Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Course

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Lesson 1

5 Steps to Start Selling on Amazon

Get an overview of how to start selling on Amazon. You’ll be prepared for the journey ahead while learning the next steps for building your business.

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    Step 1: Choose a niche and product to sell on Amazon

  • 1:45

    Step 2: Find suppliers on Alibaba and source a product

  • 2:20

    Step 3: Start and set up your seller's account

  • 2:54

    Step 4: Ship your product

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Lesson 2

How to Find Low-Risk Products and Start with a Small Investment

If you don’t have much money to invest as an Amazon seller, you aren’t alone. Seven-figure seller William Rivera will teach you how to start with a small investment while keeping your risk low.

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    Use AMZScout PRO Extension to analyze bestseller products on Amazon

  • 2:11

    Research Product History and Trends to find a profitable product

Lesson 3

How to Find Products to Sell Through Arbitrage or Dropshipping on Amazon

Discover how the AMZScout PRO Extension lets you use historical sales data to estimate the potential of a product for Amazon dropshipping and retail arbitrage. Find the best products using the PRO Extension free trial and the methods in this guide.

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  • 1:07

    AMZScout PRO Extension Dashboard. Tools to analyze the niche.

  • 4:52

    What is Product Score for? Check the overall data for each product to compare and find the best one.

  • 6:45

    How to check the type of seller

  • 8:00

    How to take your product research to the next level with the Product History and other tools in PRO Extension

Lesson 4

Amazon Product Research Tutorial for Online Arbitrage and Dropshipping

Are you looking to start an Amazon business with less than $500? Check out Andrew Giorgi’s unique take on finding the right products in this PRO Extension tutorial. Learn about finding products for online arbitrage, dropshipping and wholesale.

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  • 1:13

    What criteria you should pay attention to when choosing a product

  • 1:43

    Fast and simple method to find products step-by-step for dropshipping from Walmart to Amazon

  • 3:47

    How dropshippers can use AMZScout PRO Extension

  • 8:12

    How to estimate your future profits and profit margin percent

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Lesson 5

How to Create an Amazon Seller Account

Check out this simple lesson on how to create your first Amazon Seller Account. These steps will ensure you get through all of the red tape and requirements so that you can start selling quickly.

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  • 0:45

    Comparison Amazon Professional Seller Account vs Individual Account

  • 4:30

    Step #1: How to fill business information in Amazon Seller Central

  • 7:38

    Step #2: Setting up billing and deposit methods

  • 10:05

    Step #3: How to write tax information interview and tax identity information

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Lesson 6

Legal Aspects of Selling on for Sellers Living in the U.S. and Outside the U.S.

At what point should you set up a business on Amazon? Find out the legal aspects of domestic and international eCommerce with this guide.

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    Welcome and topic overview

  • 0:24

    How to start selling on if you live outside the USA?

  • 1:41

    Which selling models require a business?

  • 2:28

    Legal aspects: bank account, EIN, taxes, etc.

  • 3:45

    Do you have to register your own business if you do Private Label, retail arbitrage, or wholesale?

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Lesson 7

How to Find a $56,000 Per Month Product for Amazon Online Arbitrage - Step-by-Step

If you want to make up to $56,000 a month, this guide on online arbitrage can teach you how. Learn how to spot high-performing products and estimate profit potential.

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  • 1:28

    How to check estimated monthly sales, product score for reselling and how to use FBA profit calculator

  • 8:46

    Analyze second product: determining if a product is worth reselling using product score. When are products marked as HOT in AMZScout PRO Extension?

  • 13:05

    How to get a monthly profit of $56,000

  • 16:12

    Sourcing for a profitable niche idea with the help of this AMZScout feature

Lesson 8

Find Profitable Products for Dropshipping on Amazon

In this online training, Paul Lipsky shows you how the AMZScout Product Database helped him with finding product opportunities and growing his business.

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  • 0:36

    Basic criterias for the product when it comes to research

  • 1:07

    AMZScout Product Database tool in use to start a product discovery

  • 5:51

    How to set up the product price: explore competitors and the place you dropship from

  • 10:39

    The easiest way to do product research is by using an AMZScout PRO Extension

Lesson 9

Find Profitable Products for Amazon Wholesale with the AMZScout Product Database

Most suppliers have thousands of items you could sell. How can you quickly find profitable products from their lists without spending weeks searching? Watch this video to find out.

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  • 0:45

    How to verify a specific product that your supplier offers to see if it is profitable to sell on Amazon

  • 9:07

    How to find new wholesale product ideas by simply filtering the Amazon Product Database by category, sales volume, monthly revenue, and other parameters

Lesson 10

How to Generate Smart Links to Boost Your Sales and Rankings

Amazon Super URL brings customers to your store for free. View this lesson to find out how you can leverage it to increase your conversions.

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  • 0:37

    Amazon Super URL Tool. What`s is that?

  • 2:42

    How to use "2-Step Super URL via Brand"

  • 7:13

    How to use "2-Step Super URL via ASIN"

  • 9:07

    How to use "2-Step Super URL via Secret Keyword"

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