Amazon Super URL Tool

Create Smart Links That Boost Your Amazon Search Rankings and Increase Product Sales!

Optimize your organic search positions

Improve your listing visibility on different keywords to attract more visitors and increased sales

Boost your conversion rates

Refer users from your pre-landing pages and ad campaigns directly to your products added to the Amazon shopping cart

Increase your sales

Give users direct links to several of your products at once

Choose Your Marketplace
2-Step Super URL via Brand
Direct users to search results that only include products from your brand. Define the results further by also entering keywords. If someone buys your product after clicking the link it will improve your organic search results for those keywords
2-Step Super URL via ASIN
Send people to a search results page that only includes your product. Add keywords to the search so when someone buys your item it boosts your organic search rankings
2-Step Super URL via Secret Keyword
Refer users to search results for specific keywords. Use your ASIN as a hidden keyword to ensure your product is the only one that appears
Canonical URLs
Send customers directly to your listing page by using your ASIN. Add keywords into the URL to improve your Amazon organic search rankings
Add to cart
Direct users straight to their Amazon shopping cart with your products already added. This reduces the steps they need to take and increases conversions
Buy together
Refer customers right to their Amazon shopping cart with several of your items already added
Targeted ASIN Search URL
Use your ASINS to send people to an Amazon search results page that only includes a list of your products
Clean Product Page Super URL
Direct people to a version of your listing that contains no ads or product filters, forcing people to only focus on your items. These links work well when promoting your products on social media

Refer interested customers to Amazon search results that only include your products. Include keywords in your URL for which you’d like your products to rank. When people buy your items after using these links, your search rankings will improve, increasing traffic and sales for your listings.

How to Use the Amazon Super URLs Generator


Select the marketplace where your products are sold (,,, etc.)


Choose the type of Super URL you want to use to promote your items.


Fill in your keywords, ASINs, and any other necessary information. Your Super URLs will be automatically generated.

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