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by Travis F.posted on 27.03.2019

Father-Son Duo Find Success Selling Products on Amazon

Working a 9-5 job never quite suited Jeffrey. He was growing tired of putting in long hours and giving his all, only to line some else’s pockets. He wanted a business that was his and that would give him the freedom to live the life he always wanted.

For a long time though, he had no idea what that business should be. That is until one fateful day when he had a life-changing conversation with his father.

“A friend of his was making a ton of money on Amazon just by selling a few products,” Jeffrey said. His father asked him if he was interested in starting a similar business.


Jeffrey was sceptical at first. However, after doing some research he realized it wasn’t just his father’s friend who was making a lot of money. People around the world were finding success on Amazon. This was a legitimate business opportunity, and Jeffrey wanted in.

Finding a Selling Their First Product

Jeffrey and his dad set about trying to find a product they could sell. A quick Google search told them what types of products were most popular on the platform, and they quickly settled on something they thought would be a hit.

They sourced the product from China, set up their Amazon account, and crossed their fingers hoping that the money they invested wouldn’t go to waste.


Sure enough, the sales started rolling in. It wasn’t a fortune by any means, but it was enough to show them that this business had potential. Still, Jeffrey knew that if he really wanted to quit his 9-5 job and enjoy the freedom he always dreamed of that they’d need to find a way to maximize their profits.

AMZScout Takes Their Business to the Next Level

Jeffrey started researching what other people were doing to grow their Amazon businesses. That’s when he came across AMZScout.

A number of the most successful Amazon sellers were utilizing the app to find the most profitable products to sell on the platform. While their first product was making them a reasonable amount of money, he knew there was the potential to make a lot more.

Jeffrey and his father decided to give AMZScout a try, and the decision proved to be a major turning point for their business.


“AMZScout helped us understand the market better and gave us have a better view of our competition,” Jeffrey said. “It also made it easier for us to find niche products that were good to sell on Amazon.”

With the help of AMZScout, they found a number of new products to add to their Amazon business. Having gained a better understanding of what types of products are the most profitable, they dropped their original product and focused on the items they sourced through the app.

Today, their business sells nine different products and generates an average monthly revenue of $5000.


Although Jeffrey isn’t quite ready to quit his 9-5 job yet, he believes it’s only a matter of time now before he’s selling products on Amazon full-time.

Jeffrey’s Advice to New Amazon Sellers

Jeffrey and his father have built a hugely successful Amazon business, but they’ve had to learn plenty of lessons along the way. They’ve found out what works and what doesn’t, and when we talked to Jeffrey he was eager to share some tips to help new sellers succeed just like he has.

When asked what his biggest challenge has been so far, he was quick to point to advertising.

“The hardest part has been to make sales and get PPC to work to our advantage,” he said. Jeffrey believes that optimizing your PPC ads is one of the biggest keys to running a successful business on Amazon.

However, according to him, PPC ads aren’t the only way to spread the word about your products.

“Promoting your brand on Instagram and Facebook is overlooked by many sellers and it's one of the top ways to promote your products,” Jeffrey said.

When asked to give one final piece of advice to new sellers, he said the most important thing is to “always be taking action.”


He went on to explain that you need to take the time to learn how to do things properly, but you shouldn’t get bogged down in research. Start by taking action on the small things and then move on to the big things. Essentially, if you want to start an Amazon business don’t just talk about it, do it.

It’s a great piece of advice from someone who clearly knows what they’re talking about. We wish Jeffrey and his father all the best, and we’re confident that the next time we speak to Jeffrey he’ll be a full-time entrepreneur just like he’s always dreamed about.

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