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The 8 Best Products to Sell on Amazon in 2023

8 Best Products to sell on Amazon hero1
by Travis F.posted on 20.03.2023

Do you want to start selling on Amazon? Thinking about selling a new product? Now is a great time to get started since you’ll be just in time for the holiday season.

Given the time of year, the best strategy is to focus on products that sell well in fall and winter. These aren’t necessarily seasonal items, simply products that reach their sales peak at this time of the year. Careful timing is key when starting out with a new product since it gives you the opportunity to establish organic rankings and get the ball rolling coming into Q4 and later on.

So, what are the items you should be selling? Here are the eight best products to sell on Amazon in 2023.

1. Bento Boxes

These are a staple of school life in Japan and are a popular item amongst Japanese students. The idea is that you have a compartmentalized lunch box containing multiple different dishes. 

Bento boxes - best products to sell on amazon #1

Bento boxes aren’t just for students though. Many adults in Japan pack bento box meals as well. Japanese culture is becoming more and more popular and people all around the world are becoming interested in this product. There is something really appealing about those individual dishes neatly divided inside a box. Not to mention, they’re very Instagramable. 

Another great thing about bento boxes is the fact that they are highly customizable. You can take many liberties when it comes to the design and configuration, as well as with features and additional items included in your offer. This makes it easy to design a bento box that’s completely unique.

If we take a look at the numbers we can see just how popular they are:

How popular are bento boxes on Amazon?

We can see that the average monthly sales are very high and more importantly, you’ll notice that some fairly new listings are raking in tons of sales. Have a look at the top ranked listing. This seller started selling in August last year and their estimated revenue is already $137,443. 

We can also see that the prices range quite a bit and that you’ll find a number of listings in the $20 to $40 range that are doing really well in terms of revenue. That price range is right in that private label sweet spot, which makes this product even more attractive.

2. School Bags

It’s no secret that when it comes to back to school shopping a backpack is pretty much the first thing that comes to mind. 

Everyone is looking for a place to buy these items this time of year, and more people are shopping online for them. The thing is though that school bags and backpacks actually sell quite well all year round. The prices range from $20 - $50 which is also great for sellers.

School bags - best products to sell on amazon #2

Now, you might be thinking that this is a very old niche with many well-established competitors, which is true. However, there’s something interesting about the way the competing sellers are “dividing the pie” of this niche, so to speak. If we look at the niche breakdown, we can see some interesting facts about the competition:

Analyze school bags niche score with AMZScout

Contrary to what you might assume, there are really no big brands competing in this space. In fact, there aren’t many sellers overall. There are just a small number of sellers with multiple items making up most of the results. 

The AMZScout Pro Extension gives this niche a score of 6/10, which is okay but not great. That being said, the profit and demand are high and the disadvantages listed under competition can be easily overcome.

Here are a few more reasons to consider selling backpacks:

  • They’re highly customizable

  • You could easily create a unique backpack that hasn’t been done before

  • While this is a fashion item it doesn’t have the high referral fees and return rates of clothes, making it highly profitable.

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Find profitable products with the AMZScout PRO Extension


3. Stainless Steel Tumblers

Just like students need lunch boxes to store their food, they also need something to drink from. With people becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact of using plastic bottles, items like stainless steel tumblers are becoming more popular. 

Not only are they better for the environment, but they also maintain the temperature of your beverages. Plus, there are a number of personalization options to help them appeal to a wide range of customers.

Stainless steel tumblers - best products to sell on amazon #3

This is one of those obvious candidates for a great private label product. The sales are astronomically high and the item is highly customizable in terms of design, size, and quantity. The market is definitely competitive, however, if you can set your products apart from the competition you stand to make quite a bit of money. 

4. Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets have made their way onto our list for several reasons. One reason is that these items sell pretty well all year round. However, their average sales start climbing right around fall and keep rising all the way through Q4, making them a great product to target right now. 

We can see that trend right here:

Analyze fleece blankets product history with AMZScout

What makes this an even more attractive prospect in 2023 is the fact that people are going to be staying indoors way more this fall due to the pandemic. Fleece blankets are mostly associated with lounging around the house, which a lot of people will be doing this winter.

Fleece blankets - best products to sell on amazon #4

You might not have as many options in terms of customization of these blankets, so quality is key when it comes to this product. Make sure to get samples and test several blankets before deciding which ones to sell. Try to find the perfect compromise between price and quality.

5. GPS Trackers for Kids

No, this isn’t something out of a science fiction movie. Tracking your kids’ location is something that is apparently one of the newest tools available for parents. 

This is a really interesting niche. It doesn’t really look like your standard private label product. It's a pretty sophisticated piece of technology, which is something that is generally not recommended for less experienced sellers. However, this has the potential to really catch on and you may be able to get in on the ground floor before it explodes.

Use AMZScout to analyze GPS trackers for kids

Don’t be fooled by the high average reviews. If you look closely you’ll see that there are only a handful of sellers that have generated a lot of reviews. Plenty of other listings have less than a hundred reviews and are still on page one, which is a really good sign.

This might be an unusual product and certainly not an easy one to properly source and bring to market. But if you’re willing to take the risk there could be big rewards.

6. Shapewear

This is a very simple and straightforward product, and what makes it attractive is very obvious: the sales are high, the price range is perfect, and it offers some of the largest margins.

Just look at the net margins listed here:

Analyze shapewear with AMZScout

All of them are over 60% and most are over 70% which is awesome.

These items take up very little space when they are packaged. You can sell them as individual items or in bundles. Plus, if your product works well, you can expect return customers that will probably purchase the items in several colors. 

These products have several options when it comes to design. However, what seems to be the most underutilized advantage here are the listings. Take a look at this:

Shapewear - best products to sell on amazon #6

All of these models aren’t exactly the type of people that would order and use these products. It would seem that sellers aren’t using models that look like everyday women, who happen to be the target market for these items. 

One of the biggest reasons that shapewear is a profitable niche is that not only does the demand for these products tend to rise as we move towards fall, but this year it might be even more prominent due to the pandemic. 

This summer people are going to be far less active then they have ever been. Many women haven’t been focusing on maintaining their physique. So, it makes sense that there will be more demand for things to “compress” us once we start wearing more layered clothing again. 

7. Fridge Storage Racks

After looking at a couple of unconventional items, we have one that’s a perfect example of a private label Amazon product: fridge storage racks. It’s in the Home & Kitchen category which is a favorite of many sellers. 

It's simple and plastic and it solves a problem that pretty much everybody has, which is trying to organize your fridge. This makes it a perfect product to sell. People are always coming up with new kitchen items, and this item has been trending up for a while now.

Niche score of fridge storage racks on Amazon

As we can see:

  • Sales are great

  • Review numbers aren’t super high

  • There’s a lot of demand for it

  • There’s not a lot of competition

This type of product is exactly what a private label seller is looking for.

8. Pool Covers

For the final item on our list, we have a simple product with a lot of potentials. Pool covers start growing in demand throughout the summer and spike in popularity during the fall. 

This makes perfect sense when you consider that people start getting pools in the summer and then realize over time that they need something to cover them up. As the months grow colder, the need becomes even greater since they stop using the pool. 

Check Product history of Pool Covers with AMZScout

As with every niche we’ve gone through so far, we can see that the sales are really good. If we take a look at the sales history of pretty much any of the results we will see that the current sales are only going to go up from now on. 

This is kind of a gem since the selling price is really high and the margins are great. It’s unusual to find such a simple product that has no electric or moving parts that sell at such a high price. 

Analyze prices for Pool Covers on Amazon

You should also consider the fact that people are very likely going to be buying more pools this summer since going on vacation isn’t exactly an option. People are stuck at home so they might be more likely to invest in a pool to keep them occupied.

The one downside to a pool cover is that there are no real customization options. However, you do have options in regards to the size of the cover and the type of the pools it’s meant for. 

How to Find Your Own Product Ideas Using AMZScout’s Tools

Want to find your own product ideas? The best way is with AMZScout’s Toolset, which offers a wide range of software for searching for items to sell. Follow the steps below to continually find profitable products for your Amazon business:

Step 1

Establish your criteria for your product. We recommend looking for products that are small and light to reduce the cost to ship your items. Try focusing on the following categories: Baby, Home & Kitchen, Pet Supplies, Tools & Home Improvement, and Toys & Games. You can also try Handmade if you’re interested in making your own products.

Step 2

Use the product database to search for product ideas. This is the best app for product searches since it offers 44 filters to help you narrow your search, such as category, seller type, sales, reviews, weight, and more. You can also search for only new products (items that were added less than two weeks ago) or trending products (items that experienced sales growth of over 20% during the last 1 - 3 months). Define your filters based on the criteria you established in step one.

How to find the best products to sell on Amazon

Step 3

Review your search results and identify three to five products that you’re interested in selling.

Step 4

Search for your products on Amazon, then open the Pro Extension. This is how to see all the key stats on a product, such as sales, price, reviews, product history, sales margins, and more. It’s one of the most accurate sources for product data. You can also use the product and niche scores to analyze demand and competition. We recommend focusing on products that have a score of seven or higher.

Check the AMZScout product score

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Step 5

Once you find a product that you’re interested in it’s time to figure out where to find it. You can try retail arbitrage or buy from wholesalers, but most private label sellers prefer sourcing their items from Alibaba. When reviewing products with the Pro Extension, click the arrow to the left of a product, then click “Find on Alibaba” to review all the listings on Alibaba and start talking to suppliers and manufacturers in China.

Other Tools That Can Help You Sell on Amazon

The Amazon Seller’s Toolset isn’t just for finding products. It offers a number of other benefits to sellers, including:

  • Seller’s Course: Get proven strategies that will help you start selling products in less than three months.

  • Exclusive Amazon Insights: Sign up for an annual subscription and get the top 1% of profitable niches and products delivered to you weekly by email. 

  • Keyword Explorer and Reverse ASIN Lookup: Find keywords for your products that you can use in your listings and PPC campaigns to rank higher in searches and drive more traffic to your product pages. In addition to finding the terms with the most monthly searches, you can also see a keyword’s search volume history, where products rank for certain keywords, how many sales you can get for ranking for a keyword, and more.

    Amazon keyword research

  • Quick View: View important stats such as FBA fees, sales margins, listing quality, size, and weight right in your Amazon search results so you can quickly see which products are worth selling.

With all these amazing tools you won’t need our advice on products. You’ll be able to find plenty of profitable items to sell on Amazon, eBay, and other platforms.


So there you have it, eight interesting products that are perfect to sell on Amazon in 2023. Feel free to look into these closer to see if they’re right for your business. And if you’d rather sell something else you can take advantage of AMZScout’s wide range of tools to find plenty of profitable products to sell all year round.

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