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Amazon search terms research to increase sales

Targeting Right Keywords Main Image
by Valentina S.posted on 16.07.2018

If you’ve been following AMZScout, we’ve given you a plethora of tools and suggestions to find successful and profitable niches. Just recently, we gave you a list of ten niches that could make you over 3,000 a month in profit. Each scored well on the Chrome extension opportunity score, indicating a product with strong potential. Once you’ve focused in on a niche, and found a good source, keyword research needs to be completed before making a top of the line description. In the competitive marketplace that is Amazon, descriptions, bullets, and titles can be the difference between a success and a failure. For this exercise, we will focus on the first niche highlighted, the baby crib wedge.

Help Targeting the Right Keywords Baby Crib Wedge

In order to succeed, you need to have value in each and every word in your listing. Basically, you want to have you listing stuffed full of high value keywords, but it needs to come across naturally. The obvious question is how one goes about finding the right keywords to use. There are a couple of tools to use for this endeavor.

Tools for Keywords Research

The first, and most effective, is the AMZScout Chrome Extension. This extension allows you to pull the back end keywords from competitors products. Take a look at this example. After searching for, “baby crib wedge,” we clicked, “Get Keywords.” We immediately can see all of the words used in the back end of the selected listing. This shows us what keywords our competitors find valuable.

Help Targeting the Right Keywords AMZScout Keywords Take

In this case we see a wide variety of keywords and phrases from the listing. AMZScout even allows the ability to export the list to CSV. You can do this for each of several listings on the first page of the search. We now have a list of successful keywords, and have taken advantage of the previous work and research of our competitors. We will use that to build our base, but improve upon it.

After using the keyword search tool, we will then use customer feedback to help us find other important keywords. We will read through customer reviews, keeping notes on common themes, words, and phrases. This provides us very direct insight into what actual customers are seeking. These are the words and phrases that the previously created listings may not have captured, and it can give us a strong edge to overcome their temporal head start. 

Once we have this trove of data, we then use another important tool, AMZScout’s Keyword Explorer. This can be found in the web app, and will be vital in creating the perfect listing. In this case, we will use the words discovered in customer reviews and the keyword tool in the Сhrome extension to explore keyword volumes. We will start with the first few keywords from the listing we explored above:

Help Targeting the Right Keywords Keywords Spy Selected

We will plug these keywords into the Web App to see their search volumes:

Help Targeting the Right Keywords AMZScout Keywords Explorer

This list can be exported to an excel file. We will repeat this process for each of the unique keywords we find in competitor listings and customer reviews. This can be time-consuming and tedious, but is the hard work needed to succeed. We will combine each of these into a single excel file, and sort by search volume. 

We can use this to have a more analytics-based knowledge of the top 3-5 keywords and phrases. While painstaking, being a successful seller can require very hard work on the front end to achieve the profits and revenue we all dream about! Again this is very hard work, but well worth it. This process will lead you to a knowledge of the top keywords, which will help you create an SEO friendly listing, and lead to a rocket like ascension in search rankings. 

Proper Use of Keywords

Once we have all of these keywords, you can now begin crafting a well made, SEO optimized listing. By analyzing reviews and competitor’s listings, we have found the best and most important phrases. By employing these words accurately and naturally, our listing will read comfortably to the end user. This drives conversion rates, and drives our listing up in search rankings rapidly.

Proper utilization of the keywords is what will allow this magic to occur. We will make sure to put the two or three most important keywords in our title, with the most important coming first. Similarly, we will utilize these same important words in every other section (bullets, descriptions, and back-end search terms). We will mix in some of the other important keywords in these sections as well, with frequency and order being determined by search volume. For beginners, you can learn more about creating a proper listing by reading up on AMZScout blog postson creating a proper title and the art of writing your bullets.

When following these steps, you will have a listing that converts at a high rate and will shoot up the search ranks. The emphasis you have given to top performing keywords means everyone searching for a product in your niche will get the chance to see your product. The active attention given to customer reviews in similar products means your product description will be attendant to the needs and desires of the consumer, and they will buy at high rates after reading about it. The high conversion rate will build your search rank further, and you will be in a self-reinforcing loop of success, all coming from your hard work on SEO research.

Benefits of Optimized Keywords Selection

Another added benefit to all of this research is that it will help you in your Ad Campaigns once your product launches. While often times finding the right words for your campaign can be tedious, you will already have a well-studied manual to create and tailor your campaigns. In coming weeks, we will delve more deeply into how to use your keyword research to create high performing campaigns that minimize ACOS%. 

The work laid out here may seem like a lot, but the rewards far outweigh the work. Creating a successful listing with high margins, consistent profits, and fast sales doesn’t just make you a successful Amazon seller, it gives you financial freedom. Selling products successfully on Amazon gives you passive income, freedom, and the ability to avoid spending arduous time at the office in the future. Instead, you will be able to use your quickly growing seller funds to take vacation with friends and family, pursue other opportunities, or simply enjoy life. Come back next week to learn how to create successful Ad Campaigns

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