How to Sell on Amazon. Free Course

Lesson 1

How to Sell on Amazon - Getting Started in 7 Steps

Learn the main stages of building a profitable Amazon business so that you have a clear picture of the whole process.

Lesson 2

Ultimate Guide for Amazon Product Research

In-depth tutorial from a 7-figure seller about how to choose a product to sell on Amazon. It covers important product criteria and how to check for them. See evaluation of 3 real products sold on Amazon to better understand product research.

Lesson 3

How to Buy from Alibaba and Sell on Amazon Complete Sourcing Guide

Learn how to source your products from Alibaba - the largest wholesale retailer in the world. Video covers how to select a reliable supplier, negotiate with them, pay for your order and ship your order from the supplier to Amazon.

Lesson 4

Amazon Product Ideas And Where to Find Them

It takes research to find a profitable product to sell. Discover the two main ways to find Amazon product ideas and validate them.

Lesson 5

The Low-Budget & Low-Risk Way to Start an Amazon business

Learn how you can start selling on Amazon with a low budget and low risk for your investment. Check out a safer approach requiring only a minimal investment to start making profit.

Lesson 6

Merch by Amazon Niche Research Tutorial

Finding a niche for merch by Amazon can be challenging for beginner sellers. Find out about different research strategies and learn how to find the most profitable niche.

Lesson 7

How to Sell on Amazon Handmade Tutorial

Wondering how to start selling Amazon handmade? Is it worth it ? Check out this video tutorial to find useful tips for a successful handmade business on Amazon.

Lesson 8

Amazon Restricted Products: What They are & How to Sell them

Learn out about restricted products on Amazon, why you may want to sell them and how to unlock them.

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Lesson 9

How to Create an Amazon Seller Account

Wondering how to create an Amazon Seller Account? How to become an Amazon seller? You've come to the right place! In this video you will see an in-depth guide about how to set it up. Riley will walkthrough all crucial steps of account registration in detail. This tutorial is useful for all FBA and FBM sellers.

Lesson 10

How to Find and Negotiate with Suppliers for Amazon

Sourcing from the largest wholesale retailer to increase your business growth? Find out how to negotiate with Alibaba suppliers and what you should look for when finding them.

  • -What issues can arise without a good supplier and how to prevent them.
  • -Initial step before ordering products. Check out how to find suppliers on Alibaba right from PRO Extension.
  • -The easiest way to verify chinese suppliers and manufacturers on Alibaba. How Trade assurance works.
  • -Factors to pay attention to when contacting and negotiating with suppliers on Alibaba to talk about your order.

Lesson 11

Utilize the keywords in your listing and PPC campaigns

Utilize the keywords from AMZScout webapp to build a great listing and strong PPC campaign.

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Lesson 12

All about barcodes for your product

Learn what barcodes you need for your product and how to get them.

Lesson 13

Reviews on Amazon and Private Labelling

Use competitors' reviews to understand how to stand out in your niche, make your product better and create a Private Label.

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Lesson 14

How to get the Reviews

This video is about getting legitimate verified reviews for your Amazon products. How and why you should do this step to guarantee future sales.

Here are the articles

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Select a plan to get full access to the Extended course!

Lesson 15

Amazon FBA Product Launch - How to find Ideal Keywords for your Listing and Ads

While launching a product on Amazon, there are two fundamental steps to start with: Listing optimization PPC Advertising So it’s important to set up everything you need before you start selling. In this video you’ll learn:

  • -How to find out as quickly as possible if your product is viable
  • -How to make and adjust a product listing
  • -What are the best keywords and how to get them
  • -What is the most effective Amazon PPC launch strategy
  • -How to measure the success of your campaigns
  • -What’s a recommended daily budget for your initial PPC campaign
  • -How to improve your organic search ranking, and how to track the results
  • -If it’s worth using large discounts while launching a product
  • All information is followed by examples, so make sure to watch the video until the end!

Lesson 16

Can you start an Amazon Private Label in 2 months with $3,000?

In this video we’ll cover the most frequently-asked questions about the Amazon Private Label strategy:

  • -How much money do you need to start an Amazon FBA private label?
  • -High-risk business model vs low-risk model
  • -Basics of product niche choice, while minimizing risks of monetary loss
  • -How does product lead time (production + shipping time) impact your business success and cash flow?
  • -Amazon Private Label vs Wholesale vs Retail Arbitrage
  • -Which prices are better for a successful product launch and higher profit margins?
  • -How long does the product research stage take?
  • -How to avoid costly mistakes with your first product

Lesson 17

Selling on from the US and Outside the US - Legal Aspects

How do you sell on Amazon US, from anywhere? Do you need to set up a business in order to start selling on Amazon?

  • In this video we’ll answer all related questions:
  • -Do you need a company if you sell from the USA?
  • -How to start selling on if you live outside the USA?
  • -Which selling models require a business?
  • -Legal aspects: bank account, EIN, taxes, etc.
  • -Do you have to register your own business if you do Private Label, retail arbitrage, or wholesale?
  • -Benefits of your own company: trademark registration, product insurance, etc.
  • -Where to start a business? Which state to choose?

Lesson 18

How to Do Product Research - Find a Product to Sell in 7 min

Find out how to do product research on Amazon in 2020 to build a successful ecommerce business. Video tutorial for Amazon sellers on finding and validating product ideas and checking their profitability.

  • -Step-By-Step product analysis with an Amazon FBA expert using AMZScout tools:
  • -Explore ideas for a new product with AMZScout Product Database.
  • -Check keywords on which this product is ranked with AMZScout keyword tools.
  • -Find the product on Amazon market to see its demand and sales history in PRO Extension.

Lesson 19

How to Generate a Super URL to Boost Your Sales and Rankings

Want to improve your organic search results, boost your conversions and increase sales? Amazon Super URLs are your hack assistant. What are Amazon Super URLs? They are specific generated links that direct users to Amazon pages that you want a customer to visit. Watch the video to learn what Super URLs are for, how each URL type works and how you can create them to increase your sales.

Lesson 20

Amazon SEO: How to Rank Higher on Search Results

Want to create an effective Amazon SEO strategy for your business? In this tutorial, you will learn about the main components of an Amazon listing and how to optimize one properly.

Lesson 21

Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup Tutorial - Find Competitors Keywords

How to get on page 1 on Amazon using only one tool? Reverse ASIN tool by AMZScout helps to optimize your listing and increase organic sales in 3 quick steps. In this video you’ll learn how to research competitors keywords, find terms with the most monthly searches for your listing and track how a product is ranking with Reverse ASIN lookup.

Lesson 22

How to Ship to Amazon FBA Tutorial

Want to learn how to ship to Amazon FBA, prepare your first product for delivery and create a shipping plan? In this step-by-step Amazon tutorial you will learn about the Amazon FBA shipping process. This guide for beginners will help you to understand how to ship your products to Amazon warehouses and make selling on Amazon faster and easier.

Lesson 23

How to Achieve Lower PPC Ad Costs than Your Competitors

Do you need to optimize your PPC ad costs? If so, how can you do it? This Amazon PPC tutorial covers Amazon PPC from beginners to advanced sellers. Learn how to evaluate your PPC performance against your competitors with the help of a PPC benchmarker from Sellics. Discover what parameters play a role in the overall cost of sale, and how you can adjust them to get more sales per advertising dollar.

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