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Take the right keywords for your listing to attract buyers and get sales.
Gauge how popular the product is by monthly estimated search volume of its keywords.

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The right keywords for your product listing and PPC make sure that customers find your product.
Just type the product number in the Reverse ASIN Lookup and get a list of hundreds of keywords and key phrases that your competitors already use.
Why should you use competitors’ keywords?
Successful competitors are clearly doing well, meaning customers find their products often. Don’t to go through all the trial and error to find out which keywords work best, skip it by using successful seller’s keywords, and utilizing Reverse ASIN Lookup.
AMZScout Reverse ASIN Lookup will also show you how often each keyword is looked for, so you will know how many people in the country looked for this thing in the past month.
AMZScout adds new keywords every day to the database. Customers type in misspells or new names for products constantly, so daily updates are there to help you to get more buyers.
Reverse ASIN Lookup even shows you a keyword relevance score which indicates how tightly connected the keyword is to this specific product.
For example «toy» may be a keyword for a Yellow car for kids, but it will have a lower relevance score than «cars for kids» and «small cars».
Remember, you may get hundreds of keywords per item, so the relevance score will help you to define which keywords are crucial to add to your listing and to use for PPC ads.
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Pro Tips for PPC campaign
You should also look at the keyword rank that you can get using Amazon Keyword Tracker,also available for a free trial.
When preparing a PPC ad campaign, you can download the CSV file with all of the keywords and their search volume.
Amazon Keyword Search
Find millions of short and long-tailed keywords that are associated with your original keyword.
Use suggested keywords to help more customers to find your product.
Set up your PPC and SEO to outperform competitors and grow your organic ranking.
Maximize the visibility of your product using the most searched keywords, as well as hidden and rare ones.
AMZScout has even more tools that will help you to get ahead of the competition using Keywords, and that you can try for free!
AMZScout Amazon Keyword Tracker Chrome add onChrome
This tool helps you to see if your PPC ads have already raised your organic search rankings so high that you can get enough sales without paid ads by tracking rank changes. This way, you avoid overspending your budget on ads that do not bring profit. It also makes sure that all keywords are picked up by Amazon with an in-build Index Checker.
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