10 High Demand Products with Low Competition to Sell on Amazon

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by Travis F.posted on 19.03.2024

When you’re looking for items to sell on Amazon, one of the main metrics you need to analyze is which products are in high demand. You could be selling one of the best and most innovative products available, but if there isn’t any demand for it you’re not going to make any money.

So, how do you determine what’s in demand, how can you measure how popular an item is on Amazon, and how do you find high demand items?

In this guide, we’ll share some tips on how to find these types of products for Amazon ecommerce. We’ll also share some of the most current items with the highest demand on Amazon.

What is a High Demand Product?

For most Amazon sellers, a most sold product in high demand is considered to be any item with over 300 sales per month. This should provide you with more than enough sales to build a profitable business.

The Amazon marketplace is also a great place to identify trending categories and products. Some of product categories with highest demand are the following:

  • Clothing and Accessories

  • Electronics

  • Books

  • Home and Kitchen

  • Pet Supplies

  • Beauty and Personal Care

  • Toys and Games

We will cover some examples from these categories further in this article.

Strategies for Finding a High-Demand and Low-Competition Niche

So, now that you know what it means for items to have the highest demand and why you should sell them, we will now discuss how you actually find them.

1. Use Product Research Tools

Use AMZScout’s Product Database and AMZScout’s PRO Extension to find high demand products on Amazon. AMZScout’s PRO Extension will help you narrow the best options further by searching estimated monthly sales, potential revenue, and net margins for anything on Amazon.

Finding Product Ideas Using the AMZScout Product Database

The AMZScout Product Database is excellent for finding high-demand products. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Go to the AMZScout Product Database. You can receive this along with a comprehensive set of tools in the AMZScout Seller's Bundle. 2. Log in to start.

3. Set your product criteria. The search filters will help you find products based on specific criteria. Set the minimum number of sales to 300 and the maximum number of reviews of 200 to exclude products with low demand and high competition.

Try the Product Selections ready-made searches if you don’t know which criteria to use.

How to find products with the AMZScout Product Database

4. Get your results. Click Find Products.

5. Select the products that best fit your criteria and metrics to further analyze them in more detail.

Analyze AMZScout Product Database results

Find Profitable High-Demand Products with the AMZScout PRO Extension

In order to find the most effective outcomes, you need to know how to use the AMZScout PRO Extension. Use these instructions to use this second extension effectively:

1. Click here to get the AMZScout PRO Extension. 2. Open AMZScout PRO Extension

  • Amazon.com will open automatically.
  • Enter a product found using the steps above, or any desired niche, in the search field.
  • The top right corner of your browser has an AMZScout icon you can click to open the extension. 

How to install and open AMZScout PRO

3. Analyze niche demand. At the top of the pop-up table, click the Niche Score to see an analysis of the entire niche. Niche Score

Where to find the AMZScout Niche Score

4. Make sure the level of demand is consistently high. Check the Niche History to see historical data on how the niche performs as seasons change.

Open Niche History in AMZScout Pro

5. Analyze competition. Check the number of reviews or the number of sellers:

  • If you're planning to sell existing branded products, check the number of sellers. If there are several sellers (two or more) on the listing, it is likely to be open for resale. However, if there are more than 20 sellers, intense competition is possible.

How to check the number of sellers in PRO Extension

  • If you're going to launch your brand, check the number of reviews - a niche that gathers a lot of reviews means there will generally be intense competition.

PRO Extension  Number of reviews

6. Analyze niche and product profitability. Take a look at the Average Net Margin and Net Margin of each particular product to determine if it’s profitable to sell.

7. Calculate estimated monthly profit. 

  • Click on the line with your chosen product (a new line will appear).

  • If you want to evaluate the profitability of a particular product click Profit Calculator.

  • Enter your information (product price, costs, etc.).

  • The estimated monthly profit will appear.

Where to find the AMZScout Profit Calculator

Save time on research with smart product reports

In addition to the data you can receive from our tools when you sign up for an AMZScout annual or lifetime subscription, members also have access to:

  • Monthly reports on high demand Amazon products and market news

  • 19 new trending product ideas, updated weekly

With all of this comprehensive information at your fingertips, you’ll never have trouble coming up with new product ideas. AMZScout's annual bundle provides you with everything you need to run a successful business.

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Look at the Amazon Best Sellers Page

This page lists all of the highest-selling products with the most sales currently on Amazon. If a product is listed here, you know it’s in high demand. The only issue is that you can’t see sales numbers, which makes it difficult to judge exactly what the level of demand is.

How to find high demand products on Amazon

Discover Innovative Product Ideas Through an Engaging Online Webinar

Attending online webinars can be a beneficial way to help you discover ideas for new products in high demand. Professional sellers lead these webinars, imparting their expertise on scouting products and divulging hidden strategies. You also have the opportunity to ask questions about topics that you are interested in. You can find niche and product ideas during these interactive sessions and do a more in-depth analysis in order to select the optimal choice for your needs.


Why is Demand so Important?

Before you start selling an item you want to make sure there are actually customers out there who are interested in buying it. The last thing you want is to invest thousands of dollars in inventory only to discover they have low demand and nobody wants them. That’s why it’s critical to make sure there’s a high level of demand for any item you sell.

This doesn’t mean that just because a product is generating a high number of sales it will definitely be profitable. But it at least shows you there’s the potential to make money.

For this reason, demand is the first metric you should analyze when researching items to sell. Once you determine that there are enough sales for a product, you can start looking at other factors (including competition levels, high profit margins, seasonality, and others).


10 High-Demand Trending Products with Low Competition for 2024

Which products are in high demand? To help you get some product ideas right now, we’ve done some research and found ten examples of high-demand products for you to review. We’ve also ensured that the items listed below have low competition levels to give you a better chance of success, should you choose to sell any of them. 

While this data was taken from the USA marketplace, these trends should carry over to most other countries, as sustainability, convenience, and coziness make sense for everyone. 

1. Foaming Soap Tablets 

Foaming soap tablets have become popular lately, as they offer efficiency and sustainability, and are pretty easy to use when traveling and at home. As this kind of product is relatively new, sellers can easily enter this niche. This item presents a really good option for Amazon sellers who want to generate a high profit quickly. 

Foaming Soap Tablets are a high demand product

Moreover, due to the low competition level in this category, you have the advantage of selling big volumes at higher prices if your listing is well created and your product quality is high.

Stay current with by viewing real-time data in the Extension

2. Toddler Golf Set 

This toy is desirable today to many buyers, and offers a great way to keep children active and healthy while having fun. This set is lightweight, hard to break, and not too expensive when you buy them wholesale. In this niche, the average rating is quite low, so if you can quickly improve the quality of your product, you can easily outsell your competitors. Check the client reviews as well to find out what can be improved.

3. Dry Soup Mix 

This dry soup mix is always popular because it helps buyers save time cooking, and you don’t need any special skills to make this kind of soup. 

Even though this product is a type of food, you do not have to ungate this category or pay any additional fees. It’s lightweight and cost-effective. And more importantly, you can always find products with fewer sellers among the variety of dry soups!

4. Organic Face Powder

As many people aim for health and sustainability lately, the demand in this niche continues to grow. The Organic Cosmetics category has some brand sellers, but most of the brands are quite expensive, so many sellers choose to offer cheaper alternatives to this very popular sustainable cosmetic set. That’s why if you want to sell these products, pay closer attention to the quality of the product. This will allow you to stand out among competitors with low product ratings!

Organic face powder is a high demand product

5. Kid Play Tent

This kids’ play tent is part of an evergreen, non-monopolistic niche that offers lightweight products that are easy to ship. By selling in this category, you can achieve high margins and revenue through low shipping costs and a fairly low initial price for your items. This niche doesn’t have many competitors, but to outsell existing ones, you will need to gain as many reviews as possible.

6. Dinosaur Slippers

Warm dinosaur slippers are a very highly demanded niche that make a great fit even for beginner sellers. This product is popular for anyone looking for a funny gift or just for themselves.  You can see good sales with this product, even with just a few reviews, as the competition is low.

7. Cluster Lashes Kit

The beauty industry has always been at TOP when it comes to online sales. As the demand for beauty services grows, all beauty studios continue to need a high volume of supplies. This category can be quite monopolistic; however, if you do not compete with the biggest brands, you’ll have a nice chance to get great revenue.

Cluster Lashes Kit is a high demand product

Dynamic Data Display: View real-time updates in the Extension

8. Wicker Basket

Pieces like wicker baskets are becoming more and more popular due to the sustainability trend and the use of organic materials. Moreover, they are lightweight and easy to ship. Selling these items on Amazon is also a great idea, since you won’t compete with strong sellers. You can also choose some unique designs and find quality suppliers to help you become the top seller! 

9. Drink Holder for Sofa

Using drink holders is a great way to make spending time at home more comfortable and enjoyable! These items are customizable, so you can create your unique brand. They are hard to break, and there are almost no low-quality products in this category. With low top-brand competition and by creating an optimized listing, you are sure to generate high revenues!

10. Zero Waste Deodorant

People are increasingly interested in using zero-waste cosmetics, so zero-waste deodorants are also in high demand. That’s why this niche offers great chances of attracting many loyal customers fast, and guarantees many sales. This category has a few strong sellers, but due to the wide range of product options, you always have a chance to work with almost no competition.

Zero waste deodorant is a high demand product


Finding high-demand products is one of the keys to being a successful online seller. Luckily, with the right knowledge and tools, it’s easier than ever to identify popular items on Amazon. So, what are you waiting for? Start your product research and find your next winning product.


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