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Best Products to Sell Online 2024 and How to Find Them

Best Products to Sell Online hero
by Bradley T.posted on 19.12.2023

As we move into the new year, many businesses and individuals are looking to capitalize on the continued growth of the eCommerce market. If you're looking for ideas to sell online going into the new year, this post will point you in the right direction.

Below, we will go through the best products to sell online in 2024 and which platforms are the best for reaching your target audience.

Best Selling Online Categories

Here are the categories to look at when finding the best selling products online:


What are best beauty products to sell online

Beauty and personal care products are a great option for people looking to make money selling products online. There are a wide range of items to choose from and there are plenty of suppliers to source your products from. Plus, as consumable products, customers that buy these items tend to buy them repeatedly.


Best products to sell online in jewelry category

Jewelry items are another diverse category with a strong tradition of performing well on online marketplaces and eCommerce sites. Because jewelry products are usually unbranded, they are a great option for sellers looking to sell something under their own branding.

Home & Kitchen

Best products to sell online in home & kitchen category

Home and kitchen products span a wide range of products. They are great for selling online because you can focus on a specific niche and easily expand to other items as your business grows. You can find high-quality home and kitchen items using various sourcing methods including drop shopping, wholesale, and private label.


Best products to sell online in Clothing category

Clothing has long been one of the most popular items for both traditional and online commerce. They are easy things to sell and you can quickly build a loyal brand following to drive repeat purchases.

Electronic Accessories

Best products to sell online in Electronic Accessories

Electronics are the most popular product on Amazon and a great product whether you sell through another online marketplace or your own eCommerce site. However, electronics products are complex making them more challenging to source. By selling accessories you are able to enter the niche while still offering a quality product.

Additionally, electronics accessories come at a lower price point allowing you to procure more products when you are just starting your business.

Top 10 Best Product Niches to Sell Online in 2024

Here are the 10 best product niches to consider when selling online in 2024:

1. Water bottles

Best items to sell online - water bottles

Water bottles are growing in popularity in recent years. Many people are becoming environmentally conscious and want to do their part by reducing the amount of plastic bottles that end up in landfills.

The products are small and easy to ship. Plus, they are simple. This makes them easy to source whether you choose to use a domestic supplier or if you decide to import the items from an international supplier.

2. Beard oil

Best things to sell online - beard oil

Beard oil is used to soften and moisturize facial hair. Men buy these items to make their beards look fuller and feel softer. The products are growing in demand as men’s grooming products are gradually becoming as popular as women’s grooming products.

3. Notebooks

Best selling products online - notebooks

While many are on their computer throughout the day, notebooks are still a popular item among those looking to write their notes by hand. Notebooks are great for selecting a micro-niche whether it is college students or parents of school-aged children.

4. Bamboo pillows

Best products to sell online to make money - bamboo pillows

Bamboo pillows are designed to help keep the sleeper’s head cool and dry at night. They are able to do so given their anti-static and anti-cling fabric. These products are gaining interest and are a viable option for sellers looking for an item in the home goods niche.

5. Sports bras

Best clothing dropshipping products - cotton bra

If you are interested in selling clothing, sports bras may be the product for you. This niche is trending upward as many people are seeking to live a more active lifestyle. You can find plenty of high-quality options available and you can sell these products for a solid margin.

6. Reusable grocery bags

Best products to sell online in 2022 - reusable grocery bags

Reusable grocery bags are another eco-friendly product growing in popularity. Many locally based stores have rules against plastic bags. Even if your area doesn’t have such policies, having your own bag can help make your shopping experience more convenient.

7. Rings for pilates

Best things to sell online in 2022 - ring for pilates

Pilates rings are an exciting way to add variation to your workout. You can use these small items as grips in your hand or you can squeeze them between your thighs to complete a range of different exercises. The niche has strong potential going forward as sports and fitness products grow in demand.

8. Green mask sticks

Best items to sell online in 2022 - green mask sticks

Green mask sticks are stick-shaped masks for your face. They contain green tea extract and are designed to help cure blemished skin. These products are very popular on social media. You can find all kinds of videos on TikTok and Instagram showing influencers using the mask stick to clean their skin. If you choose to sell this product, you will have plenty of opportunities to grow an audience.

9. Bath bombs

Best selling products online in 2022 - bath bombs

Bath bombs are used to add emollients and softeners to your bath’s water. By doing so, the products help to moisturize your skin to make it smooth. This is another personal care product that has seen a steady rise in demand as people become more health-conscious.

10. Pet seat covers

Best dropshipping pet supply products - seat protectors

Pet products are always a viable item when selling online. People love to get all sorts of items for their furry friends. One of the best pet products going into 2024 is pet seat covers. These help keep your car seats free of stains and hair when your furry friend accompanies you in your car.

Best Platforms to Sell Online 

With the rise of eCommerce, there is no shortage of platforms you can use to sell products online. Here are some of the best options for new and experienced sellers alike:


eBay is an online marketplace that offers a wide variety of products for sale through both auctions and traditional purchases. It is also a popular place to buy and sell used and handmade items from both individuals and businesses.


Shopify is an eCommerce platform that enables you to create your own website to sell products for profit. Shopify stores are relatively easy to manage and give you the luxury of full control over your customer experience. Unlike marketplaces, eCommerce shops do not come with a built-in audience so you need to drive visitors to your site on your own.


Amazon is the most popular and also the most effective place to sell items online. The online marketplace accounts for more than half of all eCommerce sales in the United States and their international presence is equally as impressive.

In addition to providing a large source of traffic, it is easy to get started selling on Amazon. You can quickly create a seller account for free from home and begin listing your products for sale. Once you list your products, you can benefit from the market’s large customer base and extensive advertising options.

How to Find the Best Items to Sell Online on Amazon

With a better understanding of where to sell products online, you will want to learn how to sell your products effectively. Below we will look at the steps needed to find products to sell on the top online marketplace Amazon:

Step 1: Conduct an in-depth analysis of potential products

The first step to finding the best things to sell online is to evaluate the niche to ensure that it is best for your business. The best way to analyze potential items to sell online is to use robust research software. This will give you insight into how well particular products have performed in the past and how competitive the market is.

The AMZScout PRO Extension gives you a powerful tool for uncovering everything that you need to know about the products on Amazon. Here is how you can use the extension to analyze products:

  1. Click here to install the AMZScout Pro Extension.

  2. To use the extension, start by searching for your niche on Amazon.

  3. After you search the products, open the AMZScout PRO Extension. This will pull up a comprehensive report for the top-performing products in that niche.

  4. You can then review the important metrics for said products. In addition to the factors listed above, you will see the items’ margin, average rating, sales rank, and product score for both private label and wholesale. The extension also provides average metrics for the products in the niche.

When you use the extension to review products, you will want to look at the following factors:

  • Sales history: A product’s sales history will inform you of a product’s historical sales performance. You can see how many orders an item receives each month and how this number changes over time.

    How to check Product History with AMZScout PRO Extension
  • Price history: The price history will tell you how an item’s price has changed over time. You can compare this to the sales history to notice any corresponding trends.

  • Competition: Competition measures how difficult it will be to succeed in a niche. You should look at how many quality brands there are and how many reviews their products have.

    How to check the competition when looking for a dropshipping product
AMZScout PRO Advanced

Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension


Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension


Step 2: Define the product criteria 

After you find some viable product niches, you will need to thoroughly define the ideal criteria for your products. This step is crucial to ensure you find the most profitable items for your business. Below are the key attributes that you should look for:

Price range

Understandably, price is one of the most important factors customers look at when purchasing products. This doesn’t mean you should just look for the cheapest products, but you should look for items that will maximize sales.

As a general rule, prices between $15 and $50 are ideal when you find stuff to sell online. This price range is enough to make money but not too high to push customers away.


A product’s size has a direct impact on its profitability. Larger items lead to higher fulfillment costs which ultimately cut into your profit margins. It is usually best to look for smaller items as they incur lower fees. This is even more important if your products are priced in the $15 to $50 dollar range. If you had a $10 fulfillment fee for one of these products, you would likely not make any money on it.

Easy to ship and store

Building off the last point, you want to find items that are easy to ship. The size will play a big role in this but you also need to consider an item’s shape and composition. Additionally, you want an item that is easy to store.

Avoid products with complex packaging or those that have an expiry date. This will make managing your inventory much easier.


It is also important to find items that are not fragile. Fragile items have higher shipping fees and more complex fulfillment. They also open you up to potential problems if your items are damaged at any point in the fulfillment process.

High demand

Finally, you want to look for products that have a high demand. This will ensure that there are always plenty of customers in need of your products. 

Step 3: Explore products based on your criteria

Once you determine what you need in a winning product, you can begin searching for those items. Below we will examine some of the best places to find ideas for things to sell on Amazon:

  • Best sellers list: It is a common practice to start your product search with Amazon’s best sellers list. The marketplace offers a curated list of the top-performing products for each of its main categories. This list is updated regularly so it is an easy way to find items that are trending and in demand.

  • Social media trends: Social media is a great place to find product ideas as consumers often post about the items they are interested in. You can check platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to see what people in your audience are talking about and looking to buy.

  • Product research tools: If you want a more flexible and comprehensive place to look for products, you will want to use a product research tool. This will allow you to search for items based on your specific criteria instead of needing to sift through those that are irrelevant.

For example, with the AMZScout Product Database, you can easily search for any product on Amazon using over a dozen different filters to refine your results. The database contains hundreds of millions of Amazon products, making this a highly effective way to surface unique ideas for your business.


There has never been a better time to sell products online. We have laid out just some of the items you can use to find success in 2024. More importantly, with this guide, you now know what is the best way to find profitable products so that you can find even more winning items in the years to come.

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