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The Amazon Success Story: 3 Products to Financial Freedom

Shimmy and Josh Success Story Main Image
by Valentina S.posted on 02.09.2018

Shimmy and Josh Morris started as humble sellers of knick-knacks, and Ebay dabblers, but have grown and blossomed into wildly successful Amazon sellers and coaches. From these meager beginnings, they have seen their sales grow rapidly, and their following has grown as well. In addition to being five figure a month sellers, they now coach and teach others to pursue their own financial dreams. 

Motivation and Inspiration

Shimmy has always been interested in business, and started making sales at 11 years old.  Starting with odds and ends, he was soon exploring the Ebay marketplace. After graduating high school he founded his first company, a t-shirt company. Eventually he decided to give Amazon a try.

Josh had extensive experience in the digital goods world, but there was a uniqueness to Amazon that called to him like a siren. He loved the idea of selling real, actual goods to end consumers, and the simplicity of the business model. He provided things that people wanted, and sold it on Amazon! It was quick and easy to explain his job to others, which was in sharp contrast to his previous work.

When they put their heads together, they realized that Amazon selling was a business with truly infinite possibilities.   

What made you want to sell on Amazon?

S&J: We didn’t want to work for a boss, we wanted to have a business that we could grow and have it be completely online so we could travel freely and work from anywhere. We loved buying on Amazon so it made sense to start selling there too. We knew Amazon was the future of online sales, and we had to get involved. 

How did you search for your first product? How well did business go?

S&J: We spent hours researching  Amazon’s categories and eventually settled on sports and outdoors because we both liked it. We didn’t use any tools because they didn’t really exist at the time, and we just used the data Amazon provided. We also used the Google Keyword Tool to find out how many people were searching for the product. We made about $7,000 in profit per month but it was difficult to manage and track competition and see results improve. 

Growing and Developing

Shimmy and Josh wanted to go into new products and they didn’t have enough time to do all the work manually, so they started researching a tool to help find keywords, go through listings quickly, and help us assess product opportunities and competition level quickly. This is how they got to know about AMZScout… 

Shimmy Josh Success Story Travel

Shimmy shared with us that they started using more data before going into a product, like revenue and sales estimates, rather than just BSR and competition. Josh added that AMZScout helped to make better decisions on new products and optimizing their old products.

S&J: We used your tool to find a product. Within a month we were making $2,000 per month in revenue from that product, and we’ve just starting ranking properly for this product. We were using the product calculator to see how much profit we could make, and so far it’s working really well. 

Shimmy Josh Success Story Sales

Shimmy and Josh optimized their previous products by finding out our competitors suppliers and the prices and they also started negotiating new prices for their items. 

S&J: Every new product we research pulls in up to $10,000 per month for us. Without this tool we might be scouring Amazon for weeks or months looking for just one opportunity, whereas with the tool we are given that information is accessible in minutes.

How many products are you currently selling? What are your approximate monthly sales if you don’t mind sharing? 

S&J: We currently sell three products and have approximately $15,000 per month in revenue.

Shimmy Josh Success Story Sales chart

What has been the hardest part of the process?

S&J: Finding good product opportunities! We have found lots of products that never worked out. When we researched manually we found a product and niche that we then tried to sell on Amazon. We never knew how much profit the product could make, so we were left just hoping it would work out. 

At the time we didn’t have a tool to help us predict profit, so we made this costly mistake. We kept trying to make money from this niche, but in the end we had to stop selling the products because they weren’t making us enough money. 

The opportunity cost is huge there, I can’t even imagine what our business would look like if we had utilized better information from the start and could have accurately predicted a niche or a product’s profit potential.

From Selling to Teaching

Immediate success on Amazon inspired Josh and Shimmy to begin teaching others. Rather than just sit back and enjoy their passive income, they wanted to use their experience to help others. They realized that they could begin sharing tools and tips and help thousands of others realize their dreams as well. 

How and why did you decide to teach others? What are your results/success in that area?

S&J: We both love teaching even more than selling on Amazon… and some of our students are making more monthly revenue than we are! One student has passed £50,000 per month… we get deep fulfilment from seeing people succeed and helping others grow their business. It’s also fun. 

Shimmy Josh Success Story sales graph

What advice would you share with a new seller getting started? 

S&J: Focus on getting one product up on Amazon and getting the revenue to $10,000 per month. Most sellers focus on too many products that don’t have enough revenue and their costs go through the roof and it’s very stressful to manage. 

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