AMZScout Amazon Keyword tools

help gauge product demand, allow customers to find your product often, and outperform the competition!

  • Use the amazon keyword search tool to find tons of relevant keywords for your product
  • Check amazon keyword search volume to estimate demand
  • Grab shoppers’ attention with keywords that your competitors don’t even know about
  • Save money on ads by stopping PPC for keywords that bring buyers organically

3 billion keywords have been collected, and are connected to 400 million products at your disposal

How can you get Amazon to repeatedly show your products?

How does the Amazon Search Engine know what it is you are selling?
It knows by your description of an item. So the better you describe your item, the more often Amazon will be able to show it to customers

What does “better” mean for a search engine? It’s simple- having as many related keywords as possible in the product listing.

How do you show your products to the right customers?

Customers often don’t know the exact name of the product they want. They may search for "a present for a boy" when what they really need is a radio-controlled car.

This is why having even the most unusual and out-there keywords that describe your fba products, is crucial to attracting more customers.

With AMZScout’s Amazon Keywords research tool, you will get millions of short and long-tailed keywords that are associated with your product. The AMZScout algorithm determines what keywords you haven’t thought of that can be used to find your product, and it makes suggestions.

Just copy them and add to your listing description or backend keywords! The more keywords you write, the more products you sell, as Amazon will show your product to more customers who want your goods!

Avoid ads that eat up your budget, and that don’t bring you many customers

Set up your PPC and SEO so that your ad campaigns have the best effect on your organic ranking. With AMZScout’s Keyword Tracker, you can see the organic position of your ad’s keywords, and stop spending money on them once your product ranks high enough.

From most searched to hidden and rare keywords, AMZScout suggests how to improve the visibility of your products.

The Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool and Amazon Keyword Search are part of a powerful Web App that helps sellers become successful on Amazon.

You can even sort keywords by search volume to find new product ideas with this tool. For example, people may look for “small silver earrings” more often than for just “earring,” but the competition in the former niche may be less fierce.

Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool

  • As a seller you can spy on your competitors and instantly see all of the keywords they rank for. Just type the product ASIN, and get thousands of keywords and key phrases instantly.
  • AMZScout’s algorithm picks up new keywords every day, and adds them to our database. People type in new ways to search for products all the time, so daily updates ensure you get the most buyers.
  • AMZScout’s algorithm also accurately estimates Amazon keyword search volume, which reflects the demand and how often people can find your product, per month.

Very promising!

This is a game changer with all the…



Amazon Keyword Search

  • Find millions of short and long-tailed keywords that are associated with your original keyword.
  • Use suggested keywords to help more customers find your product
  • Set up your PPC and SEO to outperform competitors and grow your organic ranking.
  • Maximize visibility of your product using the most searched keywords, as well as hidden and rare ones

Both the AMZScout Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool and Amazon Keyword Search are part of our Web Application powerhouse.

Other than keyword tools, Web App has two more powerful features for Amazon sellers:

  • The Product Database is an endless fountain of product ideas with millions of products that you can filter by size, revenue, and other criteria. It’s also helpful once you find a great niche, and need to select a particular product to sell in that niche.
  • The Product Tracker steps in right after, to provide you with live, daily info on product sales, so that you can confirm your choice before investing in it. It also comes in handy to keep a close eye on your closest competitor’s products!

To find thousands of keywords and outsell your competition, take advantage of the Reverse ASIN Lookup, Amazon Keyword Search, and other AMZScout tools!

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  • Reverse ASIN Lookup

    Snap up keywords from successful competitors to improve your listing

  • Amazon Keyword Search

    Discover thousands of keywords for your product! Enhance your listing with keywords to attract more buyers through Amazon search

  • Product Database

    Scout millions of Amazon products to find potential best sellers in minutes. Select the exact products that fit your needs using 13 filters such as size, price and projected monthly revenue

  • Product tracker

    Track daily sales of products you are considering selling to confirm their potential before investing

  • Profit calculator

    Get a detailed estimation of your future fees and profit in a few seconds!

  • Supplier finder

    Find the most expedient Alibaba supplier

AMZScout Amazon Keyword Tracker

Once you put all of the possible keywords in your listing and set up your PPC, it’s time to optimize your SEO to minimize costs.

Here is how it works: For example, you have the keyword "toys" in your listing, and it’s also a PPC keyword you use. When you make a sale through this keyword, your product’s organic position will increase and you will rank higher for this keyword. Now your product moves up and can be seen higher on the search page.

Here is why tracking keyword ranking with the AMZScout Amazon keyword tools is useful:

  • Know if your PPC ads raised your organic rankings sufficiently. Once it does, you can stop spending money on advertising on that keyword.
  • If there are no changes in your organic position, you might want to turn PPC off for this keyword, especially if the costs are high.
  • With the keyword index checker you can see if your listing was not indexed for some of your keywords. This happens due to a number of reasons, and means you’d be losing some of your buyers. With a warning, you can quickly figure out what’s wrong and fix it.
  • You can track all of the same things for your competitors, and copy their tactics and specific lists. This will help boost the volume of your sales in the beginning, and help you catch up if they come up with something more clever.

AMZScout’s Keyword Tracker is a standalone extension Available in the Chrome Store. Get Keyword Tracker using this link

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