search bar to get started. Scroll through the search results and view the information under each product. You’ll be able to see the margins, fees, and seller types to guide you in your decision-making. 

AMZScout Dropshipping, Online Arbitrage and Wholesale extension quick view

Consider products with monthly sales of more than 300, margins over 40%, and those sold by FBA or FBM.

Step 4: Get additional product data. Click on the product and go to its page for further evaluation. A built-in pop-up window will appear right on the product page. You’ll also be able to see whether an item is gated, hazmat, or private-labeled, which determines whether it requires extra steps to meet Amazon’s requirements for selling the product.

AMZScout dropshipping and online arbitrage extension

Step 5: Find out how much potential profitability it has. The product page will also show you a cost calculator you can use to help you determine your potential revenue when selling that item at the minimum price. Enter your costs to see fees that are calculated automatically, and get accurate profitability calculations.

OA calculator

Step 6: Examine the Buy Box Price History to help you develop a pricing strategy. You can implement highly successful strategies by monitoring current Buy Box winners, tracking their pricing, and assessing how often they win.

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Get 10-in-1 Amazon Toolbox for Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Sellers


Get 10-in-1 Amazon Toolbox for Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Sellers


Extra Tools

Now, we’ll present a short tutorial about additional tools that can prove highly valuable in your e-commerce pursuits.

Product Database

The Product Database is a versatile tool that allows you to configure an extensive array of search filters, including sales, reviews, price, weight, and more. Based on this information this tool will provide you with a curated selection of Amazon products that match your specified criteria.

PRO Extension

PRO is a browser extension that allows you to evaluate metrics such as average monthly sales, reviews, number of competing sellers, profits, sales trends, and more right on Amazon product pages. This data holds significant meaning, helping you assess a product's demand, competition level, and its potential for profitability.

Keyword Research Tools

Employ the Keyword Search and Reverse ASIN Lookup tools to unearth relevant keywords for your PPC campaigns and keyword research. The strategic selection of these keywords holds the key to unlocking greater sales potential.


AMZScout tools help you find products and create ads. Below are some other reasons to consider utilizing AMZScout’s tools for your arbitrage business.  

  • You don’t need an Amazon seller account: AMZScout doesn’t require you to have an account with Amazon. This is perfect if you just want to try the software without going through Amazon’s application process (which can take several days or even weeks).

  • Use in tandem with Tactical Arbitrage: Use Tactical Arbitrage to help you identify opportunities on other marketplaces, then analyze those products using AMZScout. Or if you find a profitable item with AMZScout, you can use Tactical Arbitrage to search for the best place to buy it.

  • Get a free trial: AMZScout’s free account allows you to try each tool’s functionality, gives you access to courses, and more.

  • Affordable pricing: AMZScout plans start at just $49.99/month.

With all of these features, access to a wide range of tools, and excellent support, AMZScout is a must-have for any Amazon seller.

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Get 10-in-1 Amazon Toolbox for Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Sellers


Get 10-in-1 Amazon Toolbox for Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Sellers


Source Mogul vs. Tactical Arbitrage

Source Mogul is another arbitrage tool that helps you find new products to sell on Amazon. This software is constantly scanning other marketplaces to identify profitable e-commerce opportunities. Here are some of its features:

Tactical Arbitrage vs. SourceMogul comparison

  • Upload items: Instead of searching for products, you can also upload your own lists of items to analyze.

  • Filters: Use filters like ROI, price, sales rank and more to find the best products.

  • Wish list: Once you find items you’re interested in, you can add them to your wish list to keep track of them.

  • Buy your products: Click links within the tool to order your items.

While Source Mogul offers some helpful options, it’s worth noting that it does have less features than other similar tools. It’s also still on the expensive side, with plans costing $67/month, or $880/year. Unfortunately, there aren’t any three- or six-month plans available.

While they do offer a free trial, it only lasts seven days, which isn’t very long compared to those available from other software.

Tactical Arbitrage vs. Arbitrage Hero

Arbitrage Hero is a remarkable tool designed to unveil thousands of highly profitable products with just a few clicks, which makes it ideal for Amazon FBA sellers. Let's delve into its features:

Arbitrage Hero is one of the best alternatives for Tactical Arbitrage

  • Wholesale Sourcing: You can upload wholesale price lists to review and help you identify profitable products effortlessly, with the flexibility to display only selected data rows in your final results.

  • Online Sourcing: Discover lucrative online opportunities for maximizing your profits.

  • Profit Analysis: Keep a close eye on your purchases so you can pinpoint the most profitable products.

  • Expansive Pipeline: Anticipate the addition of new features, eagerly awaited to enhance the software's capabilities.

Arbitrage Hero presents a cost-effective solution, with pricing segmented into three categories: USA, UK, and others. For USA and UK merchants, the cost is $47 or £47/month or $470 or £470/year, while sellers from other countries will need to wait for pricing to be published in their regions. 

Tactical Arbitrage vs. BuyBotPro

BuyBotPro is a set of versatile software that empowers you to conduct instant deal analysis with a single click, thanks to its Online Arbitrage FBA Calculator and Automated Deal Analytics. With BuyBotPro, you can access a wide range of valuable features such as:

BuyBotPro is one of the best alternatives for Tactical Arbitrage
  • IP Radar: This feature assesses the risk of potential Intellectual Property violations on your account, ensuring that you avoid legal conflicts.

  • VAT Calculator: Includes VAT considerations, not just for Amazon fees but also for your purchasing and selling choices!

  • Competitor Analysis: Gain a swift overview of the top sellers, complete with estimates of their stock levels and pricing.

  • Manual Sourcing Tool: Simplify your product search to help you discover matching items on Amazon directly from the Retailer/Wholesaler page. You can also analyze deals from these pages, saving you significant time and effort.

Turning to the topic of pricing, BuyBotPro provides users with a choice of three distinct plans. The Basic Plan is priced at $39.95/month, or $399.50/year. The Pro Plan is available at $54.95/month, or for a yearly payment of $549.50 when billed annually. Finally, users can subscribe to the Enterprise Plan for a monthly rate of $129.95, with an annual billing option of $1,299.50/year.

Tactical Arbitrage vs. Oaxray

Oaxray was an effective tool similar to Tactical Arbitrage, but was shut down permanently on September 1, 2023.


Is Tactical Arbitrage worth it? It's certainly an excellent option for online arbitrage sellers who are looking for a fast and convenient product-sourcing solution. Nevertheless, not everyone can afford monthly expenses for this tool, particularly those whose businesses are not yet generating sufficient revenue.

Luckily, there is plenty of other arbitrage software available. If you’re interested in running an online arbitrage business, we encourage you to test several different tools and find the one that best suits your needs.

For those just starting out with online arbitrage, AMZScout is probably the best option when it comes to researching and evaluating products. By using these tools together, you can significantly speed up the process and increase your chances of successful sales.

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Get 10-in-1 Amazon Toolbox for Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Sellers


Get 10-in-1 Amazon Toolbox for Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Sellers


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