DS Amazon Quick View: Pros & Cons, Best Alternative

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by Travis F.posted on 26.10.2023

Amazon sellers are always looking for new tools to help them grow their business, find new products, and spy on their competitors. Simply put, the right tools separate the good sellers from the great ones.

DS Amazon Quick View is definitely a tool worth looking into, as it provides you with some valuable information. But is it really the best tool for the job and are there any alternatives that work better?

In this post, we’ll go over what exactly the Amazon DS Quick View extension is and provide you with a few other tools that you should try.

What is DS Amazon Quick View?

DS Amazon Quick View is a Google Chrome extension that displays additional information on the Amazon search results page. 

When the extension is installed you’ll be able to see a product’s sales rank, ASIN number, and information about the seller (is it sold by Amazon, an FBA seller, etc.). You can also hover over the product to change your view and see its full details.

DS Amazon Quick View extension

The point of this tool is to save time. Instead of clicking on every single product listing, you can get all of the information you need right on the search results page. This allows you to do product research a lot faster.

How to Use DS Amazon Quick View

The DS Amazon Quick View extension is easy to use:

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store to download and install it.

  • Go to Amazon and search for the type of product you’re interested in.

  • Review the search results. Each product’s bestseller rank (BSR), ASIN number, and seller info will appear right on the search results page.

  • Move your cursor over a product to see additional info, such as size, weight, average customer reviews, and more.

As you can see it’s fairly simple, making it a popular tool for a number of Amazon sellers.

Pros and Cons

While DS Amazon Quick View is useful, there are a few drawbacks. Here are some of the reasons why you should use it, and some reasons to consider using a different tool.


  • It Saves Time: If all you’re interested in is a product’s sales rank and some other basic information then this app is great. You can access all of that information right from the search results page without clicking on each product. It will save you a ton of time and allow you to review a lot of different products much faster.

  • It’s Free: The DS Amazon Quick View extension is free to install and use, so there’s no real risk in trying it out. As far as free tools go it’s pretty good.

  • Extended Version Available: DS Amazon Quick View Extended is a professional premium version that’s available for $19.99. This version gives you additional information, like pricing for FBA sellers, the names of the sellers, price history, and Keepa history (you’ll need to sign up for a Keepa account to take advantage of this feature).


  • Not Enough Info for Detailed Research: To really research a product and determine whether it’s profitable you need to see information on monthly sales, sales trends, demand, and competition. DS Amazon Quick View doesn’t show you any of this, meaning its info is incomplete.

  • It Only Works for Amazon.com: Unfortunately, if you’re selling on any of the other Amazon marketplaces (.ca, .co.uk, .au, etc.) you’re out of luck when it comes to this extension. It can only be used on the American site.

  • You Can’t Sort Data and Compare Products: This tool really only allows you to view a few products at a time (basically however many fit on your screen at once). So, if you’re trying to compare 20 - 30 products it’s really not the best tool to use.

Alternative Tools

If you’re interested in learning about other tools that provide similar information here are a few to consider:

Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Tool by AMZScout

This tool is very similar to DS Amazon Quick View and works in much the same way. However, it provides a lot of additional insights that sellers will find extremely valuable. 

In addition to stats like BSR, ASIN, and Size, it also has a profitability calculator. This means you can enter your product costs (purchase price from your supplier and shipping) and determine your profit margins.

Your Amazon and FBA fees will be automatically calculated so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll make on every sale.

To install and use Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale extension by AMZScout:

  1. Click here to install the extension.

    Install Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage and Wholesale

  2. Go to Amazon and find the listing of the product you’re interested in.

  3. Open the extension.

  4. You’ll get valuable info, such as whether the product is private label, if it’s considered hazmat, its BSR, and ASIN.

    AMZScout dropshipping and online arbitrage extension

  5. Enter your costs to quickly calculate your sales margins and determine whether it’s profitable to sell.

This tool is also available for a free trial, so it’s definitely worth trying out to see if it’s a good fit for your business.

The addition of the profit calculator makes this extension extremely handy and will allow you to make better decisions in regards to which items you should sell.

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Get 10-in-1 Amazon Toolbox for Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Sellers


Amazon Quick View by AMZScout

Amazon Quick View by AMZScout provides all of the same information as DS Amazon Quick View, as well as the following:

  • Keywords that are associated with the products.

  • FBA fees to help you predict the costs involved in selling a product.

  • Accurate estimated sales margins to allow you to predict how profitable a product might be.

  • Information on the quality of a product’s listing.

  • BSR history to allow you to see sales trends throughout the year.

  • Price history to help you spot price wars and fluctuations.

As you can see, Amazon Quick View by AMZScout offers a much wider array of product data. Plus, like DS Amazon Quick View it allows you to see all of this information on Amazon’s search results page, saving you a substantial amount of time during your product research.

To install and use Amazon Quick View by AMZScout, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to install the extension.

  2. Go to Amazon and search for the type of product you wish to research.

  3. Below each product in the search results, you’ll be able to see the brand, seller information, FBA fees, sales margins, a listing quality score, the date the product became available, size, weight, and the sales rank.

    How does AMZScout Quick View chrome extension work

  4. Hover your mouse over the QV logo for additional information. The product listing will be the first thing that pops up. By clicking on the History tab you’ll be able to see the price and rank history over the last month. By clicking on the Keywords tab you’ll be able to see all the best keywords for that product.

    How do AMZScout Quick View keywords and pricing charts work

Amazon Quick View by AMZScout is available for a free trial which allows you to perform 20 searches.  If you’re looking for an alternative to DS Amazon Quick View then this is definitely your best option.

AMZScout PRO Extension

This tool provides the most insights of any app on this list. It uses a sophisticated API to allow you to compare dozens of products at once, giving it an advantage over other extensions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click here to install the AMZScout PRO Extension.

  2. Go to Amazon and search for the type of product you want to research.

  3. Enable the PRO Extension to get a wealth of data on all the products listed on the search results page.

How to sell on Amazon with AMZScout Pro Extension

You’ll be able to review a ton of valuable data including:

  • Average monthly sales

  • Average number of reviews

  • Historical price data and trends

  • Profit margins

  • FBA fees

  • The best keywords for the niche

  • And more

Perhaps the best features of the PRO Extension are the product and niche scores. Each product is given a score out of ten so you can instantly see how profitable it is. You’ll also be able to see a score for the niche as a whole, based on demand and the level of competition.

AMZScout PRO Advanced

Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension


Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension


The Camelizer and Keepa

If you’re only interested in price tracking these two tools may be useful to you.

The Camelizer is a free Chrome extension that gives you access to price history information from Camelcamelcamel. Once you install it you can go to an Amazon product listing and open the extension to see its pricing history. Unfortunately, you can’t use it on Amazon’s search results page to review multiple products at once.

The Camelizer as an alternative to DS Quick View

Keepa works similarly to The Camelizer, however, it also shows historical data for things like sales rank, buy box, new price, and used price. This extension provides much more in-depth information, but it’s a paid service so you’re paying for those extra features.

While these tools are helpful, like DS Amazon Quick View they still provide a somewhat incomplete picture when it comes to product data.

Take Your Product Research to The Next Level with These Tools

Do you want to perform more in-depth product research to uncover products that have the best chance of making you money? Try these tools:

Product Database by AMZScout

The Product Database tool is part of AMZScout’s sellers bundle. It allows you to search for Amazon products using a number of different filters. So, instead of going to Amazon and trying to find products that meet your requirements, you can simply perform a search on the Web App and instantly see all the products that have the characteristics you’re looking for.

How to set filters on AMZScout Product Database to find a product to sell on Amazon

Some of the filters available include:

  • Category

  • Seller Tyle

  • Sales

  • Reviews

  • Size

  • Weight

  • Listing Quality

Once you have your results you can review the data for all the products that match your criteria to help you understand which ones will be most profitable for your business.

This tool works in Chrome and Edge browsers.

Product database banner langing page

Brainstorm New Niche and Product Ideas with the Product Database


Brainstorm New Product Ideas with the Product Database


Product Tracker by AMZScout

This is another feature of AMZScout’s sellers bundle. It allows you to see product data, such as average price and ratings, and show rank history over a given timeframe. Simply enter a product’s ASIN number to instantly pull up the information.

How does AMZScout product tracker work

When combined with the other features of the bundle this is a powerful tool to help you identify profitable products that will help you grow your business.


DS Amazon Quick View is a useful tool, but it’s certainly not the only plugin sellers can use to do product research. There are other tools, such as those offered by AMZScout, that provide the same information along with additional insights. Make sure to try as many tools as possible in order to find the ones that best suit your business.

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