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PRO Extension

$ 44.99 /month
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7 days money back guarantee

Amazon Seller's Bundle

$ 49.87 /month

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PRO Extension

$ 14.9 /month

$179 billed annually

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Amazon Seller's Bundle

$ 24.9 /month

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Here you can watch replays and take part in webinars conducted by the best eCom experts & popular YouTube bloggers.

How to Sell on Amazon. Free Course

Lesson 1


An overview of what to expect to learn from this course. The structure of the lessons, the purpose, and goals of the course etc..

Lesson 2

Types of products to avoid as a beginner seller

An in depth analysis on 4 product properties to avoid as a new seller and why. We also pinpoint the best areas of Amazon for a beginner to enter.

Lesson 3

The qualities of a good product

Detailed data-based criteria and analysis on what to look for in a product along with how to get the information necessary to make your decisions.

Lesson 4

Where to look for product ideas?

How to use different places online to discover solid leads on product ideas. We discuss a “seller’s mindset” while performing real life product research.

Lesson 5

Making a product your own

How to make your private label product unique and begin building your brand.

Lesson 6

Finding a supplier and getting a prototype

How to identify the right supplier and communicate effectively to get the right specifications for your prototype.

Lesson 7

Testing your prototype and bringing it to market

The Final Stages before launching: stress testing, managing inventory, and shipping to Amazon with the goal that you’ll be ahead at the start of your Amazon product launch!

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How to Sell on Amazon. Extended Course

Lesson 8

Learn how to create your Amazon seller's account

How to create AMAZON seller account. Making An Amazon Seller Account Step by Step.

Lesson 9

Utilize the keywords in your listing and PPC campaigns

Utilize the keywords from AMZScout webapp to build a great listing and strong PPC campaign.

Also read this article on how to optimise your PPC campaigns

Lesson 10

All about barcodes for your product

Learn what barcodes you need for your product and how to get them.

Lesson 11

Reviews on Amazon and Private Labelling

Use competitors' reviews to understand how to stand out in your niche, make your product better and create a Private Label.

Also read this article on how to optimise your PPC campaigns

Lesson 12

How to get the Reviews

This video is about getting legitimate verified reviews for your Amazon products. How and why you should do this step to guarantee future sales.

Here are the articles

Lesson 13

Amazon FBA Product Launch - How to find Ideal Keywords for your Listing and Ads

While launching a product on Amazon, there are two fundamental steps to start with: Listing optimization PPC Advertising So it’s important to set up everything you need before you start selling. In this video you’ll learn:

  • -How to find out as quickly as possible if your product is viable
  • -How to make and adjust a product listing
  • -What are the best keywords and how to get them
  • -What is the most effective Amazon PPC launch strategy
  • -How to measure the success of your campaigns
  • -What’s a recommended daily budget for your initial PPC campaign
  • -How to improve your organic search ranking, and how to track the results
  • -If it’s worth using large discounts while launching a product
  • All information is followed by examples, so make sure to watch the video until the end!

Lesson 14

Can you start an Amazon Private Label in 2 months with $3,000?

In this video we’ll cover the most frequently-asked questions about the Amazon Private Label strategy:

  • -How much money do you need to start an Amazon FBA private label?
  • -High-risk business model vs low-risk model
  • -Basics of product niche choice, while minimizing risks of monetary loss
  • -How does product lead time (production + shipping time) impact your business success and cash flow?
  • -Amazon Private Label vs Wholesale vs Retail Arbitrage
  • -Which prices are better for a successful product launch and higher profit margins?
  • -How long does the product research stage take?
  • -How to avoid costly mistakes with your first product

Lesson 15

Selling on from the USA and Outside the USA - Legal Aspects

How do you sell on Amazon US, from anywhere? Do you need to set up a business in order to start selling on Amazon?

  • In this video we’ll answer all related questions:
  • -Do you need a company if you sell from the USA?
  • -How to start selling on if you live outside the USA?
  • -Which selling models require a business?
  • -Legal aspects: bank account, EIN, taxes, etc.
  • -Do you have to register your own business if you do Private Label, retail arbitrage, or wholesale?
  • -Benefits of your own company: trademark registration, product insurance, etc.
  • -Where to start a business? Which state to choose?

Lesson 16

How to Do Product Research - Find a Product to Sell in 7 min

Find out how to do product research on Amazon in 2020 to build a successful ecommerce business. Video tutorial for Amazon sellers on finding and validating product ideas and checking their profitability.

  • Step-by-step product analysis with an Amazon FBA expert using AMZScout tools:
  • Explore ideas for a new product with AMZScout Product Database.
  • Check keywords on which this product is ranked with AMZScout keyword tools.
  • Find the product on Amazon market to see its demand and sales history in AMZScout Pro Extension.

Product Research and Sourcing Mistakes Discussed Live. Q/A with Amazon Expert and Global Business Owner

In his early days as an Amazon seller, Sami recognized the lack of genuine help for beginner sellers like him. Fast-forward to 4 years later, and he is now co-owner of a global business! Sami has steadily built a name for himself as an e-commerce expert. Now, he applies his skills, hard work, and determination in helping new entrepreneurs. This Live Q&A With Sami will cover the most important aspects of starting to sell on Amazon and answer your questions.

Find Hidden Amazon FBA Products and Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic from Day 1. Make Your Own Successful Brand in 2020 Fast

Benji has been an E-commerce entrepreneur for 14 years and has built a 7-Figure brand on Amazon FBA. He has taught thousands of people how to create a successful online business and created more than 20 FBA products that are successful to this day. After this powerful webinar, you’ll know how to find fantastic products to sell and how to deal with competition on Amazon.

Get Ready for Black Friday Now and Make $9,283+/mo with Dropshipping in Q4 2020

Black Friday brings in billions of dollars in sales every year. For the first time in history, Black Friday will be completely done online! It's time to prepare for the insane season of the e-commerce BOOM! Our speaker Andrew Giorgi is a 6-figure entrepreneur and e-commerce mentor who knows how to 10x your profit in Q4 of 2020.

Live Q&A - How to find a product, source it and make a listing that sells

Reco Jefferson, was honorably discharged from the Air Force, got a degree and worked in software engineering. After reaching a 7-figure income, Reco went on to train countless students to help them earn over $15,000/month. Reco has tried private label, wholesale, and arbitrage. These in-depth experiences have equipped him to provide answers to any questions you might have.

Local products are cheaper than Asia! Go from $0 to $20,000/mo with hidden local products you can purchase instantly

Brett Bastian, one of the most experienced Amazon Gurus with $1,000,000/year track record, is going to lay out how you can beat the standard «3 month to launch on Amazon» curve and get ahead of the competition!

Ensure that a product sells in 1 week. Scale it with FBA to $7,350+/mo

Start a profitable Amazon business without risking your savings! Amy brings her 17 years of ecommerce experience to explain how to start selling on Amazon with only $1,000.

Amazon sales LIFE HACKS in 2020! Sales boost step by step

Find profitable products using Dave's tips, and increase your Amazon sales 3X with his strategies and practical advice.

What brings a mind-blowing $15,000+/mo in the latter half of 2020: reselling brands or making your own label?

What's the safest way to sell on Amazon and not lose any money as a beginner? Reco Jefferson is an Air Force vet who has built his own 7-figure ecommerce empire. He will share his secrets.

A 3 Month Timeline To Build Your Amazon Business

Josh and Shimmy have built a flourishing ecommerce business from the ground up with over $500,000 in profit. They share the exact steps to get your product up and running on Amazon in just 8 short weeks.

How to earn $288,891.66/month on Amazon in 2020, only working 9 hrs/week

Tony started selling on Amazon in October 2014 and made $1,000,000 in his first 12 months, hitting $1,000,000 PER MONTH the following fiscal year. Check out Tony’s winning formula for selling on Amazon.

$40,000/mo isn't the ceiling with blasting niches in 2020!

Benji is an Amazon seller for 14 years with a 7-Figure FBA brand. He shows how to find holes in the market where your $7,000/mo awaits and get great quality-to-price suppliers.

How to find high demand everyday products to sell on Amazon

Seth Kniep is a 7-figure seller who made countless mistakes along the way and even lost $20,000 at one point. See how to avoid all of his mistakes and grow your Amazon income fast.

How To Replace Your Income In Less Than 3 Months Using Amazon

Brett Bastian started his ecommerce business during the recession in 2008, and makes 6-figures yearly. He walks you through the process of building income on Amazon even during an economic crisis.

How To Start Selling On Amazon In 2020

Many of Shimmy and Josh’s students have grown past 6-figures on Amazon. In this session, they cover the exact timeline and steps you need to follow to make money on Amazon. Learn how to get your product up and running on Amazon in just 8 short weeks.

The Simple 3-Step Process to Finding a $10,000/month Amazon Product!

Benjamin is an entrepreneur, Amazon FBA expert and YouTube vlogger with over 50K followers! Learn from him exactly how you can find a great product in an underserved market. See how you can start with $1,500 and grow a $10,000\mo Amazon business out of it!

The New Strategy That Quickly Finds Highly Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon

Tanner J Fox is a legendary seller with students from over 95 countries. This workshop teaches to how to come up with product ideas, test them with real time data and get sales right from the start!

Maximizing Profit Through Cost Management

Kevin King from Payoneer started selling on Amazon back in 1995! Check out his 60 days path from scratch to first sale on Amazon! Including a secret ingredient that veteran sellers didn’t know when they started, but you will!

3 Step Formula To Finding A Bestselling Niche

Josh and Shimmy, well known Amazon FBA 7-figure sellers, share top insights into finding the right product. Learn which categories bring the most money. See how to turn keyword research into a powerful tool for finding awesome profitable product opportunities!

6 Steps To Finding A Winning Niche Webinar

Meet Josh and Shimmy. Entrepreneurs, travelers, and Amazon FBA experts! They have made more than $400,000\yr on Amazon.

They know all of the ins and outs, and they're ready to show you how to repeat their success. Learn 6 steps to building a sustainable Amazon business. How to dig for secret sub-niches is included in this masterclass!