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How to Find a Niche on Amazon Using AMZScout PRO Extension

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by Travis F.posted on 02.03.2023

If you want to make money selling on Amazon, you need to identify profitable niches. By picking and selling the right niche products you’ll be able to take advantage of unsaturated markets and quickly grow your business. 

Remember, you don’t need brand name items. All you need is to determine which markets are underserved and sell items that address those customers’ needs. Whether you plan to sell through Amazon FBA, dropshipping, or another method, this is the most lucrative strategy. But how can you execute it?

You’re probably wondering how to find a profitable niche. The truth is, it’s a lot easier than you think. By using the right software and tools, you can quickly identify niches that have best selling products without a ton of competition.

One such product is AMZScout’s PRO Extension. This sophisticated Amazon niche finder will help you identify niches with a large amount of demand and limited competition in just a few easy steps.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to find your next great niche.

Step 1: Install the AMZScout PRO Extension

  1. Click here to install the AMZScout PRO Extension.

  2. Once it’s installed you’ll see the AMZScout icon in the top corner of your browser.

    Install Amazon niche finder in browser - step #1

  3. You’re now ready to start finding quality niches to sell items in.

In addition to helping you find profitable niches with low competition, the PRO Extension will also allow you to keep track of sales, check product trends, perform product research, find new keywords, forecast future results, and give you access to a wide selection of valuable data.

It’s the ultimate online spy tool for those that want to identify high demand products on Amazon and compete with the most active sellers on the platform. Best of all it has a free trial so you can try it risk-free.

AMZScout PRO Advanced

Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension


Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension


Step 2: Search for Niche on Amazon

  1. Go to Amazon.сom.

  2. Type a niche or keyword into the search bar. Some examples would be “cell phone cases,” “kitchen knives,” and “books.”

  3. Enter your search to view the results on Amazon.

    Searching for an Amazon niche - step #2

  4. You can also browse the various categories on Amazon to find niches that might potentially interest you.

What is the best way to come up with a niche? If you’re really stuck for ideas, visit stores or eCommerce sites and just start writing down all the items you see that interest you. Then, start entering those terms into Amazon’s search bar.

For a quicker method of product research, consider the AMZScout Product Database. Check out our guide below to see how to find a niche product using this tool.

Step 3: Open AMZScout PRO Extension

Once you have a set of search results open, click on the AMZScout icon in the top right corner of your browser.

The PRO Extension will open and reveal a wealth of data on all the items you’re currently looking at, including sales, price, reviews, trending products, and more, meaning you have all the data you need to choose the right niche and products.

Open AMZScout PRO Extension

Using these insights is the best way to stay ahead of your competitors.


Step 4: Analyze the Niche

  1. Click on Niche Score.

  2. The PRO Extension will list all the reasons why the niche is a good one to enter, as well as any negative issues that might prevent it from being profitable.

    Amazon niche analysis - step #4

  3. Look at the niche score. A score of 7 or higher means the niche is likely a winner and a smart choice to start selling in.

  4. Go back to the main screen to check the Visibility score, which is displayed right next to the Niche Score. A visibility score measures the competition among sellers is in the niche. A score of 3 or lower means few sellers have noticed this niche during the research process.

    How to use AMZScout Visibility Score to find a niche

AMZScout’s innovative niche score is the easiest way to analyze a niche. The PRO Extension does all the work for you so you can quickly find popular items and the hottest niches that will help you grow a successful business.

AMZScout PRO Advanced

Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension


Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension


Step 5: Check Niche History

  1. From the PRO Extension’s main screen, click Niche History.

  2. See sales data from the niche over the last two years.

    Analyze Amazon niche history using AMZScout PRO

  3. Look for niches that sell consistently all year long, rather than ones that are up some months and down the next.

If you can find a niche that has a high niche score and consistent historical sales there’s a very good chance the niche will be profitable.

Step 6: Identify Suitable Products to Sell 

Just because a niche is strong doesn’t mean all the items within it are good choices to sell. Luckily, the PRO Extension can help you find the best products within a niche.

  1. After you’ve found a good niche, review the list of items inside the PRO Extension.

  2. Identify the products with a Product score of 7 or higher, as these will be the best ones for private label or reselling.

    Check AMZScout Product Score to find a niche product

  3. Click on the product score for more information, including a breakdown of the demand and competition for the product.

    Analyze product score with AMZScout

Using the product score feature is the quickest way to identify top products to sell. Make a list of all the products with potential and pick the ones you’re most interested in selling.

Step 7: Evaluate How Profitable a Product Is

  1. Hover over each of the products you identified in step 6.

  2. Click on Profit Calculator.

  3. See the net margin and monthly profit for each item.

    Analyze the profitability of a product with AMZScout

Remember, it’s not enough for an item to have high demand and low competition, it also needs to be able to make money.

The profit calculator will estimate what your margins will be so you can decide whether or not a product is worth selling.

Step 8: Try Different Searches and Keywords

If the first niche or keyword you try doesn’t seem very promising try other searches.

Here are a couple of suggestions that can help:

  1. To get new product keywords, click the arrow to the left of a product, then click Get Keywords.

  2. To get new niche keywords, click Niche Keywords at the bottom of the screen.

AMZScout Pro Niche Keywords

Be patient and keep trying different keywords. The PRO Extension will give you endless lists of suggested niches. Eventually, you’ll find one that’s a winner.

Bonus Step: Use AMZScout Tools for Additional Research

If you’re looking for a quick way to get more niche ideas, try the AMZScout Product Database

Finding product ideas using the  AMZScout Product Database:

Step 1: Visit the AMZScout Product Database.

Step 2: Enter your email and some basic details to start your free trial. You do not need to enter payment details at this point.

Step 3: Use search filters to focus on the best products.  Using search filters, find the best-selling products by focusing on items with high sales volume (300 monthly sales or more).  Using different search filters can also help you define products based on your desired criteria.

Use AMZScout Product Database filters to find a niche on Amazon

Step 4: Use advanced filters to specify your search. Filter

products using the category filter to narrow them by your areas of interest. The Product Selections feature can also help you apply ready-made set-ups with proven effectiveness.

Step 5: Focus on trending and new products. The Trending Products or New Products boxes focus on products with significant sales growth and recently added products respectively. These booming trends focus over the past one to three months. By focusing on trending products, you have great sales potential.

Step 6: Tap/click “Find Products” to get the results of your search criteria.

Analyze AMZScout Product Database results

Step 7: List out the items you express the most interest in. A focus on important criteria (sales, reviews, etc.) will enable you to put the focus on products with the most potential.

Product database banner langing page

Brainstorm New Niche and Product Ideas with the Product Database


Brainstorm New Product Ideas with the Product Database


To save time with additional research, check out AMZScout’s lineup of additional tools. These tools include keyword and niche research. 

So if you need help using an FBA niche finder, log in and use this array of amazing tools:

  • Reverse ASIN Lookup: This tool helps you find keywords your competitors use in product listings. You can also see where their products rank for those search terms, which page they appear on, and how relevant that term is to the product. You can also find out how many sales you can generate if you rank highly for these potential keywords.

  • Keyword Search: Use this tool to find keywords with the highest search volume. Click the graph icon next to the estimated monthly searches for a breakdown of how many searches that keyword has gotten over the last few months and years.

  • AMZScout Product Tacker: This tool enables you to keep track of changing factors of products. By tracking daily changes, you can define whether the product has the sale you need to be profitable.

AMZScout’s tools can help you find tons of unique items. Remember, you also want items that are small, light, and easy to ship, and this tool is the perfect way to find those.


Don’t waste your time on expensive tools that don’t live up to their promises. By using AMZScout’s PRO Extension, and following the steps above, you’ll be able to easily choose the right niche and find evergreen products that will continue to make you money long into the future.

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