Freeware: AMZScout Stock Stats

Check out the inventory level of your Amazon competitors

Spy on the competitors sales without ever leaving the product page

How to spy on your competition with AMZScout Stock Stats?

Check product’s Best Sellers Rank

By analyzing BSR changes on a daily basis, it’s possible to estimate if the product sales are going up or down. Keep reading, we’ll show you how to link BSR and number of sales

Analyze stock levels

If there were 100 items available yesterday and today there’s only 60, would be fair to assume 40 items were sold.

Research every seller selling the same product

General stats are great, but comparing specific stats of every dedicated competitor is much better. There you have all of them along with the price and inventory level. Do your homework and check the stock stats daily to figure out the number of sales each competitor had during the given period

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It’s Stock Stats on steroids

  1. Revenue figures for any product on Amazon
  2. Accurate numeric estimations of historic sales numbers
  3. Automated price and rank history
  4. Product success estimator
  5. Detailed overview of the niche and it's potential profitability
  6. Niche Discovery