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How to Get AMZScout with a Discount or For FREE

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by Travis F.posted on 17.03.2021

Here at AMZScout, we’re all about providing affordable tools and software to Amazon sellers. That’s why we offer several discounts on our most popular products.

Here are the best deals currently offered by AMZScout:

Amazon Sellers Bundle

Amazon Sellers Bundle is the perfect starter package for sellers. Included in this bundle are a variety of AMZScout tools, including the Product Database to help you generate product ideas, the PRO Extension to help you analyze items on Amazon, and our many keyword tools so you can find the best terms for your listings and ads. You’ll have unlimited access to the Product Database and ASIN Lookup tools, and your usage limits for Quick View, Keyword Rank Tracker, and Product Tracker will be much higher.

Available monthly, yearly, and for a lifetime!

If you sign up for the annual plan, you’ll also receive exclusive information on the hottest niches and products every week.

This bundle is ideal for full-time sellers who are continually performing product research and adding new items to their inventory.

Prices range from $49.99/month,  $399.99/year, and $1,599.99/lifetime.

What are the AMZScout Pricing Plans

PRO Extension only

Our PRO Extension Bundle offers unlimited access to the PRO Extension tool, which enables you to search for the right product and explore product characteristics.

PRO Extension helps you:

  1. Find products, check the Niche Score and history to evaluate potential future competition, and estimate your FBA costs.

  2. Search for affordable and relatable suppliers, both local and international, from any country.

  3. Track competitors’ sales, rankings, pricing, keywords, and stock levels. 

  4. And much more!

Available yearly and for a lifetime!

With this bundle, you’ll have an abundance of opportunities to learn with our training resources.

Prices range from $279.99/year to $599.99/lifetime.

AMZScout Amazon Seller's Bundle

Get All Tools You Need to Start Selling on Amazon with a Step-by-Step Course


Find your first product with a free AMZScout Trial!

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AMZScout University

Are you looking for an affordable way to learn how to make money selling on Amazon? We offer four different courses taught by experienced sellers that will let you in on all the tips and tricks. 

Best of all, we’ve recently reduced our prices!

1. Amazon Course SAS “SuperAmazonSeller” from Riley Turner

Launch your own Amazon FBA business easily with this advanced course, from an expert who has led hundreds of students to great Amazon sales. Riley will show you how to select products and suppliers, create unique listings, and promote your sales effectively. Follow your Amazon seller journey with the best personal mentor!

Get the Tools, Training and Bonuses

2. Amazon Course ‘Amazon FBA Business in 5 Weeks’ from Erik Rogne

Don’t stress about how to choose the right product: Erik will show you how to find the best one easily. Many years of selling products and creating brands have shaped Erik Rogne into an ideal mentor. His course can help you determine which categories are the best and the worst. See how profitable your sales can be.

Get the Tools, Training and Bonuses

3. Proven Amazon Course from Jim Cockrum

Are you looking to gain universal knowledge about how to boost your sales, no matter what level you’re at? Try Jim’s Amazon Course. Over 20 years of ecommerce expertise have enabled Jim to not only teach you how to choose the right products and create effective listings, but also the secrets of team and process management, partnering, and offering strong bundles.

Get the Tools, Training and Bonuses

4. “HomeBusinessExpert” Amazon Dropshipping Course from Amy Hunt

Do you want to learn how to start dropshipping easily? Are you looking for guidance  on scaling your existing business? Amy’s course is here to help, from your initial product search and pricing, to processes automation. Amy has proved that it’s possible to make money online, even with a newborn baby and almost no free time!

Get the Tools, Training and Bonuses

5. Amz Limitless™ Amazon Course from Ryan Ford

Get more free time so you can enjoy being creative and living your dream life, while still running a profitable Amazon business. Ryan, founder of several online brands, seller and mentor, is here to teach you how to put your business on autopilot so you can sit back and enjoy your sales. Hours of training over a  three-month period will inevitably lead you to success in your Amazon business.

Get the Tools, Training and Bonuses

Write a Review to Get a Free AMZScout License

If you want to use AMZScout’s industry-leading tools for free it’s actually pretty easy. All you have to do is write a review of our products.


Here’s how it works:

  • Complete the Google form.

  • Include a link in your answer to the site you plan to publish the review on.

  • We’ll review the site to make sure it meets our criteria.

  • If we approve the site, we’ll set you up with a free license after the review is published.