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Amazon Brand Registry: Seller’s Guide

Hero Image Amazon Brand Registry
by AMZScout T.posted on 17.07.2017

In May 2017, Amazon updated the rules for Brand Registry. This article will describe in detail how to go about doing it with the updated rules in place.

Why Do You Need Brand Registry?

First, it is a good way to associate a product with your account. What is next? Next, your security against hijackers will improve immediately. You can also use brand registry as a way to separate yourself from all other sellers who offer something similar on Amazon.

You can register a brand on Amazon in these cases:

  • You are the brand owner;

  • This product is manufactured by you;

  • You are an official reseller or distributor on Amazon (written permission of the brand owner is required);

If you meet at least one of these conditions, this article is for you! We recommend you register your brand as soon as possible. WARNING! Brand Registry is not allowed for these categories: Entertainment Collectibles, Sports Collectible, Books, Music, Videos, and DVDs.  (If you are selling something in these categories, you are not eligible for brand registry.

Everything You Need

-  Your product’s website. It can be a simple webpage with a brief description of your company and the product. However, it must be a working website. You can do this simply by creating a page with WordPress: this is a quick solution that doesn’t require a lot of money. You don’t have to show the website to your customers, just show it to Amazon. 

-  Your official E-mail address. It must be on the same domain as your site! Third-party public services (such as Gmail or Yahoo) are not an option.

-  Images of the product and its packaging. It’s better to use high-quality images, so you should seek to hire a professional photographer. Images of the product and the packaging separately from each other are not enough. You need at least one photo of your product inside the package, with the product still visible.

-  Your brand’s key attribute or unique identifier. The simple use of a UPC code is an option here. Nevertheless, Amazon offers a number of other types of identifiers, such as EAN or JAN. You can also use a model, catalog or style number, or even a manufacturer part number. Choose an identifier that will never change. 

The Last Step: Your Application

After the above is completed, it is time to start filling out the application! This can be done on a special Amazon page.

Be sure to fill in the brand name as it is on the package, not including the product name! Then, select a category, and the key attribute or unique identifier. Finally, upload your images, and send your application to Amazon. Congratulations!

Now your product will receive a permanent (always and everywhere) GCID - Global Catalog Identifier. This will only take a few days.

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