Best Products to Buy from Alibaba and Sell on Amazon

Best Products to Buy on Alibaba and Sell on Amazon hero
by AMZScout T.posted on 01.02.2024

The most important aspect of successfully selling Alibaba products on Amazon involves finding products that are profitable. In this guide, we explore what to buy on Alibaba, focusing on the best items tailored for effective selling on Amazon. Throughout this article, you’ll explore a list of 50 diverse examples across various categories, offering a wide array of options to consider for your e-commerce venture. 

Please note that these examples are presented for illustrative purposes and should not be considered explicit recommendations. All of the figures provided by the AMZScout PRO Extension are accurate as of the time of writing this article and may change over time.

1. Clothing

Clothing stands out as one of Alibaba's best products given the wide range of manufacturers available on the platform. Sourcing apparel and other related items presents a fantastic opportunity for Amazon sellers who are looking to buy from Alibaba. This flexibility enables sellers to establish their brand identity on Amazon. 

The competitive pricing available through bulk orders on Alibaba can lead to better profit margins on the Amazon marketplace. With the ability to stay on top of diverse fashion trends and styles, sellers can cater to a broad and dynamic consumer base.

Best products in the Clothing category:

1. Custom-branded T-shirts

2. Activewear sets

3. Trendy fashion accessories

4. Yoga leggings

5. Casual dresses

6. Children's clothing sets

7. Denim jackets

8. Athleisure wear

9. Eco-friendly clothing options

10. Seasonal apparel (e.g., swimwear, winter jackets)

Best products to buy from Alibaba

2. Home & Kitchen

The Home & Kitchen category consistently ranks among the top-selling categories on Amazon. With the growing demand for innovative kitchen gadgets and home decor items, sellers can tap into this market to provide consumers with appealing and functional products. 

The diversity of these products available on Alibaba ensures that sellers can offer a wide range of choices to customers on Amazon. Customization and packaging flexibility on Alibaba allow sellers to create unique, private-label products, providing a competitive edge in meeting diverse consumer preferences on the marketplace.

Best products in the Home & Kitchen category:

11. Kitchen utensil sets

12. Silicone baking mats

13. Decorative throw pillow covers

14. Multi-functional kitchen organizers

15. Smart home devices

16. Bamboo kitchen accessories

17. Eco-friendly kitchenware

18. Customizable wall art

19. Personalized home decor items

20. High-quality bedding sets

What to buy on Alibaba

3. Sports Accessories

The Sports category is a promising niche for reselling from Alibaba on Amazon. The platform hosts manufacturers who specialize in various sports and fitness products, offering sellers a wide selection from which to choose. 

Niche sports accessories often have less competition and high profitability, making them one of the best products to sell on Amazon. With the rising interest in home fitness equipment, sellers can meet the demand for convenient and innovative sports accessories in the marketplace.

Best products in the Sports Accessories category:

21. Resistance band sets

22. Yoga mats with custom designs

23. Fitness trackers

24. Compression gear

25. Portable gym equipment

26. Water bottles with infusers

27. High-performance athletic socks

28. Sports recovery tools

29. Customizable sports bags

30. Specialty sports gloves

Best items to buy on Alibaba to resell

4. Electronic Accessories

Alibaba serves as a hub for electronics and accessory suppliers, making it an excellent source to resell things in the Electronic Accessories category. It's safe to say that this category on Alibaba is characterized by some of the most sold products, indicating a sustained and strong demand.

Furthermore, the competitive pricing and bulk order options available on Alibaba empower sellers to secure favorable profit margins when reselling these sought-after items on the Amazon marketplace.

Best products in the Electronic Accessories category:

31. Phone accessories (cases, chargers, stands)

32. Smartwatch bands

33. Wireless earbuds

34. Laptop sleeves and bags

35. HDMI cables

36. Portable power banks

37. USB-C hubs and adapters

38. Camera accessories

39. Gaming accessories (controllers, mouse pads)

40. Smart home devices and accessories

Best Alibaba products to sell on Amazon

5. Pet Supplies

Pursuing Pet Supplies as a niche for selling on Amazon via Alibaba is advantageous for several reasons. First of all, these products are often low-cost, making them budget-friendly for buyers. Their compact size allows for easy storage and affordable shipping, contributing to cost-effectiveness. 

Additionally, importing with Alibaba provides customization options, enabling sellers to differentiate their products. Pet Supplies also enjoys consistently strong sales on Amazon, indicating a reliable market demand for these items, making it an attractive and profitable niche for resellers.

Best products in the Pet Supplies category:

41. Personalized pet collars

42. Orthopedic pet beds

43. Pet grooming kits

44. Customized pet clothing

45. Interactive pet toys

46. Automated pet feeders

47. Biodegradable waste bags

48. Cat scratching posts with unique designs

49. Pet carriers with customizable features

50. Health supplements for pets

What is best to buy on Alibaba to resell

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The diverse range of products, affordable pricing, and customization options on Alibaba provide sellers with the opportunities needed for success on the dynamic Amazon platform. Whether you’re exploring electronic accessories, pet supplies, or clothing, the key lies in identifying market trends and data-driven product decisions.

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