Amazon FBA Course: The Step-by-Step Guide to Selling and Marketing Products on Amazon, from Paul Heidiri

Are you having trouble generating a profit selling your Amazon products, or maybe you haven't even started yet? Be one of the first to learn these new business strategies for selling with Amazon FBA! With this course, you’ll learn how to:
- Find the right niche and profitable items to sell
- Build a highly profitable product listing, step-by-step
- Send products to Amazon and write high-quality listings
- Find and negotiate with suppliers to get the best wholesale prices
- Use Paul’s rules to scale your business fast and double your sales
Paul will show you, step-by-step, how to find product resellers, build a profitable Amazon listing, and create targeted PPC campaigns live on the computer together, and you’ll be able to see his professional products, listings and marketing campaigns.

Paul Heidiri

Unlock the path to extraordinary entrepreneurial success with Paul’s Amazon FBA and automation courses. As a best-selling Amazon FBA seller, Paul has conquered the health niche and roamed the world, all while making money online. Now, Paul is here to share his expertise and teach you a step-by-step method to build your own profitable online stores and make those crucial first sales. Say goodbye to overpriced coaching sessions – Paul has distilled years of experience and insider tips into these courses. Gain skills that will shape your success for life and join him on this exhilarating journey toward financial freedom. Enroll today and seize the opportunity to transform your future.



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Amazon Automation Course - $299

Resell existing products on Amazon and create a passive income with automation
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    Shopify Dropshipping 2023 Course - A step-by-step guide to selling and marketing both physical and digital products BONUS $199

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    "5 Reasons You are not Making Money Selling on Amazon and How to Fix it Fast" Ebook - Game-changing advice that highlights the most common mistakes 99% of sellers make at the beginning of their journeys, and simple steps to help you avoid them without spending a cent BONUS $497


Full annual plan toolset from AMZScout is included as well!

  • PRO Extension
  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Reverse ASIN Lookup
  • Amazon Keyword Search
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Quick View
  • Seller's Course
  • 1,000+ Exclusive Amazon products & niches
  • 12 Monthly Trends Reports