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by Valentina S.posted on 26.04.2019

From One Game to Another: John’s Story of Success on Amazon

Like so many successful entrepreneurs before him, John launched his Amazon business by solving his own problem.

What do we mean by that?

John is a big gamer himself. He lives and breathes e-gaming. As a result, he knows exactly what gamers like him are looking for: what kind of products they buy, what kind of products they need, and what products for people like him should look like.

And it turns out that there are a lot of people out there just like John. Gaming is a big market, and selling products to gamers is big business.

John Gamer 2

John has been at it for less than a year but his business is already taking off. In November of 2018, he launched a line of ten products. And within three days of his products being checked in at Amazon’s warehouses, everything had sold already.

As he’s launched and grown his business, AMZScout has been there to guide him along the way. Prior to discovering AMZScout, John relied on AMZ Tracker for his product research. What convinced him to switch, he said, was the superiority of the keyword and product tracking features on AMZScout. There’s just no comparison between the two, he said.

Like so many other Amazon sellers, John has big dreams for his business and the commitment to make it happen. He got started on Amazon because it’s just so straightforward--there’s a built-in market of customers just waiting to buy the products that he offers. As such, he views it as a first step on his entrepreneurial journey. As he moves forward, however, he says he wants to diversify his sales channels, such that’s he’s selling not only on Amazon but through other methods as well. It’s a sound strategy for any great e-commerce business.

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Even has John has been wildly successful on Amazon, he too can get frustrated with the platform sometimes. One thing he wishes Amazon would offer sellers is API access for their products, such that he can more readily access data and therefore more accurately forecast appropriate inventory levels.

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And if there’s one thing that he’s learned by selling on Amazon, it’s the importance of getting customer reviews right. The single most decisive thing when it comes to whether a product is successful or not is whether it gets great feedback from the customers that buy it.

All told, John is well on his way to having it all--he can earn a killing on Amazon in his spare time, which leaves him plenty of time to do the gaming he loves so much.

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