Potential Score in AMZScout Extension

Before the use of software, Amazon sellers had to do the heavy data collection by hand, checking various factors that help determine whether this is the right niche for them. The number of sales, number of reviews, ratings, price, margin, listing quality, brand names, and competition are all indicators that collectively help sellers determine what their next move is. By hand, this process seems quite complicated and monotonous. Keep reading

Best Amazon Seller Tools for FBA Business

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Tips for Finding the Right Price for Your Amazon Product

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Getting Started with Amazon Research Tools: AMZScout Web Application

AMZScout tool has the extension for Google Chrome and web application. This is the second part of the original article th... Keep reading

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How to Get Amazon's Choice and Best Seller Badges

We can trust Amazon’s algorithm to recognize that, we can also tell that those labels are not assigned without reason. Th... Keep reading

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123rd Canton Fair in China: What makes it so different?

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Introduction to Amazon’s Pay Per Click advertising : Keyword Match types

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