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Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) Management: Top 5 Tips

Mastering a PPC approach is crucial for an Amazon seller. When launching a new product, you need to get your product in front of people because it starts poorly ranked. The best way to do this is to utilize the PPC system. Therefore, reaching users when searching for a keyword of your choosing. PPC isn’t only for beginners. Managing and adapting your PPC strategy is an integral and persistent part of your Amazon business. At any given moment, there’s new avenues to explore to potentially help increase your sales. It’s a matter of finding them. Keep reading

Potential Score in AMZScout Extension

Before the use of software, Amazon sellers had to do the heavy data collection by hand, checking various factors that hel... Keep reading

by Galina Z.posted on 12.05.2018

Using Email to Supercharge Your Amazon Selling

Selling on Amazon often means giving your brand and store rights to Amazon, which limits what you can do and how you can ... Keep reading

by Skubana .posted on 09.05.2018

New Improved Amazon Sales Estimator in AMZScout Pro Extension

AMZScout is happy to announce that we have improved our algorithm that predicts and calculates sales for our AMZ Pro Exte... Keep reading

by Galina Z.posted on 02.05.2018

eBay to Amazon Retail Arbitrage App from AMZScout

Amazon Smart Shopper searches for better prices on eBay while you are shopping on Amazon. This tool is perfect for retail... Keep reading

by Galina Z.posted on 27.04.2018

Amazon Title Guidelines for Listing Optimization

A top priority for an Amazon seller is making sure they reach their product’s full listing potential. All of the Amazon’s... Keep reading

by Miloš Ć.posted on 21.04.2018

How to Sell Seasonal Products on Amazon and Make a Quick Profit!

Christmas or US Independence Day might be holidays for others, but FBA sellers don’t take time off. Last-minute purchases... Keep reading

by Galina Z.posted on 17.04.2018

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