Proven Amazon Course from Jim Cockrum

Do you want Amazon seller success? Jim’s proven Amazon course is for all experience levels:
- Go from $0 to $100k using the Replens strategy. Learn about tracking 30 Replens in 30 days, managing a team, and building your workflow on changing events.
- Are you struggling as a wholesaler, private label seller, or dropshipper? This course provides you with a total review of your process.
- Are you curious about partnering, merch, and team building? This course provides info on multiple income streams.
- Find out what you need for good bundles. This includes sourcing, product choice, pricing, packaging, listing, and advanced techniques.

Jim Cockrum

Jim has been a part of eCommerce since 1997. He has been in the Amazon coaching space for more than ten years, with over 7,000 students benefiting from his expertise.
You can find Jim featured on:
- Wall Street Journal
- Entrepreneur Magazine
- eBay Radio
- Men’s Health Magazine



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Special Offer
Amazon 101 Course for New Sellers - $297
The #1 reason people don’t start their Amazon business is due to a lack of step-by-step instructions. Watch this course and learn what you can do right now to build your business.
Replens Training - $97
Contains 12+ hours of content! Go from $0 to $100k/mo. Find 30 Replens in 30 days and keep track of them. Hire and manage a team, and build your workflow. Expand to wholesale, Private Label, and much more.
Wholesale Sourcing 2.0 - $297
A video series from 4 top expert sellers. The sellers will reveal secrets for finding wholesale deals, both locally and globally. Understand how to approach wholesalers and brand owners live or virtually.
Private Labeling 3.0 - $497
A simple and low-risk way to do Private Label. Find profitable products and affordable suppliers. Make listings that will bring customers. Launch with a proven ads strategy and get sales.
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    2021 Live Conference Videos - provides access to 30 videos. These videos include training and education taught by real people who DO the business and love helping others. Focus on multiple income streams to grow your business. BONUS $399

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    Bundling Workshop - increase your profit using bundles. Learn about product choice, sourcing, packaging, pricing, listing for bundles, and advanced bundling strategies. BONUS $127

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    Importing from China - a PDF book with decades of experience to make your work simple. Learn about sourcing directly with real manufacturers, using Alibaba correctly, minimizing your risks, and getting the best price with no haggling. BONUS $97 value

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    Buy Local, Sell to the World - your comprehensive guide to finding local treasures and flipping them to a global audience for huge profits. Build a 6-figure business easily and quickly using these simple proven strategies. BONUS $97 value

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    Promotional Company Sourcing - a course on sourcing profitable private-label products to sell on Amazon. Follow step-by-step and learn how to use promotional companies to find a gold mine of opportunities! BONUS $327

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    Fulfillment by Merchant Training - an in-depth course on fulfilment. Includes how to determine shipping costs for merchant-fulfilled inventory, cost-saving USPS shipping services, and more. BONUS $197

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    50 More Modules for Every Level of Amazon Seller - learn all the ins and outs of Amazon selling methods to build a successful multi-income business. This includes product partnering, a merch course, and team building. BONUS $5,000


Full annual plan toolset from AMZScout is included as well!

  • PRO Extension
  • Amazon Dropshipping & Arbitrage tool
  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Reverse ASIN Lookup
  • Amazon Keyword Search
  • Stock Stats
  • Seller’s Course
  • 1,000+ Exclusive Amazon products & niches
  • 12 Monthly Trends Reports
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