How to sell branded and other existing products on Amazon without launching your own brand. Free Course

Lesson 1

5 Steps to Start Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon can seem overwhelming and many people worry about how to get everything right. Watch this video to get a clear idea about starting an Amazon business, and learn which tools will help at each step.

Lesson 2

How to find Low Risk products and start with a Small Investment

See how 7-figure seller William Rivera uses AMZScout PRO Extension to find profitable low risk products to sell on Amazon. Learn how you can use the same tool to discover your first Amazon product.

Lesson 3

How to Find Products to Sell through Arbitrage or Dropshipping on Amazon

Learn to validate your product ideas and ensure they are worth your investment and effort with the legendary Amazon product research Chrome extension. Find out how to view product sales, price history, estimate product profitability, and check other crucial product criteria. This AMZScout PRO Extension tutorial will walk you through the product search and evaluation process on Amazon.

Lesson 4

Amazon Product Research Tutorial For Online Arbitrage and Dropshipping

In this AMZScout PRO Extension tutorial, Andrew Giorgi lists the criteria that make a good product for online arbitrage, explains dropshipping for wholesale, and reveals his product research technique. Learn how to find a product that you can start selling with only $500 and make your first profit.

Lesson 5

Find profitable products for Dropshipping on Amazon

In this video, Paul Lipsky guides you through dropshipping product research with the AMZScout Product Database that helped him succeed with his Amazon business.

How to sell branded and other existing products on Amazon without launching your own brand. Extended Course

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Lesson 6

How to Create an Amazon Seller Account

Wondering how to create an Amazon Seller Account? How to become an Amazon seller? You've come to the right place! In this video you will see an in-depth guide about how to set it up. Riley will walkthrough all crucial steps of account registration in detail. This tutorial is useful for all FBA and FBM sellers.

Lesson 7

Legal Aspects of Selling on for sellers living in the US and outside the US

Wondering if you need to set up a business in order to start selling on Amazon? How do you sell on Amazon US from anywhere in the world? Check out this video to find out.

Lesson 8

How To Rank Your Product High On Amazon Search Results

Positioning your product in the first search results users see on Amazon drives more customers your way. In this tutorial you will learn how to achieve this with an Amazon listing.

Lesson 9

How to Find a $56,000 per month Product for Amazon Online Arbitrage - Step-by-Step

View this in-depth dive about Online Arbitrage product research. Learn how to calculate the profit that a product will bring you with Online Arbitrage, as well as how to instantly spot and disregard low potential products to focus your choice on the best opportunities. Learn all of this and discover a product example that can bring you up to $56,000 per month.

Lesson 10

Find profitable products for Amazon Wholesale with AMZScout Product Database

Learn how to find product opportunities for Wholesale on Amazon. Once you contact a supplier and get a list of hundreds or thousands of products, how do you quickly identify the ones that are profitable? Learn how to do both tasks in this video.

Lesson 11

How to Generate Smart Links to Boost Your Sales and Rankings

Amazon Super URL is a hack to direct users to Amazon pages that you want a customer to visit. Watch this video to learn how Super URL works and how you can use them to improve your product listing organic search results, boost your conversions, and increase sales.

Lesson 12

How to Achieve Lower PPC Ad Costs than Your Competitors

Do you need to optimize your PPC ad costs? If so, how can you do it? This Amazon PPC tutorial covers Amazon PPC from beginners to advanced sellers. Learn how to evaluate your PPC performance against your competitors with the help of a PPC benchmarker from Sellics. Discover what parameters play a role in the overall cost of sale, and how you can adjust them to get more sales per advertising dollar.

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