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  • Chrome Store Rating | 250,000 users
Chrome Store Rating | 250,000 users

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Here’s what you can do with AMZScout

  • Find a profitable product to sell.

    See behind the curtains and reveal if a certain product has a great chance to be successful

    Get estimated revenue figures for any Amazon product, helping you discover products with low competition and high demand.

    Choose products that will have high profit margins from the first month of selling.

  • Identify growing trends.

    Use simple graphs to identify past trends and growing trends of various niche categories.

    Spot market opportunities before the competition jumps in.

  • Verify your niche idea.

    Use our Overall Niche Score to guide your product decisions. Get simple explanations of a category’s demand, competition, and profitability to see if a given niche is worth entering.

  • Spy on other sellers.

    Use our product history graphs to track any item, including your competitors’ listings.

    Look through sales, pricing, and rank data to see if their strategies worked.

  • Calculate your profit and fees.

    Check every detail of your budget to estimate profit accurately — no more faulty financial reports.

  • Predict future competition.

    Stay one step ahead and survey the number of sellers looking into a niche right now, planning your strategy to avoid market saturation.

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I used other tools before I switched to AMZScout. I really like it, especially the keyword trackers and product trackers that give me a good reference.

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Honestly, it is like you are trying to find the exit in the dark, and suddenly get a flashlight. With AMZScout, quality and productivity go hand in hand. I use it mostly for looking up products and of course to track competitors.

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AMZScout saved a lot of time, which is crucial in owning a business. It already calculated all the data including monthly sales, revenues, and potential score so you don’t have to calculate yourself the old school way.

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AMZScout helped us understand the market better and helped us have a better view of our competition. It also made it easier for us to find niche products that were good to sell on Amazon.

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AMZScout Web App

Product database, keyword research and more


AMZScout Quick View

Get crucial data about each product on the Amazon results page


AMZScout Keyword Tracker

See how marketing decisions affect your keyword ranking so you can rank better to grow your sales


AMZScout FBA Calculator

Fulfillment by Amazon revenue calculator


AMZScout Stock Stats

AMZScout Stock Stats will show you the inventory level of product sellers


Amazon to eBay Price Compare

Amazon Smart Shopper checks for better prices on eBay while you are shopping on Amazon


*Revenue claims are based on prior results. Prior results with AMZScout tools or advice do not guarantee future outcomes.