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With AMZScout’s tools, anyone can start a profitable business on Amazon in 3 months with no prior e-commerce experience. Subscribe to the all-in-one starter bundle with a crazy 55% discount!

Start your business off right with a comprehensive data toolset

Get realistic profit & loss estimates, don't waste money guessing

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Extension PRO

Get out of the product research phase and rocket launch the Amazon business you’ve been dreaming of. AMZScout Extension PRO gives you the widest overview of trends, saturation, competition, demand and supply by providing precise analytics, insights and predictions.

  • Identify product trends
  • Verify niche and product ideas
  • Track products from the first date available
  • Spy on competitors
  • Calculate future revenues & fees


Leverage the full potential of AMZScout product and sales analytics in your web browser. Explore product niches, identify trends, calculate sales and spy on competitors in a few clicks on any desktop OS and web browser. Discover new ideas, verify them and turn them into revenues no matter where you are.

  • Use with Windows, Linux or MacOS
  • Compatible with any browser
  • Get familiar with the features & algorithm

Keyword Tracker & Reverse ASIN Lookup

Tracking keywords is extremely useful when you get your first product listed. Use AMZScout’s Keyword Tracker for your Amazon keyword research, monitoring both your products and your competitors’ offerings. Take an in-depth look into search terms and discover new product insights that were previously out of reach.

  • Monitor keyword ranking positions for any product
  • Break down a keyword’s ranking by page & position
  • Visualize keyword position changes over time
  • 1 - 24 hours tracking range
  • 8 Amazon marketplaces

Quick View

Observe a product’s sales data as if you were their seller. Search for a niche and compare products to quickly verify profitable ideas without unnecessary tables and numbers covering the view. Get your first AMZScout insights, then research them further using AMZScout Extension Pro.

  • Check BSR and its history
  • Assess price history changes
  • Find the best-ranking keywords for a product
  • Track FBA, FBM, Warehouse and Amazon deals
  • Estimate the product’s FBA fees
  • See the first date the product became available
  • Discover ASIN, size and weight

Having doubts about what product to launch on Amazon?

Apply this set of tools to add lots of hot data into your product research mix

Pay $228 & Get 8 items

$506 worth of stuff

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*Bundle subscription grants annual access to the full AMZScout toolset with recurring annual payment

More FREE tools in this awesome package

Product Research Course

Master your product research like a Guru. Learn from real-life examples and get familiar with tools & strategies.

Profit Calculator

Calculate profits & margins on a Pro scale: extract FBA fees and supply costs, switch between products, predict demand.

Inventory Spy

Spy on your competitors’ inventory and build your sales strategy accordingly.

Ebay price comparison

Explore eBay and compare prices to make dropshipping more profitable day-to-day.


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