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8 Best Practices to Increase Sales on Amazon

How to increase sales on Amazon hero
by Travis F.posted on 21.06.2021

8 Best Practices to Increase Sales on Amazon

Amazon is the number one e-commerce platform in the U.S., with 45% of the country’s online market share, and up to 150 million users of its mobile app in 2019. As a seller, it can be frustrating to have your products listed on Amazon and still struggle to make sales. 

Ever wondered why sellers are overlooking your products in favor of your competitors? In this article, we’ll examine the issue. 

Getting it right on Amazon can have a significant impact on your overall sales and profitability. As you would agree, it can be incredibly difficult to stand out on Amazon among scores of competitors. However, while it may be difficult, it is not impossible. 

There are millions of blog posts, videos, books, and even courses to teach you how to increase your sales on Amazon. Some are available for free and others are for sale. The truth is that these techniques aren’t guaranteed to work for every seller in every instance because every business is different, and your product or service is unique.

We’re not going to sell you snake oil or try to tell you a super-secret way to grow your sales. Instead, we will tell you about some important things that you can do that are likely to improve your visibility and appeal to customers on Amazon. This will ultimately translate to an increase in sales.

The tips in this article have been laid out as actionable strategies, and they apply to every Amazon seller regardless of your niche. 

1. Listing Your Product on Amazon

a. Presentation

One of the first things to do when you set out to increase your sales on Amazon is to take a look at your product listing(s). Do you have enough good pictures to give buyers a fair idea of what to expect from your product or service? Is there enough information on the page about the specifications of your product or service? Is there sufficient information about your brand on the page? 

How to boost your sales with the right product presentation

Don't just focus on how to drive visitors to your page, but also how to keep them on the page for longer and convert into a sale. Listings with only one or two pictures and sparse information are a turnoff for customers. People want to know if what they’re paying for is worth the price. As a seller, the only way you can swing this decision in your favor is to provide as many details as you possibly can about your product or service, and your brand. 

b. How unique is your product or service?

There are nearly 10 million sellers on Amazon, with millions of pages. No matter what product or service you have to offer, the chances are that there are other sellers in the online store offering the same thing. This is not necessarily a bad thing because if you’re offering products with higher quality and better value, buyers will appreciate it more.

If many sellers are offering the same product or service, how can you stand out and attract customers to pick you?

Well, one way to do this is to offer something unique. If your product is essentially the same as your competitor's (in terms of its features and functionality), you can bundle it with another product to create something unique. It doesn’t always have to be another product in your bundle, it could be free merch or something like that. Although this may not seem like a big deal, it can have a significant effect on your sales.

c. Understand how SEO works on Amazon

The Amazon marketplace has a search engine algorithm known as A10, and you must understand how it works to get your pages to rank higher. It is well known that a majority of shoppers barely go past the second or third page of search engine results.

So, ranking higher increases your chances of getting more customers. The Amazon A10 algorithm is similar but simpler than major search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. So, it's easier to figure out. Some of the factors that influence your rankings with the A10 algorithm are sales history, organic sales, seller authority, and click-through rate.

Amazon also evaluates the content in your listings which makes using the right keywords crucial to ranking high on Amazon listings. Therefore, it is recommended that you spend time researching the best keywords to use. Your keyword must be based on what customers are searching for in your product or service category.

Use the AMZScout Amazon Keyword tools to measure the demand for your product, and the right keywords to use in your listing. Also, take a look at the keywords that top-ranking competitors are using for some inspiration.

The Amazon A10 search engine doesn’t only focus on keywords but also good images (with appropriate names), proper titles, detailed bullet points, and informative product descriptions.

You also need to choose the appropriate category for your product or service, add the right tags, add numerous questions and answers, and get a number of customer reviews for your product or service. All of these factors indicate to the search algorithm that you’re providing something valuable to buyers, and therefore your listing is ranked higher.

Use the AMZScout Amazon Keyword Search tool to measure the demand for your product, and discover the right keywords to use in your listing. 

1. Go to AMZScout Amazon Keyword Search. If you’re new, you’ll see a sign-up form. Fill in the form to start the free trial.

2. Enter your search. Write a seed word or phrase into the search field to get a list of matching search terms that have the seed phrase and the specified search volume.

3. Refine the list to get a more targeted list of keywords or exclude certain phrases.

  • Set a min and max number of words

  • Set a min and max search volume

4. Check the results. Click Find Keywords to see a list of keywords with their estimated monthly search volume.

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Another way to get keyword ideas is to look at your competitors. With the AMZScout Reverse ASIN Lookup tool, you can quickly scan any competitor listing to see what keywords they rank for. Here is how you can use the tool.

1. Go to AMZScout Reverse ASIN Lookup. If you haven’t signed up, you’ll be taken to a registration form. Fill in the form to start your free trial.

2. Enter the ASIN for a competitor’s product

3. Check the results. Click Find Keywords to get a list of  keywords for the product. For each keyword, you can see how many searches it gets per month, where the product ranks for the query, how many sales you’ll get if you rank for the term, and how relevant the keyword is to that product. 

How to use AMZScout Reverse ASIN Lookup tool
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You also need to choose the appropriate category for your product or service, add the right tags, add numerous questions and answers, and get a number of customer reviews for your product or service. All of these factors indicate to the search algorithm that you’re providing something valuable to buyers, and therefore your listing is ranked higher.

2. Boost Your Brand Reputation by Getting More Reviews

Reviews are very important for your Amazon search engine ranking. Amazon prioritizes reviews over other areas like product specifications and description. Reviews can also go a long way to drive sales. Buyers consider the number of reviews and what other customers have to say when deciding whether to invest in a product or service. 

How to increase your sales by getting reviews

Nothing beats word-of-mouth advertising. It's natural to trust the word of other customers more than the word of an organization. And, on a platform like Amazon where there are a lot of similar products on sale, the value of reviews is important. Buyers will consider what others have to say when they’re on the fence about any decision.

If your product or service has a lot of positive reviews, the chances that you’ll make a sale are considerably higher. Having a lot of positive reviews signals to buyers that your brand is reliable and your product is high-quality.

While we may all agree on the importance of reviews on Amazon, how do you get reviews? Anyone who has some experience selling online will confess that getting customers to write reviews about a product or service can be particularly tricky. 

It's important to sound a note of caution at this point against settling for fake reviews. Some brands try to boost their reputation on Amazon by putting up fake reviews and even paying random people to review their products. Amazon has a strict rule against this. The company bans any account that has fake reviews.

Thankfully, there are many time-tested strategies to naturally increase the number of reviews for your product on this e-commerce site. Here are some ideas to get positive reviews on Amazon.

a. Encourage buyers to review your product or service

  • You can reach out to customers with a timely email after each purchase and encourage them to review your product.

  • You can also reach out to customers via your newsletter to remind them to leave a review if they’ve tried your product or service.

  • If you want to be creative, you can send a personalized letter with each product where you express gratitude for the purchase and invite the buyer to share some feedback in the form of a review on Amazon.

How to Send Amazon Messages

b. Don’t mislead buyers

Buyers are more likely to respond favorably if a company is honest and asks for feedback rather than attempting to trick or lure them to write a review. 

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to oversell your product or service and end up misleading buyers. It will come back to bite you. Buyers may not leave a review if they like a product, but they’re almost certainly going to leave a bad review if they disliked a product or felt misled by a brand.

c. Focus on providing the best customer service

The ultimate key to getting a lot of positive reviews on Amazon is to provide great customer service. Buyers want to be treated as people and not just statistics on your sales chart. Simple things like responding to messages quickly and sending thoughtful follow-up emails can go a long way to endear your brand to buyers and compel them to leave positive reviews online.

Don’t only focus on new buyers, but also engage with your existing customers.

3. Don’t Settle for Being Just an Amazon Brand

It may seem counterintuitive to tell you about boosting your brand presence and sales outside of the Amazon platform in an article about how to increase sales on Amazon, but it's not. A brand’s reputation travels with the brand name across different platforms.

So, investing in your brand image on other platforms can boost your sales on Amazon. It is not just about advertising, but knowing the right channels to focus your efforts.

Boosting your brand visibility on other platforms can maximize your sales on Amazon

Boosting your brand visibility on other platforms can maximize your sales on Amazon in different ways. Apart from the general effect of making your brand a household name, you can direct buyers to Amazon from other platforms where your brand name and content appear.

Here are some ways you can avoid the trap of being an Amazon brand, and boost your sales while you’re at it.

a. Harness the power of social media

Social media is the number one place to invest your advertising money and efforts today if you want to reach a lot of buyers, particularly the younger population. Some of the most trendy and successful brands in the world today invest in their social media presence. 

There are different ways to do this:

  • You can have sponsored content where you get influencers to try your product or service,

  • Tell their followers about it,

  • Present them with a link to your Amazon page.

However, this practice is best suited for companies with an advertising budget, not startups with no money to spend on marketing. Another technique is to constantly update your social media pages (including a YouTube channel) with witty and informative content along with a link to the Amazon listing of your product or service.

b. Create a blog

Another way to boost your brand and drive your sales on Amazon at the same time is to create a blog or multiple blogs and referral websites with links to your product listing on Amazon. For this to work, you need organic traffic. And to get organic traffic, you must provide insightful and valuable information to visitors to your blog or referral website.

Give them a reason to come back to your website. You can provide useful information about your brand, products or services, and your niche. Your content must be engaging and beneficial to your customers. 

Tip: For a successful Amazon link-building campaign on your blog and referral sites, use a rank tracker tool to track your website(s) performance on search engine results. The insight you get can help you see where you’re doing things wrong in your content marketing and backlink building campaign, and help you to tailor your efforts for maximum effectiveness. 

A Note About Pricing

You may be wondering why we didn’t mention anything about price in this article. Yes, price is one of the things that customers consider when selecting a product to buy, but it's not the only thing that they consider. Under-pricing your competitors can backfire spectacularly. Having a lower-than-average price would attract some buyers, but it may also create the impression that your product or service is low-quality.

Equally, having a higher-than-average price may indicate that your product is premium, but it could drive a lot of customers away. This is why we recommend that you stay close to the average price. Consider your competitor's price when you're creating a pricing strategy.


These are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when you want to boost your sales on Amazon. 

In the quest to grow your brand presence and increase your sales on Amazon, you must avoid falling into the trap of reaching for more than you can handle. Yes, it is good to get a lot of order requests, but if the requests stretch your team beyond its capacity, then it may backfire and lead to a lot of complaints from buyers. If you make handmade products and have a lot of orders, it may be impossible to fulfill them in time.

However, if your products or services are ready to be shipped, even if you have a small team, you can work with a forwarding agency or use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service to ensure that orders are shipped off quickly.

You must study your competitors, learn from them, identify any flaws in their listing and marketing campaign, and avoid falling into the same traps. Most importantly, give your buyers an unparalleled customer experience. It is also essential to highlight the importance of consistency with your efforts to boost your sales. You may not see the results immediately, but if you keep at it for some time, you’ll reap the benefits.

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