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Valentina Stashina
by Valentina S.posted on 04.05.2018

AMZScout is Two Years Old

It has been 2 years since AMZScout came to be. The decision to start the company and to develop our software tools in the first place was a great leap of faith in the eCommerce revolution we are witnessing today. It was amazing to see that actually betting on the future and recognizing the potential it had was going to pay off as much as it did. In the last two years we have managed to become a part of over 100 000 Amazon seller’s stories and we’ve managed to grow alongside them. The effort we make is in great part the result of the dialogue we have with our users, this way we know that we are on the right course.

The Past and the Future

On the 2 year anniversary, our CEO and founder Alexander Volkov had this to say about starting this company and its future:

“It is like a dream coming true. About 3 years ago I was at a party with some coworkers (ex-coworkers now) and we were discussing our personal goals. At some point it was my turn to reveal my plans for the future after one of them asked me “what will you do in a year, what do you imagine you would do?”.  I gave a very honest answer “ I will have my own international IT company”. Some of them were supportive, others a little skeptical. They all wished me good luck and as you know I have managed to achieve my goal.  

Alex Photo

I’ve started with a simple extension for Google Chrome in April 2016 without any investments. I started working very hard, 10 hours every day of the week at minimum.  

I was obsessing over the Extension, constantly trying to find ways to improve it and experimenting with new features. After the extension was presentable I’ve made the web app and launched the website.

In the second half of 2016 I was joined by my friend who was quite experienced in business and management. With him as my new partner our company started to grow like never before.

Sometime after that, we passed acceleration at a Russian startup fund and it gave us a much better understanding on how to grow quickly. We also had a much better idea on how to generate more sales.

The Acceleration process was very challenging and very hard on us.  The stress and the pressure from it eventually lead to my partner and friend leaving the company. At this point I’ve learned enough to continue on my own. Him leaving didn’t have much of an impact on the company, it did have an impact on me personally.

Today we are an established company that is well known in the Amazon seller circles. We keep developing and upgrading our tools constantly raising the standards of what we thought was possible before.

As for our future, I don’t know exactly. We have a lot of ideas and we are constantly working on something new. The Amazon seller world is growing and expanding as well as the needs of sellers. One of our goals is to develop tools that will be able to aide our users in every single part of running their Amazon business without the need to use anything else. I am confident what we can achieve this goal as long as we try our best and we keep listening to what our users have to say. “

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