Introduction to Amazon’s Pay Per Click advertising : Keyword Match types

One of the most important aspects regarding selling on Amazon is learning to properly manage and create your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Especially if you are in the early stages of starting your Amazon FBA business. This is due to the fact that once you first launch your listing you will be starting from the bottom. Therefore the only way you will get any exposure will be via PPC. If you are not already familiar with what PPC ads are, they are the listings you can see at the top, middle or bottom of a page while searching for a products on Amazon. They all have “sponsored” above their product titles written in light grey letters. Keep reading

3 Guidelines for Avoiding Mistakes While Choosing Your First Product

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How Does AMZScout Estimate Sales?

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Sourcing from India: Products That Have Good Demand on Amazon

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Amazon A9 Algorithm: How to Improve Your Product Ranking

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Stick-er-ing with It: How Omar Got Started on Amazon

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Amazon Keyword Ranking: Tools and Tips to Rank Higher

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