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Most Demanded Products in India: How to Find Best-Selling Products

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by AMZScout T.posted on 14.03.2024

India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with a thriving consumer market and an increasing demand for products from both domestic and international sources. As such, it is no surprise that many businesses are now looking to capitalize on this market and are seeking to track the demand for Indian products. 

For those who are new to the Indian market, this article provides a short guide on how to find the most demanded products in India, as well as a list of the most popular products.

How to Find the Most Demanded Products in India 

Searching for the most selling products in India is a great way to find out what the latest trends and products are in the Indian market. Because of the sheer size of the Indian market, it can be difficult to narrow down the most popular items. 

However, by looking at data such as sales figures and consumer reviews, it is possible to identify the top-selling items in India. This can help sellers recognize which products are in the highest demand, enabling them to make informed decisions about their product offerings.

The following five-step guide will help businesses identify those products that are in high demand in India and those that are likely to be profitable.

1. Monitor trends: Monitor the trends in the Indian market to identify the products that are in high demand. Analyze changing customer preferences to identify products that are likely to become the most popular and profitable. Analyzing online search trends using tools like Google Trends and Bing Trends can be used to compare search terms related to different products.

2. Research the market: Conduct market research by looking at websites, such as Amazon India, Flipkart, and other eCommerce sites, as well as through industry reports and market surveys. Tools like Google Shopping and Amazon’s Best Sellers list can be used to compare the popularity of different products.

3. Identify the most popular categories: Once businesses have a better understanding of the Indian market, the next step is to identify the most popular categories. According to online statistics, some of the most highly demanded product categories in India include:

  1. Electronics

  2. Clothing and Accessories

  3. Home and Kitchen Appliances

  4. Mobile Phones and Accessories

  5. Beauty and Personal Care

  6. Books

  7. Toys and Games

  8. Sports and Fitness

  9. Automotive

  10. Baby Products

4. Look at online sales data: Looking at online sales data can also help you identify those products that are performing well. Analyze online sales data of products that are already available in India and look for trends in terms of customer demand. This can help you identify how the competition is faring, and what strategies they are using to increase their sales.

Whether you're just starting out in online sales or facing some difficulties, learning from other successful sellers and being provided with real-life examples can help you better understand this field. Free webinars are a great way to gain valuable insight from experts and get answers to your questions.

Considering the popularity of the Amazon marketplace in India and the ability to get product data, next we will look at how to find top selling products in India on Amazon.

Finding Trending Products in Amazon India

Amazon India has millions of products in its catalog, which makes it easy to find products that are popular in the Indian market and that your customers are looking for. Amazon India also offers competitive prices, making it a great option for sellers who want to maximize their profits.

With Amazon’s easy-to-use search tools and special product research tools like AMZScout, you can quickly and easily analyze product data and find high-demand, low-competition products.

How to search for trending product ideas using the AMZScout Product Database

1. Start your free trial and log in to your account.

2. Select ‘Product Database’ from the top menu.

3. Select ‘India’ from the ‘Marketplace’ drop-down menu.

Searching for best selling products in India

4. Set your product criteria. The search filters will help you find products by specific criteria (like monthly sales over 300). Try the Product Selections ready-made searches if you don’t know which criteria to use.

5. Get your results. Click 'Find Products'.

6. Review detailed information in each product listing including its sales, price, net and others. Pick a few most interesting products. 

Analyze AMZScout Product Database results

Next, you’ll need to analyze the product and the niche right on the Amazon website. To do this, use AMZScout’s PRO Extension.

Analyze products’ demand and competition on Amazon India

1. Start your AMZScout free trial. Enter your email address to get started for free. 

2. Install the PRO Extension. Open the Product Research tab on the dashboard and click on PRO Extension to download it easily from the Chrome store.

How to install the PRO extension from your AMZScout account

Then go to Amazon.in website and search for a product.

3. Analyze niche and product profitability. The results table will pop up after clicking the Extension, showing you the average net margin, sales, and pricing.

4. Analyze niche demand and competition. The Niche Score gives you an analysis of the entire niche. 

Where to find the AMZScout Niche Score

5. Make sure demand is consistently high. Check the Niche History to see historical data on how the niche performs as the seasons change, and predict how it will change in the future. 

Where to find the AMZScout Niche History

6. Analyze the metrics of specific products. Click on Product Score next to each product to review its characteristics. 

How to check Product Score for PL and reselling

Thus, you can see how much this product or niche in the market is in demand, as well as compare it with competitors and find out its profitability.

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5 Examples of Best Selling Products in India

Which items are in high demand in India right now? To help you get some product ideas, we’ve done some research on Amazon and found five examples of high-demand products for you to review. 

1. L'Oréal Paris Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

This product is popular due to its easy-to-use formula and the range of colors it offers. Consumers are willing to purchase this product as it is a safer alternative to permanent hair colour and provides a longer-lasting effect.

L-Oréal Paris Semi-Permanent Hair Colour product history

2. Purepet Ocean Fish Adult Dry Cat Food

This product is highly rated among cat owners due to its high-quality ingredients and health benefits for cats. It also has a reasonable price, which makes it an attractive option for pet owners. 

Purepet Ocean Fish Adult Dry Cat Food product score

3. SanDisk Cruzer Blade 32GB USB

This product is one of the best sellers in the Electronic Accessories category due to its large storage capacity, portability, and affordability. It is a convenient solution for those who need to store large amounts of data.

4. Pigeon Polypropylene Mini Handy and Compact Chopper

This gadget is small, affordable, and offers an easy-to-use design, which makes it one of the most sold products in the Kitchen category. It is an ideal solution for those looking for an inexpensive and efficient way to chop vegetables, herbs, and other food items.

Pigeon Polypropylene Mini Handy and Compact Chopper product history

5. Boldfit Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener

This product is popular due to its adjustable design, which allows users to adjust the level of resistance depending on their individual needs. It is also affordable and easy to ship, which makes it a good option that offers the highest potential profits.

All of these things are similar in terms of their low price, small size, and frequency of use. But this is only a small fraction of the many products that can sell well in India.


Top 25 Popular Products in India 

If you don’t want to spend time conducting your own research, you can explore ready-to-go ideas of hot selling products and pick some interesting options. To help you out, here’s a list of 25 top ideas of high demand products in India. From Health and Beauty to Electronics and home Goods, these are the products that are currently in the highest demand in India.

25 Products in high demand in India

  1. Mobile phones 

  2. Laptops

  3. Wireless earphones

  4. Skincare products 

  5. Hair oil

  6. Makeup and cosmetics

  7. Nail products

  8. T-shirts

  9. Sneakers

  10. Gold plated jewellery

  11. Water purifiers

  12. Air fryers

  13. Vacuum cleaners

  14. Spin mop

  15. Pet food

  16. LEGO

  17. Weight loss products

  18. Wet wipes

  19. Stainless steel water bottles

  20. Yoga mats

  21. Mosquito net

  22. Laptop table

  23. Vitamins

  24. Black tea

  25. Nuts

Obviously, a lot of most consuming products are the same all over the world. However, the Indian market has its own unique characteristics, which should be taken into account if you are going to import or export goods.


Tracking the demand for Indian products is an important step for any business looking to enter the Indian market. By following the guide outlined in this article, sellers and customers can easily identify the most popular products in India, as well as the most popular brands and categories. With this information, you can begin to develop strategies for targeting the Indian market and capitalizing on the booming market for Indian products.

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