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Pro Extension
Find profitable product niches. Check if a product is worth selling by looking at its sales data.
Product Database
Filter through 550 million products to find ones with high profit potential in only a few clicks
ASIN Lookup and
Keyword Search
Promote your products by copying keywords your competitors use. Then get new keywords even they don't know about!
Sellers course
Learn how to find a profitable product, source it and make a listing that sells
Exclusive niches and
products weekly
Exclusive top 1% profitable niche & product delivered to your email weekly. For annual subscribers only.
Quick View
See product sales data & seller's type right on the Amazon search results page to instantly see if the product has potential for profit
Keyword Rank Tracker
Keep track of whether customers can find your product and what keyword ads would improve your sales
Product Tracker
Check product performance with daily tracking
Learn in-depth product research, listing building and other aspects of selling on Amazon from 6&7 figure sellers
Stock Stats
Monitor competitor's stock size to gauge demand. Sell at a higher price when competitor runs out of stock.
World famous
Accuracy algorithm
Renowned accurate sales estimation ensures that you don't choose a product due to an over-optimistic approach and only select products with strong potential
Easy Product Choice
Our tools show whether product or a niche are worth considering with a simple red/green score that everyone understands.
12 monthly trend reports
1 user with 3 devices
30 searches/month
50 searches/month
Complete course
17 videos
100 searches/month
5 keywords
5 products
1 user with 3 devices
Complete course
17 videos
2 years
100 searches/month
2500 keywords
150 products
2 years
Powered by Stripe * PayPal
10 days money back guarantee
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Performing product research is the key to making money
and one of the best ways to become a successful Amazon seller

Get everything you need for selling on Amazon
Find Profitable Products To Sell on Amazon
  1. 1Find the best products opportunities using 550 million Product Database
  2. 2Identify niches and products with the highest profit potential and evaluate competition using the legendary PRO Extension
  3. 3Rely on the most trusted and accurate analytics in the industry
  4. 4You can even get the top 1% profitable products delivered to your email
Learn How To Sell on Amazon
See exactly how to pick out those profitable products, source and market them with a Step-By-Step video course, and a collection of masterclasses by 7-figure Amazon sellers.
Search for local and international suppliers on
  1. 1Find affordable and trustworthy suppliers from any country, including the US and China
  2. 2Find the most profitable products for specific niches on in one click. Thanks to the partnership between and AMZScout, our users now have access to the best sourcing options.
  3. 3Find specific products from Amazon on to scale your range using your competitors most successful products
  4. 4Compare suppliers by rating and business activity to select the most reliable ones and minimize risks to your business
Spy on Competitors
Always know what your competition is up to, so you can stay ahead. Monitor their sales, pricing, keywords they use, and even their stock levels.
Launch a successful product
  1. 1Get all the keywords needed to make an attractive product listing and run a PPC campaign using AMZScout Keyword tools
  2. 2Get listing recommendations to fine-tune it and beat the competitors
  3. 3Use perfect listing and a PPC campaign to reach top search results on Amazon and boost sales up to 400%
  4. 4Quickly find suppliers for any product using in-build Alibaba suggestion

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I used other tools before I switched to AMZScout. I really like it, especially the keyword trackers and product trackers that give me a good reference.

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Honestly, it is like you are trying to find the exit in the dark, and suddenly get a flashlight. With AMZScout, quality and productivity go hand in hand. I use it mostly for looking up products and of course to track competitors.

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Try the most accurate tool for product research,
and find unsaturated niches and profitable products

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