AMZScout Product Database

Trusted by 500,000 Amazon sellers!
Find profitable products to sell on Amazon by filtering through millions of products in just a few clicks!

AMZScout Product Database

Trusted by 500,000 Amazon sellers!
Find profitable products to sell on Amazon by filtering through millions of products in just a few clicks!
Cut down on exhausting and neverending research and receive a small pool of excellent products, selected according to your preferences in only a few minutes!
Take size and weight into account when choosing potential products to increase your margins with cheaper shipping and FBA costs!
Easily filter out products with too much competition
Never run out of ideas about potential new products worth researching!

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320,000 profitable products found

We’re proud to see AMZScout at work in thousands of corporate and home offices
So how to access top product opportunities using special tools?
If you research every product out there, it could take you an entire year to find the right one that will make you a healthy profit
Go to the AMZScout Product Database! It has 520 million listings, so all of the profitable products you want are already there, and they are easily found using the filtering options.


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Simply filter the Amazon Product Database by category, size, sales volume, monthly revenue, seller type, and other parameters that are important to you. That way, you'll get a shortlist of products that you already know have great potential!
Get the best product in a profitable niche!
What if you have a genius product idea to sell on Amazon? You check Amazon and confirm that this product niche is really trending up. You still have to decide which specific product from this niche you should choose to sell?
You still have to decide which product from this niche should you choose to sell?
Simply scout the database for that niche and you can select a product by any criteria, like the highest revenue, rank, or listing quality
Product sales volume, rank, price history, competition, and other statistics will let you know if this product can bring you profit!
This is the best alternative to old techniques like endlessly scrolling through Amazon and filling spreadsheets with low potential products while manually entering all of the data like ASIN, weight, sales volume, etc.
No more need to download tons of extracted data and import it to .xls or other software to compare (unless you actually prefer to do research this way, then you can still do it in the Product Database).
How to use our Product Database and create a search structure?
  • Customize your search by 16 parameters to find the product that works best for your needs
  • Find products with few reviews - this indicates a lower competition level and eliminates products that are already too saturated, ensuring that you don’t waste effort researching them
  • Make sure the products are cheap for shipping to maximize your margins and make more money per item sold
  • Exclude certain keywords to narrow down your search even further!
Be sure to also check out our Chrome Extension that helps you to validate the niche of products that you find with our Product Database using this link