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Mario's Way to Million Dollars

Mario Story 1-01
by Valentina S.posted on 10.04.2019

Mario, for one, and he’s well on his way to achieving his goal.

Like many people, the first thing that Mario does when he wakes up in the morning is check his phone.

Unlike others, though, Mario’s not checking his text messages, or scrolling through the news, or seeing what his friends just posted on Instagram.

No, what Mario does when he checks his phone is remind himself of what he needs to do to become a millionaire.

If I can just generate $2,740 per day…

If I can just generate $19,231 per week...

If I can just generate $83,333 per month…

That means I’ll make $1 million this year.

Of course, it’s easy to tell yourself you’re going to achieve this. Doing something about it is another matter.

Amazon Success Story of Mario

But Mario is doing something about it--and then some.

What’s he using to get there? The answer won’t surprise you: Amazon.

Over the years, Mario has launched and experimented with lots of different businesses. In fact, he started his first business many years ago, at the ripe old age of 15. Back then, he used to build intercoms from scratch and then sell them. It may not have been the most glamorous business, but it helped him get started and understand some of the fundamentals of being an entrepreneur.

Mario Success Story

It was not until Mario became an Amazon seller, however, that things began to really take off. When he was first getting started, he was shrewd enough to focus on and pick out products that he knew best. Since he had always been a big athlete, that meant launching products in the sports and fitness niche.

To be sure, as is true with any new business, Mario bumped into some serious obstacles as he grew his Amazon business. In one instance, Mario found himself having to halt sales of two products that were flying off the shelves as a result of a dispute over intellectual property. As he put it to us, when that happened, he initially felt like he was “pretty much out of business.”

Mario Success story on Amazon

After reflecting on the situation, however, Mario very quickly picked himself up and figured out a path forward. As he said, “instead of just running away from Amazon, I reinvented myself super fast.”

Based on his performance on Amazon in 2018, he’s probably very glad that he did. Over the course of the year, Mario launched eight products that generated more than $500,000 in sales--a big step toward his goal of being a seven-figure seller.

Mario Amazon Success Story

Through it all, Mario has relied on the AMZScout software to help him succeed. The advent of product research software like AMZScout, Mario says, is like being in the dark “and suddenly getting a flashlight.” Now, he told us, he can find the best niches, research new product variations, and monitor competitors that may infringe on his territory.

What tips does Mario have for someone that’s a new Amazon seller looking to get started?  The first thing is to recognize that not every product is going to be successful. Amazon’s algorithm can be something of a black box, and some products you might think are sure things end up falling short for unclear reasons. In light of that, what’s most important is to be agile and experiment often, so that if something does go wrong, the impact to your business is relatively minor.

Be agile and experiment often Mario success story

In addition, your product cannot succeed unless you’re offering customers great quality. Your product has to offer Amazon shoppers a compelling reason to choose your product over the alternatives. If you do not offer that, you’ll either see no sales traction at all or be pushed out of the market in short order

In the end, Mario says, the most important thing is to never, ever give up.

And because Mario has taken that advice to heart, he’s now well on his way to achieving his goal of being a millionaire.

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