Best Items to Sell on Amazon: What to Sell for Profit in 2022

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by Travis F.posted on 02.02.2022

Best Items to Sell on Amazon: What to Sell for Profit in 2022

eCommerce presents new entrepreneurs with some of the best opportunities for making an online income. Of the different marketplaces where you can sell products, Amazon offers the best potential for profit. From the fast and free Prime shipping to a seemingly endless selection of items, it is no surprise that shoppers flock to Amazon over Walmart, eBay, and other competitors. And with the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program and quick setup process, Amazon is equally attractive to sellers.

While Amazon is a great place to sell your products, it does not mean that you can list any product. For your business to be successful, you need to find the best items to sell on Amazon. By doing so, you will ensure that there is always a steady demand for your products and that each sale earns a solid profit. 

In this post, we will look at the best items to sell on Amazon and how you can find profitable products of your own.

Checklist For Finding the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for a product to make money on Amazon. Below are the most important things to think about as you go about your research:

1) Product Condition

Not all Amazon products are new. The market also includes used and handmade items. These conditions affect the product’s viability.

  • New Products: This is probably your first thought when you think of Amazon products. Most of the market’s items are new. It is common for people to search for new items so these products have greater demand.

  • Used Products: These items are anything that isn’t new. They could be homemade, vintage, or things you found through garage sales. Used items aren’t as popular as new ones but many customers like them given the discounted prices. As a new seller, these are the cheapest items to source.

2) Product Size

Ideally, the items you choose to sell should be small and lightweight. These are the best products to sell on Amazon. There are three reasons for this:

  • Cheaper to Buy: Smaller items are generally cheaper for you to purchase. By sourcing low-cost items you’ll only have to make a minimal investment in your business to start.

  • Cheaper to Ship: Small products that don’t weigh much are inexpensive to ship. This is especially important if you want to import items from China.

  • Fewer Fees: If you plan to use Amazon’s FBA program for order fulfillment then you’ll need to consider the size of your product. Larger, heavier items will result in higher fees which will cut into your profit margins.

So, even if you find a large item that meets your criteria, it’s best to avoid it and find something that’s smaller and lighter to minimize your expenses. Remember, running a successful business is just as much about the dollars going out as the dollars coming in.

3) Product Price

Price doesn’t matter as much as profit margin. A $20 item that has a $12 profit margin will make you more money than a $50 item that only has a $5 profit margin.

That being said, items that are priced extremely high don’t sell as much as lower priced items, and the cheapest items don’t offer great profit margins, so it is something you need to consider.

Try to aim for products that retail between $15 - $100. These items should offer good profit margins while also providing you with a good sales volume. Anything under this will be hard to build an income stream.

The Easiest Way to Find Top Selling Items to Sell on Amazon

Now that you know what to look for in top items to sell on Amazon, it’s time to start your search for that winning product. There are several ways you can go about finding products. Of these methods, using Amazon product research software typically yields the best results. This is because these tools give you direct insight into the data of current Amazon products.

Explore Product Ideas With the AMZScout Product Database

The AMZScout Product Database is a comprehensive record of hundreds of millions of Amazon products. You can use the tool to quickly find items that match the traits of the best selling products on Amazon.

Below are the steps: 

  1. Start by opening the AMZScout Product Database.

  2. Enter account information to start your free trial. If you do not have a registered account, the app will redirect you to sign-up form.

  3. Use the search filters to define your criteria. You can search based on sales, reviews, size, weight, and more. You can also enter some related terms into the keywords search bar. Another approach is to use ready-made set-ups with the Product Selections feature.

  4. Narrow down your search. You can refine your results further by checking the box "New Products". Or you can use the "Trending Products" filter to find popular growing trends. 

  5. Click “Find Products” to get your results after you have entered all the criteria and filters.

  6. Make a list of the items you’re most interested in. If you find items that are boring or difficult to source, you can exclude them from your list.

Product database banner langing page

Brainstorm New Niche and Product Ideas with the Product Database


Brainstorm New Product Ideas with the Product Database


Validate Demand and Competition With the AMZScout PRO Extension

Next, you want to take your list of products and check to see the demand and competition for the niche. A product could be low cost and trending but if the niche is too saturated it will be hard to sell successfully.

Here is how you can use the AMZScout PRO Extension to analyze a niche:

  1. Install the AMZScout PRO Extension.

  2. Browse Amazon to get product ideas. Go to the Amazon marketplace where you want to sell. Enter the product that you found with the Database.

  3. Open the extension. On the results page, find and click the AMZScout icon in the top right corner of your internet browser. The extension will take a few seconds to populate the data. 

  4. Dashboard overview. After it loads you will see sales metrics for the best performing products in the niche. This includes the same insights from the database plus additional insights such as the net margin.

  5. Check the overall quality and historical performance of the niche. Click on “Niche Score” and “Niche History” to analyze niche trends. Niche Score is a metric that assesses how viable a niche is given its demand, competition, traits of other sellers, and more. Niche History shows you how interest in the niche is trending over time.

  6. Focus on high potential products. Finally, you should check the historical performance of the products you are interested in. Click on “Product History” to see historical data for a particular product. This will show you how an item’s sales, price, and rank have been changing.

AMZScout PRO Advanced

Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension


Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension


Personal Product Ideas with High Selling Potential

AMZScout can do product research for you! Subscribe to personal product ideas from AMZScout analysts, and get one item with high selling potential from selected subcategories on Amazon every week. How to do it:

  1. Choose from 19 popular categories 

  2. Select the subcategory you are interested in

  3. Get a high selling-potential product idea once a week. 

If you have trouble finding profitable products, or have no time for product research, then this option is perfect for you!

Use Existing YouTube Videos and Blogs

If you’re still wondering “what can I sell on Amazon”, another way to find good ideas is to review YouTube videos, blogs, and other online content. Many successful marketplace sellers create videos or social media posts to teach users what to look for in products.

Additionally, blog posts (like this article) give you a consolidated list of the best-selling items on Amazon. You will want to conduct your own research to ensure that the products meet your desired characteristics. However, these places are a great starting point for seeing what customers want to buy.


What Amazon Categories are Best?

When it comes to what to sell on Amazon, picking the right category to sell in matters. Some categories sell better than others. And some categories like clothes, jewelry, grocery, and food items are restricted which means you’ll have to jump through some hoops to sell in them.

So what are the best Amazon categories? Generally speaking, some profitable categories for Amazon sellers are:

  • Books

  • Electronics 

  • Toys & Games

  • Home & Kitchen

  • Lawn and Garden

  • Beauty and Personal Care

  • Sports and Outdoors

Of course, you can find profitable products in other categories as well. But these are good places to start your search. It helps to choose a niche or category you’re interested in yourself or that you know lots about already. For example, women with kids might choose to focus on baby items. Try to find the niche that’s right for you.

Examples of Best Products to Sell on Amazon in 2022

Below are some of the top selling items on Amazon in 2022:

1. Makeup Brushes Set 

Makeup brushes are a popular everyday product in the beauty category. Women use these items to apply makeup to their faces. The brush bristles can be made from a variety of natural or synthetic materials, giving you plenty of options for sourcing custom types of products. Due to the price point of individual pieces, it is best to sell them as a bundle.

Best items to sell on Amazon - Makeup Brushes Set

2. Reusable Food Storage Bags

Reusable food bags are a profitable product idea in the home and kitchen niche. People use these products to store grocery items and keep them fresh. Because the products are reusable, they are also economically efficient. They make a good choice for selling on Amazon as they are cheap and easy to source.

Best items to sell on Amazon - Reusable food storage bags

3. Soft Plush Squishy Toy Animals

Plush squishy toy animals are a current favorite in the toys niche. These small, lightweight toys are used by kids for both playing and reducing stress. Toys have a consistent demand all year round, giving these products great profit potential for selling on Amazon.

Best items to sell on Amazon - Soft Plush Squishy Toy Animals

4. Jump Rope

Jump ropes are gaining popularity as more people are turning to jump roping as a form of exercising. These products are some of the easiest to source and you can get them for a few dollars. If you are a beginner seller looking for a winning item in the sports niche, these items could be right for you.

Best items to sell on Amazon - Jump Rope

5. Ring Light for Laptop

Ring lights for laptops are experiencing strong demand right now. People attach these items to their computers to improve the lighting when filming themselves with their webcam. This is a fast way to get into the electronics niche without having to invest in a big, complex product.

Best items to sell on Amazon - Ring light for laptop

Tips for Finding the Best Things to Sell on Amazon

Here are some additional tips for finding stuff to sell on Amazon:

How Should You Source Your Products

When it comes to sourcing your products you have a few different options. 

  • Dropshipping: With this strategy, you don’t hold any inventory yourself. Instead, when you make a sale you send it to your supplier and they fulfill the order and drop ship it to the customer for you. This is great for individual sellers who don’t have a lot of capital as you can get started with minimal investment.

  • Wholesale: Wholesale suppliers sell items below retail price. However, they also require you to buy in bulk. Most wholesalers have minimum order requirements. How many items you buy affects the price you’ll get. So, the resale strategy requires a lot of capital.

  • Private Label: Private label products are unique items you design yourself and can sell under your own brand. This strategy requires you to go straight to the manufacturer. Like wholesalers, these companies require you to buy in bulk. But if you create a product that’s unique and better than the competition it can result in a lot of sales.

  • Retail Arbitrage: With this sourcing method, you buy low-price items from a store. You then sell them for a higher price on Amazon. It is perhaps the simplest sourcing method but is difficult to scale. It also relies on being able to find gaps in pricing. The strategy you choose will largely depend on your budget and your business plan. Make sure to take the time and choose the option that will give you the best chance at success.

Where Can You Buy Items to Sell on Amazon?

There are a number of places to choose from when you’re looking for places to source products:

  • Alibaba: This is a great place to go for both wholesale and private label products. There are thousands of suppliers with affordable items. Most suppliers here have minimum order requirements. Many are also manufacturers as well. So, if you’re interested in creating your own private label products they can help.

  • Aliexpress: You can also find products on Aliexpress. This site is like Alibaba, however, it’s intended for consumers. Prices will be higher but you won’t have to deal with minimum order requirements.

  • Brick and Mortar Stores: This is where you go for arbitrage products. Look for items that are being discounted or sold in bundles. This could result in them being sold cheaper there than on Amazon, which will allow you to sell them on the website for a profit.

  • Other Online Marketplaces: Just like retail stores, you might also be able to find products to sell on other online marketplaces like eBay. If you can find something being sold there for less than it’s being sold on Amazon then it might have resale potential.

  • Garage Sales: If you’re interested in selling used items, garage sales can be a gold mine. Oftentimes, people selling items at garage sales don’t know how much their items are truly worth. This can lead to some great finds and excellent deals.

Of course, these aren’t the only places to find items to sell on Amazon. Make sure to do your research and scour the internet. You never know what you might find.


Choosing what product you’re going to sell is arguably the most important part of building a successful Amazon business. With this post, you now know what sells the best on Amazon. If you follow the tips above and use the tools offered by AMZScout you shouldn’t have any problem finding awesome items to sell online.

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