Amazon Private Label Course

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Lesson 1

How to Sell on Amazon - Getting Started in 7 Steps

Check out the 7 steps needed to get ultimate clarity on how to sell private label products on Amazon. Implement these steps today to start or improve your Amazon business.

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  • 0:43

    Step 1: Find profitable products to sell on Amazon

  • 4:15

    Step 2: Select the best suppliers and source your products

  • 5:32

    Step 3: Create an Amazon seller account

  • 6:19

    Step 4: Create an optimized product listing

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Lesson 2

Ultimate Guide for Amazon Product Research

Learn exactly how to choose an Amazon product and get expert tips from a seven-figure seller. Watch him analyze three real products. Learn the most critical product criteria you need to spot a successful product.

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  • 1:01

    3 Primary product outlines to look for: Higher prices, Development Potential, Low Competition

  • 3:42

    Step 1: Set the product research criteria

  • 4:09

    Step 2: Find products using AMZScout Product Database

  • 9:04

    Step 3: Find primary keywords with AMZScout Reverse ASIN Lookup

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Lesson 3

How to Buy from Alibaba and Sell on Amazon Complete Sourcing Guide

Learn exactly how to choose an Amazon product and get expert tips from a seven-figure seller. Watch him analyze three real products. Learn the most critical product criteria you need to spot a successful product.

  • 0:00


  • 1:57

    What is Alibaba and why is it a must-have for Amazon sellers?

  • 6:50

    Do you need a business to buy on Alibaba?

  • 7:40

    Do you have to pay taxes when you import from Alibaba?

  • 14:44

    Analyze the niche with AMZScout PRO Extension to choose products with good potential

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Lesson 4

Amazon Product Ideas and Where to Find Them

Check out this video tutorial to learn two of the most effective ways to find product ideas. By the end, you will know how to generate and validate product ideas, as well as what categories to avoid.

  • 0:00


  • 0:13

    Discover the two ways to find high-demand product ideas

  • 2:00

    Find out what products and categories you should avoid

  • 7:13

    Learn how to search for product ideas in other marketplaces such as Etsy

  • 15:10

    Learn to do further analysis on Amazon with the help of AMZScout Chrome Extension to identify high potential products

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Lesson 5

The Low-Budget & Low-Risk Way to Start an Amazon Business

Do you have a limited budget to work with? Most Amazon sellers can get started with a meager investment. Use this lesson to learn how to launch your business while keeping your budget and risk low.

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  • 2:04

    How to use AMZScout Extension to check the product niche

  • 4:11

    How to increase your sales using AMZScout PRO Extension

  • 7:35

    How to estimate your future income using AMZScout PRO Extension

Lesson 6

Merch by Amazon Niche Research Tutorial

If you are new to selling on Amazon, finding the right niche can be challenging. This research tutorial will tell you what you need to know about using Merch by Amazon to find a profitable niche you can compete in.

  • 0:00


  • 0:59

    Step #1: Find bestselling results with Merch Informer

  • 1:45

    Step #2: Learn how to use AMZScout to catch trends and search for profitable niches

  • 3:38

    Step #3: How to check demand to understand if a niche is worth it or not

Lesson 7

How to Sell on Amazon Handmade Tutorial

Discover the best way to start your handmade business on Amazon here. This lesson provides you with tips and tricks to make unique handmade products with high demand.

  • 0:00


  • 0:58

    How to get started

  • 1:47

    What is a handmade business and how is it organized

  • 3:31

    Selling on Amazon handmade vs Etsy

  • 5:24

    The secret of success on Amazon

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Lesson 8

Amazon Restricted Products: What They are & How to Sell Them

What makes some product categories out of reach of most sellers? Learn the answer and discover how you can sell restricted products effectively.

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  • 0:45

    Learn about gated products and the requesting approval process

  • 3:08

    Check out the list of restricted categories on Amazon

  • 4:08

    Find out which brands you can not sell on Amazon

  • 4:51

    Learn how to check if a product is restricted

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Lesson 9

How to Create Your Product Listing on Amazon

Use the Listing Builder to help you craft a distinctive listing for your product, incorporating only the most popular keywords to help you stand out from the competition. Follow this tutorial to get a clear and quick understanding of all the essentials and get started right away.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 0:17

    How to use the “Get from ASIN” keyword search

  • 1:21

    Rules for writing a product listing

  • 3:50

    Brief overview of Listing Builder

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Lesson 10

How to Create an Amazon Seller Account

Do you want to start selling right away? This lesson teaches you how to shorten the Amazon seller account creation and approval process.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 0:45

    Comparison Amazon Professional Seller Account vs Individual Account

  • 4:30

    Step #1: How to fill business information in Amazon Seller Central

  • 7:38

    Step #2: Setting up billing and deposit methods

  • 10:05

    Step #3: How to write tax information interview and tax identity information

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Lesson 11

How to Find and Negotiate with Suppliers for Amazon

Finding suitable suppliers and knowing how to negotiate with them are crucial skills for a seller. You need these abilities when using Alibaba or working with other suppliers of wholesale and private label merchandise. This video will teach you how to avoid common supplier issues.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 0:59

    What issues can arise without a good supplier and how to prevent them

  • 3:14

    Initial step before ordering products. Check out how to find suppliers on Alibaba right from PRO Extension.

  • 5:09

    The easiest way to verify chinese suppliers and manufacturers on Alibaba. How Trade assurance works.

  • 10:06

    Factors to pay attention to when contacting and negotiating with suppliers on Alibaba to talk about your order

Lesson 12

Utilize the Keywords in Your Listing and PPC Campaigns

This lesson teaches you what you need to know about creating effective advertising campaigns including how to find the right keywords.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 1:10

    What is Amazon PPC

  • 2:57

    How to find keywords using AMZScout tool

  • 4:15

    Analyling keyword trends to estimate niche growth and find product ideas

  • 8:25

    Using longer tail keywords in you listings to rank on Amazon

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Lesson 13

All about Barcodes for Your Product

Are you confused about barcodes? You aren’t alone. Check out this guide on how to generate and apply barcodes for proper shipment.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 0:52

    What is UPC and where do you use it

  • 1:34

    How to get UPCs

  • 2:34

    What issues might arise with using cheaper UPCs

  • 3:06

    FNSKU code

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Lesson 14

Reviews on Amazon and Private Labelling

Watch how you can use competitors’ reviews to get ahead of them and deliver superior products.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 0:53

    Purposes reviews are used for

  • 2:18

    Analyze reviews with different number of stars to recieve different types of information

  • 7:24

    Paying attention to the number of reviews when doing a product research

  • 8:33

    What are LQS and RPR and why you should pay attention to them when searching for a product

Lesson 15

How to Get the Reviews

Watch this guide to learn how you can get verified Amazon product reviews fast and without breaking any Amazon rules. This is crucial to getting customers to your product page and landing the sale.

  • 0:00

    Introducing the topic

  • 0:34

    How sellers got reviews in the past

  • 0:46

    The review apocalypse and changes it brought

  • 1:07

    The difference between a verified and an unverified review

  • 3:04

    What is forbidden with reviews on Amazon

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Lesson 16

Amazon FBA Product Launch - How to Find Ideal Keywords for Your Listing and Ads

Two of the most critical steps in launching new products are listing optimization and PPC advertising. If you want to know the most effective PPC ads and customer attraction strategies, this section of the online masterclass will help.

  • 0:00


  • 0:16

    Features of listing optimisation and pay per click advertising

  • 2:16

    Using short keywords for effective PPC

  • 4:54

    Budgets for success of your campaigns

  • 5:43

    Action plan after launching your product

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Lesson 17

Can You Start an Amazon Private Label Business in 2 Months with $3,000?

Learn how to start an Amazon FBA business with lesson 16 of our online masterclass. Avoid wasting any money on rookie mistakes and understand which model of selling on Amazon fits you best.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 0:44

    High-risk business model vs low-risk one

  • 3:20

    Basics of product niche choice, while minimizing risks of monetary loss

  • 4:26

    How does product lead time (production + shipping time) impact your business success and cash flow

  • 7:25

    Which prices are better for a successful product launch and higher profit margins

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Lesson 18

Selling on from the US and Outside the US - Legal Aspects

This online masterclass gives you the details of domestic and international shipping. Understanding the legal aspects of selling on from outside the US will help you avoid headaches later on.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 0:24

    Do you need a company if you sell on Amazon US

  • 1:20

    How to start selling on if you live outside the USA?

  • 1:41

    Which selling models require a business

  • 2:28

    Legal aspects: bank account, EIN, taxes, etc.

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Lesson 19

How to Do Product Research - Find a Product to Sell in 7 min

Learn how to find products that will sell, using advanced tips. Watch the video to see how product keyword rankings will help you get the right product.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 0:25

    Explore ideas for a new product with AMZScout Product Database

  • 5:09

    Check keywords on which this product is ranked with AMZScout keyword tools

  • 8:21

    Find the product on Amazon market to see its demand and sales history in PRO Extension

Lesson 20

How to Generate a Super URL to Boost Your Sales and Rankings

Super URLs are generated links that direct users to Amazon pages that you want a customer to visit. Find out how to use these URLs to increase your sales for free in this video guide.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 0:30

    What is Amazon super URL tool used for

  • 2:11

    Creating a 2-Step super URL via brand that refers customes to search results tat only includes products from your brand

  • 6:52

    Creating a 2-Step super URL via ASIN that will send people to a search results page that only includes your product

  • 8:45

    Creating a 2-Step super URL via secret keyword that will ensure you product is the only one to appear when users are referred to search results for specific keywords

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Lesson 21

Amazon SEO: How to Rank Higher on Search Results

Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) helps you rank at the top of Amazon search results. This online training will teach you everything you need to boost your Amazon search rankings.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 1:05

    Find out how Search Engine Optimization helps you to rank higher

  • 3:52

    Learn about Amazon’s A9 Algorithm and how it analyzes your listing

  • 12:44

    Discover useful seo tools, software and resources for managing Amazon SEO

  • 16:50

    Find out what professional services you can use to create perfect listing optimization

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Lesson 22

Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup Tutorial - Find Competitors Keywords

The AMZScout ASIN Reverse Lookup Tool is there to help you rank number one for your desired search terms. Watch this tutorial to learn how to become number one by researching competitors’ keywords.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 0:15

    3 main reasons why Amazon sellers should use Reverse ASIN keyword tool

  • 0:52

    How to use Amazon ASIN lookup tool

  • 1:50

    Analyze results to determine best keywords, track product rank and show what to improve in your listing and PPC

  • 5:47

    How to get new keyword ideas and build better ad campaigns

Lesson 23

How to Ship to Amazon FBA Tutorial

The most common mistake new sellers make is with FBA shipping. Learn how to make a shipping plan, get your product to Amazon, along with all the other steps of using Fulfillment by Amazon.

  • 0:00

    Welcome and topic overview

  • 0:28

    What is Amazon FBA and how it works

  • 3:47

    Learn about types of shipping and how to choose the best shipping option

  • 7:15

    Find out how to prepare your product for shipping

  • 11:15

    Learn about creating an Amazon shipping plan for FBA

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