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Amazon Q4 Selling Guide: Best Tactic for Success

Amazon Q4 Selling Guide- Best Tactic for Success Main Image
by Galina Z.posted on 03.12.2018

If you are an Amazon seller, thoughts of Q4 brings you goosebumps. Looking more like a mathematical expression, Q4, as far as Amazon is concerned, is a simple term which denotes the last quarter of the year. More specifically, the time spanning from October through December. 

Amazon Q4 season wouldn’t attract so much attention if it wasn’t the busiest and most action-packed season for Amazon sellers. Some sellers have even gone ahead to tag the fourth quarter as one of the most “adrenaline-charged” periods of the year. Some Amazon sellers go to the extent of using the other quarters of the year for stocking goods just for Amazon Q4. No doubt, sales are particularly high during the season and sellers are more likely to make huge profits.

Last year alone, Amazon made a whopping $35.13 billion dollars in revenue from sales during Q4. Being in the first month of the Q4 season, as a seller on Amazon, you don’t want to miss out on the amazing win-win benefits of this action-packed season! 

Selling Strategies for Amazon Q4

So as an Amazon seller, you now know that Q4 is a big season for you. But how do you get an edge over your competition in this season? Fortunately, there are strategies which you can utilize to make the most out of the Amazon Q4 season. 

#1. Be Conversant with Current and Future Pricing Systems

One major aspect to keep in mind in order to benefit from the Q4 season is the current and future pricing system. Prices generally increase in the season, though the prices of some few products might remain unchanged. As a seller, know the products whose prices generally increase during the 4th quarter so you can judge the best Amazon products to sell. Now, there are a few categories that you can make educated guesses on which will increase, toys being one of those categories. But, don’t forget to check the ranking of these products so you can see during the rest of the year compared to Q4 historical rankings and prices. You can do it using AMZScout! Through this, you can easily plan your inventory and be prepared before Q4.

Graph of rank history from AMZScout extension

#2. Switch to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

A Amazon Q4 strategy  FBM sellers should consider is switching to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). The major benefit of FBA is the two-day shipping it guarantees. This is a big plus for last-minute holiday shopping, which we all know happens to even the biggest planners out there. Hence, if you are not currently using FBA, Q4 is the time to get started. If you are considering this Amazon Q4 strategy, make sure to do research on the best Amazon FBA products to sell. If you normally sell as a merchant, you’ll want to make sure you are only sending in FBA products that will likely sell.

#3. Get Quality Reviews

Another strategy aimed at for benefiting during the holiday season is to get quality reviews. One major thing that drives Amazon customers away from buying a seller’s product is negative reviews or even worse, the complete lack of reviews. Hence, it is advisable that as an Amazon seller, you respond to all negative reviews and try your best to get the negative reviews removed, or changed before October. 

AMZScout extension screenshot with niche keywords density

In addition, you may also choose to improve quality of your product description and your sales page. Check the product descriptions of your competitors and search for high ranking keywords which can drive in more sales. 

#4. Do Not Forget the January Season

Though it is conventional that the Q4 season spans from October to December, the month of January has gained a lot attention in recent years as per Q4. Some Amazon sellers have revealed that November to December is when the sales really pour in. So if October isn’t thrilling for you, there’s need to panic. As evident with many Amazon sellers, January is as profitable as December. So, it is advisable that as an Amazon seller, you should also have plenty of stock for January. It’s all about inventory planning.

#5. Take a Rest Often

Irrespective of how busy and action-packed the Q4 season might be, it’s not wise to dedicate all time to working without at least giving considerable time to rest. You’re not the only seller on Amazon so you can’t make all the sales. It’s okay to get some rest and enjoy the holiday season. And of course, no Amazon seller wants to fall sick during the busiest season. Hence, take some time, enjoy the holidays, spend time with family. 

As an Amazon seller, when you get your facts right and work smart, the Q4 season will surely be one which you will always anticipate for. 

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